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  1. UAlbany should buy every parcel available. There is no reason to be apologetic. The land is on the open market. UAlbany has every right to purchase it.
  2. Why is this new stadium picture so crude relative to the Heely video that was released last year? The video was so smooth and this new web site seems a bit rough. Are we sure this is the new design? Could this website be something that was developed in the but never used? If I was the university, I would go back to Heely and ask for an image as well put together as the original video. I understand if the budget requires a simpler design but the asthetics of the image should be as equally finished.
  3. Fantastic news. I'm just glad we're finally moving and there is considerable thought about future expansion built into the design. Our facilities are terrible, which is really hurting us. I think we need to keep up with Stony Brook. That's a minimum requirement!
  4. I really hope the track and stadium are separate facilities. Stadiums with tracks are less than ideal... that's the HR way of saying they suck.
  5. Thank god. Finally! What do you make of the stadium rendition on the World Interior Design Network site? That doesn't look like what I saw in the videos. That looks like a soccer field surrounded by a track. The video didn't have a track in the stadium.
  6. We really need some professionalism added to the Athletic Department. The athletic store has the same few items for sale for years. Some undergraduate will eventually get around to filling orders or maybe not. We get mixed messages about major initiatives like the stadium. Is there a stadium initiave or not? This is a business. Run it like a business. Hire some people with experience from major state university athletic programs like Michigan or UNC. Invest in the business with some talent and it'll pay for itself. I just don't understand this mentality. The athletic department shouldn't be making supporters fight to buy tickets, donate money, etc. They should be facilitating it.
  7. Communicating that people should go to the website and not having anything there is a major issue. If I directed employees to our company website and I failed to post the specified information, it would be a Tier 1 issue. The developers would be working on it immediately and we throw up an announcement that it was in progress... not that it would happen at all. This is very disappointing.
  8. This is great for the program. As a B School grad I can't be more excited.
  9. Reading the article, it sounds like we need to focus on biomedical research if we have any shot. UAlbany has huge research numbers but you have to look at the AAU criteria.
  10. This is great news. This is SUNY and New York reaffirming the 4 University Center model. UA needs to perform now but we got a reprieve from the hangman's noose. I was really afraid Cuomo would pull a Spitzet and hand the keys to the castle to Buffalo and Stony Brook.
  11. #86 and that was based on 2005 - 2007 revenue dollars. UA has improved a lot since then. This solar deal should add to our revenue tally.
  12. I agree. We've talked about UB2020 on this site for years.... Years and years we talked about UAlbany not advocating, not leading, not even following. UAlbany and the Capitol District have been happy to hand flagship status to Buffalo and Stony Brook. I hope I'm wrong but we may be too late.
  13. UAlbany needs to make something of this opportunity. The AD and president need to be talking to UMaine, UNH and CAA. We can't blow another shot.
  14. Very dangerous for both UAlbany and the Capitol District. Silence is acceptance. Second tier here we come unless our politicians step.
  15. Another Embarrassing display... wonderful.
  16. What a mess. This looks bad for everyone. As an alum I feel like this hurts my degree. Throw them out!
  17. I'm very excited about this news. I just want Albany to join its peers so bad I'm willing to get strung along yet again. I have no choice. It's not like I'm going to repeat my undergraduate years at Michigan, Cal or another state university. I'm tied to Albany for life. I've been waiting for 18 years, another year isn't going to kill me. Considering how dysfunctional New York state is, I approve of the secrecy. I'd rather have the stadium than a lot of hoopla. Keep the TU out of this project. Announce the stadium when all the contracts are signed and there is no going back. Announce it outside of the budget process during the summer when the campus is empty. Its the only way in dysfunctional New York to get things done. The next AD needs to know New York and how to navigate the politics.
  18. I have been waiting for a stadium since '93 when I walked on campus. That's a lot of years of disappointment. I'm still waiting for a reasonable/comparable stadium for a state univerity the size of UAlbany. Can't believe this is still dragging out.
  19. The witch is still at it. Glick is fighting for medicrity. The witch's remarks Not that she would send her kids to a SUNY school, it's for the little people but those poor dumb poor fools need a diploma mill. We wouldn't want to degrade SUNY into a University of California system where students get a good education and clamor to get in.
  20. In the 15 years since I've graduated not much has changed with UA athletics infrastructure with the exception of John Fallon field. Compare that to SBU or UB. We've lost ground. Excuses only go so far. The economy sucks but it sucks for everyone. Yet SBU and UB have made things happen.
  21. UAlbany is just handing over the flagship title to the other SUNYs. Albany not being FBS like Buffalo (and eventually Stony Brook) will hurt our other sports' competitiveness. Football brings that brand name recognition that other sports do not. There is still a lot of confusion amidst the public about what was 1-AA and is now FBS. A lot of people don't realize that 1-AA only applies to football. I still often hear that X school isn't D1 when referring to basketball. My point is that Albany's failure to stay competitive with Stony Brook will have added costs down the line and not just for football. Recruiting gets harder as the other SUNYs get more of a brand name. It gets harder as there is a perception what is or isn't a flagship. Dropping the ball on not persuing a law school will also add the this perception of not being a flagship and not being competitive. Albany just makes one mistake after another and this assessment assumes they care and are trying. Maybe they don't care and are happy to be the laggard. Somebody has to be last. Why not us?
  22. I don't think the senate passed this bill. I believe they went with a continutng resolution because the bill was filled with pork.
  23. Living in California and Georgia previously, it really upsets me that SUNY is completely unknown. I can never watch a game on ESPN. The other day I wore an Albany hat to work and a colleague asked if it was Albany Georgia. I was disappointed when SUNY was last but at least all the SUNYs were at the same point. That's not true anymore. Buffalo and Stony Brook are playing FBS teams. Bing and Stony Brook are starting law schools. Buffalo and Stony Brook are AAU colleges. Albany is ranked last of the 4 centers in US News. I'm down right angry now. I'm beyond disappointed. I'm mad. The other centers are dealing with the same financial difficulties. How come they are passing us?
  24. According to this Newsday article Stony Brook is on fire. They are lining up 2 FBS games every year. They're looking at Cincinnati and BC. They have Army, Buffalo and UTEP. My link Albany needs to step up. I'm sick of Albany being left behind. Albany is never a leader. UA sits back and watches Bing and Stony Brook start law schools. UA sits back and watches SBU and Buffalo upgrade their football programs. UA isn't a leader or a follower. We can't even keep up with our peers. Being last must be the UA goal?
  25. What's the best outcome for UAlbany? Would a vote against scholarships and thus moving Fordham out be better for UA? A possible new NE conference? I keep waiting for the UMASS news. I really hope they jump to the MAC. It'll drive UNH and Maine to work out a deal with the NEC.
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