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  1. Has anyone else here ever lived outside of New York? Why is New York so backward? We never do anything the same way as any other state. How can New York have the most law schools in the country but only 1 state law school. How is it Michigan, California, Carolina all have such great state universities and New York looks at state universities with such contempt? How can this liberal state with all their rent control and welfare be so against state universities? What a dichotomy!
  2. Adding Albany Law is critical to UA's growth. I emailed the Albany Law Dean last year. He seemed to agree merging the schools would be a good idea. The issue seemed to be with the alumni. He's A Michigan grad. He agreed that Michigan Law was greater because it was part of U of Michigan. New York doesn't need more law schools but it does need more state law schools. That means acquisition. The new governor is an Albany Law grad. He could make it happen if he wanted to do so. You don't get what you don't work for. We need leadership to push for it. It is win-win.
  3. God, this just kills me. New York lags every state. Now Albany lags the other SUNY Centers. If the goal is to be completely unknown UAlbany is doing a good job.
  4. Has the Cincinnati game been cancelled? We're no longer listed as a future opponent. That really sucks. http://www.gobearcats.com/sports/m-footbl/future-schedules.html
  5. I welcome URI to the NEC. URI is a flagship state university and it gives the NEC credability. That being said, the NEC cannot stay at 40 scholarships. URI may push for that but it would be short sighted on their part. URI is coming to the NEC for cost savings and competitiveness. They achieve both even with 57 scholarships. They get the travel cost savings. They still drop a few scholarships from 63. They are immediatelty competitive in the NEC. Lastly, they get all of this and can still play their long time rivals. One money game and URI makes up for the few extra scholarships between 40 and 57. I werlcome URI but not to keep the NEC at 40. 57 has to be the goal.
  6. I agree 100%. Way too many SUNY campuses, stretched way too thin. We need fewer but larger campuses. The four SUNY Centers should be 30,000 students and a few of the smaller lesser ranked SUNYs should be eliminated. We need some pragmatism. We need some common sense. We don't need a SUNY campus every 10 miles, which is what it feels like we have.
  7. I have no sympathy for the faculty. Their union fought SUNY reform. The union fought UAlbany and SUNY. They didn't want to give the campuses flexibility to set their own tuition. SUNY tuition is 1/3 that of UC and the unions still fought modest increases. What did the union expect would happen? Were they so idealistic or stupid to think there wouldn't be cuts? They fought the university for being pragmatic and saying we'll want to increase tuition. The union will now lose jobs. Well done. Learning from the fine work of the auto unions?
  8. Ok. So someone is going to have to bring this up. Why not me? I've been following this for a while and it appears we are making progress. Granted I wish we were beating Bingo. Also, granted that these rankings don't take into account our R&D power (#1 in SUNY) * Ranked Tier 1 * 143 in National Universities * 72 in Public Universities Weren't we tier 3 just last year? I hope to break the top 100 but there are thousands of colleges. We also stayed off the party list, which is great. Adding the Nano Tech engineering students will continue to improve our results. http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/national-top-public
  9. I am VERY concerned that a deal will be cut between Buffalo and Stony Brook. Sen Breslin is on the record that a deal must include UAlbany but the articles I've read seem to point to the fact that he won't fight for it. It would be very bad to be left out. It would further solidify the fact that there is something special about the SUNY campuses on Long Island or Buffalo. Sen Breslin NEEDS to make sure the Capitol District isn't religated to 2nd class status.
  10. More evidence that URI football is coming to the NEC http://www.projo.com/uri/content/Szostak_NEC_URI_Rams_07-04-10_GMJ3F86_v2.fa5125.html "Joining the NEC is all but a done deal. Bjorn wants to talk to the team before making it official, which is his style"
  11. I think URI would be complete idiots to come to the NEC if we're still at 40 scholarships. If as a condition to join, the limit was raised to the counter minimum of 57 they would have it all. Lower Travel Costs Lower scholarship costs A much improved chance to win (CAA vs NEC) Maintain the ability to still play money games I can't see the logic in 40 scholarships. If URI wants to keep costs low, come to the NEC but the difference between 40 and 57 scholarships means the loss of money games and maintaining an occasional game with historic rivals. Its not worth the 17 scholarships. One money game pays for the extra 17 scholarships.
  12. Make sure UAlbany and Bingo don't get left out. This could be the end run that Buffalo and Stony Brook need to get their "flagship". We can't let that happen. We don't want to be Kent State and allow Buffalo to be "The Ohio State". Come on, do you want to be Kennesaw State and allow Buffalo to be University of Georgia? We need to fight now. Take 20 seconds and call your senator!!! Breslin's Office: 518-455-2225
  13. If you put the Cincinnati FBS date pushback decision with the possibility of Rhode Island joining the NEC, that sounds like maybe we might up scholarships? I'm not saying to 64... but maybe to counter level, which is 50ish? Could I be reading this correctly? I think that would be a big win for us. Rhode Island would give the NEC a bit more credability. The counter would be huge for us to start some money games AND raise our profile (aka build a fan base)
  14. Sheldon Silver is an ass. UC costs 2x what SUNY costs but they're consistently rated way above SUNY. There isn't one SUNY that can touch UCLA, UC Berkeley etc. Oh, and UC is still 1/5 the cost of the Capitol Region's private colleges. This BS about "accessibility" means MEDIOCRITY. Silver wants SUNY cheap to appease his old liberal friends. He or they don't care if the quality sucks. They didn't attend SUNY and the're not sending their kids. SUNY only works if you have a range of institutions. A Research university CANNOT operate on the same funding as a liberal arts college. Research costs money! Silver knows that but the old socialist doesn't care. Vote Silver out!!!
  15. Let's hope it passes WITH UAlbany. We don't want to be Cal State when we can be UC!
  16. This would be great for UAlbany. I'm holding out hope. My biggest fear is a back door deal where they give the 'ok' to Buffalo and Stony Brook. Once again leaving Albany and Bingo to rot on the vine.
  17. Thank god. Coach Marr is great. I'm glad to keep him. One shinning point in our Athletic Department.
  18. This is very disappointing. For 15 years I've been waiting for Albany to finally join the other state universities... Even on some basic minimal level. I left New York and it still finds ways to disappoint me. I'm so F upset.
  19. It is sad to see the largest state university in the country not even being an after thought in this national drama. SUNY doesn't need to be the in the top tier but it shouldn't be in the bottom. Big East football is probably over. I could see some possibilities where the northeast creates a new conference. Out of the ashes, if you will. There are two factors we need to consider. The costs of traveling and if the CAA loses some of their members. What if Big East football survives but needs teams? They could give a Delaware an invite? Conference USA could be looking for members as well? If the CAA lost a few colleges, they may look to an Albany to back fill? It's not likely but it is possible. Life is not about luck or waiting on others. If Albany wants to get out of the celler it needs to take control of it's own future.
  20. Colorado is off to the PAC-10. Nebraska is going off to the Big-10. The Big 12 is likely going to fold. Are we on the verge of the Big 16 and PAC-16? The Big East may get hammered. The Big East may not survive. There is going to be a lot of college movement and that WILL trickle down. Let’s have some fun. What would it take for Albany to get into the CAA? Would AE add football? It’s all possible. I hope New York will someday be a factor but until then what sort of trickle down can you imagine?
  21. The Giants announced they're coming back. I want to know what's in it for UAlbany? How about a contribution to a field and New York college football. The New York Giants should support New York college football http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/story/13495234/giants-announce-deal-to-keep-camp-in-albany-through-2012
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