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  1. I agree. It's time for new leadership. It's time for change from top to bottom! I don't think I'm asking for too much. For more than a decade I've worked and traveled and when I see other state universities, I always wonder why not us? I worked in Boise ID. Why does Boise State look like an NFL team and Albany looks like a Jr High program? I live in San Diego now. Why do we not have 1/100 of what San Diego State has? High schools in Atlanta have better facilities than New York's university center Now Albany even lags America's laggards, SUNY. Nothing like being the last of the last. We don't have to be a Michigan. We don't have to be a Fresno. Can we at least be a freaking lousy Stony Brook? Stony Brook is a completely obscure university but at least they are showing some motivation to being a Western Michigan someday or at least a Kennesaw State. Its not just football. SUNY is a disaster. It's micro managed by an inept legislature. The tuition is ridiculously low and the results show in the academic output. UUP is intent on destroying SUNY through some socialist view the state should fund everything even though it's obvious they don't have the funds. SUNY should be completely dismantled and they should start over. Fire them all and hire UNC to run SUNY.
  2. I've waited a decade for a stadium. I'd be happy with a top notch high school facility. Our problem is we don't have a loud mouth like Alec Baldwin clamoring for our SUNY center campus.
  3. I've been waiting for a stadium for more than a decade. I've been watching my alma mater get lapped by schools like Georgia State that does even have a football prgram until next year. Its pathetic. If I wasn't laughing, I'd be crying.
  4. Finally Albany gets it's own stadium. http://www.albanyherald.com/sports/headlines/89314182.html?ref=182
  5. This is disturbing. LAX was our strongest sport. Basketball was a complete disaster. LAX is not starting off well. I'm all for giving people an opportunity but if things don't improve, we need a shake up at the top next year.
  6. He looks like a great recruit. We'll need him if we're playing Cincinnati in two or three years.
  7. I'm not sure if anyone saw this article but it says that UAlbany is suppose be able to purchase 20 acres of the Harriman campus. 20 acres is a nice start. It's especially nice considering we can probably lease some of the new office space to be built in addition to the 20 acres we'll own. This is only the first piece of land to be parcled out. Maybe we'll get more in future deals? http://www.bizjournals.com/albany/stories/2010/01/25/daily46.html How about a stadium on those 20 acres :-) ------------- In its plans, Columbia told the state it would pay $11 million for all the acres to be developed. Highlights of Columbia’s plans include: • up to 700,000 square feet of new private-sector office space and R&D facilities, along with renovations to existing campus buildings for private-sector tenants • a hotel with at least 110 rooms, a restaurant and banquet facility and up to 40,000 square feet of meeting and conference space. The site would have room for an expansion adding up to 90 more rooms and up to a 50 percent increase in meeting space. • 80 to 100 units of upscale townhouses and condominiums • 20 acres to be sold to the University at Albany • two locations for retail stores
  8. I have to agree with you DaneFan. What's with the negativity? I live in Southern California and people here know and understand that it costs more to go to a UC campus (research). My fiance is a post-doctorate and she wouldn't have it any other way. Do you want to attend a university that doesn't have the money to do research? Why go to the university if it's not competitive. We have a university system. Open access doesn't mean 64 mediocre universities. Each level should serve a purpose. Wisconsin, Michigan, California etc all have different types of campuses and I'd bet they all charge more than SUNY... and the results speak for themselves. This is a chance for SUNY to finally be able to finance itself. A chance to be competitive. I've lived in a dozen states and have colleagues in most states and no one gets New York's distorted logic. Why do people want SUNY to be a low standard diploma mill? That doesn't benefit anyone. That's why a high school degree is worth 0.
  9. This plan has nothing to do with making SUNY "somewhat privatized". The governor is only proposing to allow SUNY to do what every other state university does, which is have some control over their own university. SUNY is way too controlled and it shows. It's amazing to read what SUNY has to do that other state universities take for granted. Get this dysfunctional government off of SUNY's back. Raise tuition for the research universities so they can afford to do research. Let SUNY compete on a level playing field with UC and other great state systems. Good job Governor Patterson. Maybe there is hope for New York after all?
  10. These people are idiots. If Las Vegas had the Tudor neighborhood HOA, Vegas would still be a one intersection town. We can't have those distracting lights at the casino, right? If they were in Michigan, the football team would be playing in the "Small House". Where were they when this Albany Nano College was first discussed? Who needs a Nano college?? Maybe a nano class would be enough or maybe we could buy an ipod nano. If we like it we can expand? These residents purchased dumpy little houses next to a state university. Did they think the state university was going somewhere? Did they not see the campus when they drove by with their realtor? Should the world come to a grinding stop because some lower middle class malcontent has a beef with the world? They're just lucky they live in a city and state that has no interest in supporting a state university. Its not like a college education ever paid off?
  11. I agree Smallbany thinking has got to go. It just ticks me off that people think that New York's state university should be playing on a high school football field. We're talking about a lousy 10,000 person stadium. 1/10 that of Michigan. 1/3 that of most D1 programs (which is nearly every state university). Only New York, Alaska and the Dakotas can't muster up a normal program. I'm in Wisconsin for Christmas. I think everyone in my fiance's family got a UW (Wisconsin) sweatshirt or coat. From Boise ID to Michigan to UConn to UCLA it just doesn't F'ing matter. Everywhere I go the locals love their state university and support it, except New York. I've lived in or worked in half the states in the country and I know this to be a fact. Why are people in Albany so anti-athletics? Why do they not support their state university? I'm wearing a freaking Wisconsin Badger shirt because my fiance's family are so proud of the university everyone got a shirt. I'm not even from Wisconsin! I live in California and I attended SUNY a decade ago. My father retired to NY from the military. That is the only reason I attended college there. If I would have attended the university of another state (any state) I could proudly wear their sweatshirt, instead of my obscure Albany shirt. If someone refers to a lousy 10k stadium as big time, I'm going to fly to New York and put my boot in their butt. Don't freaking build anything. Think small. Add 'CC' after Albany. Done
  12. Buffalo is part of the conversation. That is more than we can say. I don't want to be that "other" SUNY Center. Buffalo and Stony Brook have made progress despite the choir of naysayers and haters. Albany needs to be part of that conversation.
  13. The Capital Region is full of malcontents and fair weather fans. If we start winning there will be a line around the SEFCU. I promise you that. On a related note, the success of basketball may be tied to football. If a new Yankee Conference were to form to link the big NE FCS state universities, we could see a higher profile all sports conference emerge (aka UMass, URI, etc). 2010 will be big for football (and all sport) conference alignments.
  14. Every successful endeavor in life begins with heavy costs and over weighted risks. When SUNY Buffalo started their FBS football program their was A LOT of naysayers. This went on until just last year when they won the MAC. I read an article this morning that was talking about possible expansions of the Big Ten and the Big East and they referenced SUNY Buffalo. Albany needs leadership and to take a few risks. This up coming shake up in the Big Ten, Big East (maybe PAC10) CAA etc will have a lot of ripple effects. We need to be in a position to seize on the opportunity. I think Buffalo and Stony Brook are poised for a conference bump, are we?
  15. What I hate about these stories is the facts they always omit. College football costs a lot of money from an accounting stand point, not from an actual dollars stand point. Most of the cost is from scholarships that are charged to the department. As the Hofstra experience has taught us, without football the college would just re allocate the money (scholarships) to other students. Net effect? Zero. Its just an allocation. Either way, your giving a kid free (or discounted) admission. Also, what is the cost of a scholarship? Its really nothing. Does adding one body to a class room really cost anything? No. The professor would be there anyway. Maybe you can claim there is an opportunity cost. The fact anyway is that the costs are bogus. You charge the athletic department the full cost of scholarship. What student pays full retail prices? No one. Every student is on some sort of aid (Pell Grants, TAP etc.) Don't forget, these stories never focus on the intangibles. Is there no value to a university in the name recognition that a football brings to a university? Kids like to attend brand name universities just like they want brand name products. Do you want an iPod or a COSTCO private brand MP3 player? Turner Gill said he was shocked when he went to Buffalo and couldn't find a student wearing a Buffalo shirt. Students were wearing Michigan, Ohio State and other university branded merchandise. School pride? Zero. Kids want to attend Michigan, Florida, UCLA etc. Its not because they heard they had a great accounting department. They know the school. They know the brand. They want that brand. Where did the brand come from? Athletics, which is mainly basketball and football. Lastly, although this story was about the cost to an athletic department to fund a FCS football team, I wish they would talk about the economic impact to the community. Are we to believe that there is no impact? When 10,000 to 100,000 fans come to a game do they not eat anything? Does no one stay at a hotel? Is there no economic activity? Of course there is and that would be lost without the football team. The anti athletic forces focus on the numbers that work for them. They conveniently drop or ignore numbers that don't work for them.
  16. I reiterate, prepare for anti-athletic malcontents to scream bloody murder when they get the details of the pay package.
  17. Ok, if no one else is going to mention it then I will. Looks like Turner Gill is off to Kansas. As a fellow SUNY grad I think it will hurt Buffalo's program. He was a good coach and hard to replace, especially in these hard economic times. Can you imagine the bloody murder that people will scream when SUNY Buffalo makes a million dollar offer to a new coach? On the other hand, SUNY Buffalo (Pres Simpson) did everything to throw Binghamton and Albany under the bus so I still hate them. Yeah, so in total I'm glad Turner Gill is gone. Now if that agitator president Simpson would leave, this would be a Merry Christmas. http://espn.go.com/blog/big12/post/_/id/8329/gill-to-be-formally-announced-as-kus-coach-on-monday
  18. I've waited a long time for Albany to catch a break. This period of time is our best bet of joining our peers UMass, UNH, URI and Maine. Full Scholly with one FBS a year is what I'm hoping for. A new conference or us joining the CAA is a real possibility. So many news stories coming out these days it's hard to keep up. We need to seize this opportunity. We'll be happy we did when the financial crisis blows over.
  19. New York D1 football has really taken a hit over the past few years. I know we started with more programs than most states but we're shrinking fast. Iona, Siena, Canisus, Hofstra. Who else was axed lately?
  20. I haven't heard anyone mention Wagner or St Francis as the next possible victims. How is this possible? A small private college in the northeast. How are they different from Hofsra, Iona, etc? Is it that the NEC is so low cost?
  21. ????? Being built at the practice field? Yes that is what i was told by the players . They seemed to have been given a preety detailed explanation. It sounds like it will eventually be expanded in phases. To mee this sounds like good news as building the stadium in a new location can be done much faste than retro fitting the current stadium . The players also said the cinci game was moved back a year because they couldn't get out of the colgate game . I would hope this becomes public news soon so we can get the public excited WOW...I'm a bit flabbergasted that they will be building an entirely new facility. I think most of us have been under the impression that they would be simply renovating the existing UField....if true this is a significant development. Can't wait to hear from the Athletic Dept...if they are telling players we must be getting close to some kind of announcement. Especially if the players got some detailed info. One would have to wonder if something else is driving this assuming its correct . Has anybody heard any updates on the Giants ? Could it be a move to CAA or the start of another conference . It just seems to be coming up fast. Fast? LOL, not the word I'd use to describe it...we've been begging for something for years.....man, I really hope what you were told is true. There seems to be a lot going on in the FCS arena right now. Exactly. We've waited forever. I remember walking around UAlbany back in '93 and wondering where the football stadium was. It can't possibly be that field in front of the PE building? Shockingly, it was. For nearly 20 years I've waited for Albany to catch up to every other freaking state university in the country.
  22. Ultimately our competitors dropping football is a boost for Albany. There will be so few colleges in the Northeast that offer football that we will have a real competitive advantage. Colleges are struggling to attract male students and it's only getting harder with every year. A lot of prospective male students want the excitement and name recognition that come with a university offering a football program. Thousands of schools offer BAs but only a few in the northeast will be able to offer a football program, pageantry and excitement. We will be in an elite club that can compete for those kids. The Yankee conference will be back. We will join our peers UMass, Maine, New Hampshire etc. Travel costs are too high otherwise. URI would be stupid to drop their program before this happens. If so, let them be penny wise and pound foolish though. When this financial crisis passes (and it will pass) Hofstra, Northeastern and others will be kicking themselves for their knee jerk reactions but it will be too late. As economists like to say the "barriers to entry" will be too high. They can use their stadiums as a symbol of missed opportunity. Albany will be standing tall.
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