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  1. They've got to make it easier for fans to get this game. We don't all live in 12222. How is this Siena feed? Why is audio and video different selections? Is this an either or selection? I guess I'll be watching OR listening from the beach tonight. Go Danes!
  2. I really want Albany to join UMass, Maine, UNH and URI. Maybe others do too? http://www.projo.com/uri/content/sp_fbc_uri04_12-04-09_TQGM770_v2.301504b.html "Given that context, and economic factors such as travel costs, the re-birth of the Yankee Conference makes sense. The conference could consist of the original charter members URI, UMass, UNH and Maine, plus Albany, Stony Brook and Fordham. Forming such a league would be relatively easy. Albany is an affiliate of the Northeast Conference, Stony Brook of the Big South and Fordham of the Patriot League. Albany and Stony Brook are in the America East in other sports, Fordham in the Atlantic 10. This seven-team conference would allow for six league games and bus trips to all league away games and would permit expansion."
  3. This may be our opportunity to get into the CAA? Sure our facilities acren't great and probably won't improve in the near term but we're competitive. We're a large state school that could be good for the conference. We could fill those holes in the northeast :-)
  4. Its a shame that CCSU loses and we don't capitalize. We had a second chance and missed it.
  5. California, Georgia, Idaho, Florida, Wisconsin and on and on. I don't hear this crap anywhere else I have worked or lived. What is it with the Capital District? I only hear this liberal dribble in Albany. Oh yeah, SUNY is on par with Harvard and we don't want to blow it with D1 athletics! I tired of SUNY being held to standards that other state universities aren't held to. I'll explain to my co-worker that graduated from UNC how screwed up his college is and that it should be more like SUNY. Oh, that's right, he's a VP and doing well for himself.
  6. He should be fired. He's a quack. I mean that with all sincerity. I can only hope one day UAlbany is on par with UNC, Michigan, Cal, UCLA etc in both academics and athletics. Being non-scholarship athletics doesn't guarantee your free of scandals. I just means you'll live in obscurity. There must be a liberal arts college that will take this guy? He can spend the rest of his career in obscurity at some unknown college in the woods of New England. What an A$$!
  7. I've emailed folks over at Albany Law and they seem to agree that closer ties to UAlbany makes sense. I think anyone who has lived out of state would question why we don't have an UNC, Michigan, Texas, UCLA type state university in the Capital District. Albany has all the components, they just need to be put together. Clearly the law school and university seem to both benefit at these other state universities. If the powers that be were smart they would propose it now and try to short circuit Binghamton Law and Stony Brook Law. That only hurts us all.
  8. UAlbany, the alumni, the Albany Foundation or someone should be buying up those homes when they hit the market. They should turn around and rent them out until we own them all. At that point, tear them down and donate the land to the university. Problem solved.
  9. UAlbany didn't just pop out of nowhere. The uptown campus has been here since the 1960s. Has this guy been living in this house for the past 50 years? No. This malcontent moved here 7 years ago. His complaints are the quivilent of the guy who buys a house near an airport and then complains about the planes landing near by. Don't move there you idiot! To satify this guy, UAlbany shouldn't build on its own land? He's grasping at straws. I'm surprised he's not claiming that building the student dorms will lead to more Al-Qaida attacks.
  10. Even if this turns out well for the university and we can expand onto Harriman campus, this crank will find other things to complain about. Seems he's the stereo typical old malcontent. "Get off my grass you young punks" He complains about the university affecting tax rolls yet he's a government employee. Pot, meet kettle. Nut job's blog
  11. Great news. UAlbany is really cramped. We need to expand onto Harriman. That campus is going no where anyway. This is just the opportunity we needed to advocate for the push. For those that talk about tax rolls, they should remember if it weren't for Albany Nano, there wouldn't be AMD or all the other companies that are there. Heck, Dell was started by University of Texas student Michael Dell. Univerisities are good for business if done right. I approve!
  12. Someone needs to order this pack for tailgating! $49 for the small pack. Skin it tailgate kit Its so great to see UA stuff starting to show up on mainstream college sites
  13. My first reaction to the news was anger. To make matters worse, I was invited to an Auburn party last night. As I watch hundreds of Auburn fans enjoying the game and I see their great stadium, I have to wonder about the inequalities in football facilities at New York's state capital campus versus state universities across the country. After the anger subsided, I'm glad someone came to this realization so that we can focus on what is achievable. We should be submitting a $5M request every budget year. Facilities should be in our top 3 requests every year. The big bang approach was always a tough sell. We should also be hassling Global Foundries for a contribution. by the way Auburn crushed balls state.
  14. Who's Michigan State playing this weekend? Ha, ha. Joking. So what's the deal? Does someone know something? Is there an announcement or something in the works? One thing I like is that the Chancellor seems to be on campus a lot. There is a photo of her and our president riding bikes to promote green technology or some such thing. I guess bikes are now high technology? Anyway, its good to see her on our campus.
  15. One thing UAlbany really needs is a damn parking garage. Every morning I drive into work and park in a 1,000 car garage owned by the company. It looks nice, its functional, its what Albany needs. Rip up all that blacktop that litters the campus and plant some trees. One parking garage would do wonders for that campus' appearance. I park in parking garages in Atlanta and San Diego where there is no real need for one. Albany gets tons of snow and these kids have to park on black top? Come on!
  16. Looking at the plans, I'm concerned it's adding more concrete to a campus that has too much concrete as it is. The planners really need to consider lighting and green space. I have to laugh when I hear the current debate about needing a "public option" in health care. When has the government ever been more efficient at anything? Any company I've worked at would have that building up before these plans were even approved by the first bureaucrat. The state is a real cluster. Free these universities to make decisions and sign contracts. Git r done!
  17. We're nearing another football Saturday and I'm wondering if I'll live long enough to ever see Albany make that leap. Once again, I'll hear plenty of "Whose Michigan State playing this weekend"? In my office you can also fill in "Michigan State" with any of the following: Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Michigan, Cincinnati, Miami, GT, Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, Clemson, UConn and Rutgers. In two weeks it be the same phase but with UCLA, SDSU, Fresno, USC etc... I want to hear "Albany", just once.
  18. The nano initiative is a perfect example of New York politics. Instead of building up UAlbany (or any flagship/research campus) with a program that clearly is successful, the politicans give kick backs all over the state. HVCC gets a program. SUNY IT gets a program etc, etc. The nano program has been a huge success but it kills me to see this political bartering among regions and among politicans. New York needs to play their 'A' game or risk losing in the end. Georgia Tech and other top tier universities are ready and willing to eat our lunch. I don't think Georgia is saying "Well, Georgia Tech, you can have this funding for a new nano program but you have to split it with Atlanta Technical college and Highland college". Not going to happen! Same thing for Michigan and Michigan State. I bet the next nano funding goes to SUNY Buffalo or Old Westbury?
  19. The Gazette has a story on the hame's results. Obviously the better local paper! UAlbany is the only local D1 college football program. Where's the love TU? Fantastic win over a ranked team.
  20. New stuff for Lax http://www.laxmagazine.com/college_men/DI/2009-10/news/091509_albany_maverik
  21. If Chancellor Zimpher wants to put SUNY on the map, that will mean adding to both academics and athletics. Something is really wrong when high schools have better facilities then the state university. I believe the chancellor understands this necessity and I would expect her to support us.
  22. Article on the paydays FCS schools can get from playing a power house. Everyone knows I am all for it. We should have been doing this earlier. The thing I notice is that we are always last to the party. SUNY was the last state university to go FBS. Of the three SUNY football teams we're last in getting a stadium, last in going full scholarship etc. Even after FCS schools have been doing this for so long our own alumni groan at the thought. I just wish we could be first with an idea. Nonetheless, I'm happy we've gotten there. USA Today Article By the way, wow! $1M dollars for Navy to play Ohio State? We need a FBS school on our schedule EVERY year.
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