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  1. My concern is this smart and successful woman will be consumed by thousands of self-interested beaucrats. I think SUNY is too big to fail. Break it up or do something to pull the 4 SUNY Centers free.
  2. If Gov Cuomo woke up on the wrong side of the bed and said, damn why is my state university not on ESPN like Gov Walker's of Wisconsin he could fix that fast. He may not be able to get a SUNY Center in the Big 10 but he could line up millions of dollars and push to get it upgraded. I bet he could get UB in the AAC real fast. Funnel money for a new stadium. Fix what ESPN and other sports networks say needs fixing. It's not magic. It's desire and leadership. Each new governor brings that chance.
  3. I give to UA athletics and the Business School regularly, I feel nothing is likely to happen without a push from the top like a governor. That said every nickel and hundred dollar bill counts.
  4. I think for the benefit of UA and the credibility of future accusations the legal system has to take false charges seriously.
  5. It's an impressive background. SUNY has an equally impressive bureaucracy. That bureaucracy makes any changes hard if not impossible. My hopes for her: 1) Reunite Poly and UA 2) Fill SUNY Center gaps by moving professional colleges under UA and BU. SUNY Up/Down State Medical School, Albany Law School merger. Finish that work. 3) Athletics. Raise the SUNY profile by pushing UB to AAC and UA and SBU to MAC. 4) Cut the bureaucracy at least on the SUNY Centers so they can compete with the Michigan and Penn State's of the world. Like UC (California) give SUNY Centers (flagships) their own system?
  6. New York has 50% larger population than Michigan and it has at least 2 BCS state universities and at least 3 FBS state universities. As a New Yorker in the Midwest it drives me crazy how far SUNY is and how NY could catch up if it wanted to. That's all I'll say.
  7. New York has 3x the population of Wisconsin or Maryland. 2x the enrollment of the UW system. A much larger media market over those two. And on and on. The structure just sucks with 64 campuses. It's not magic. It's having a desire and leadership.
  8. Great question. My answer: Leadersip My view is UA and the SUNY Centers generally are hampered in moving up until leadership (like the governor) gets involved. Gov Cuomo like Spitzer could take an interest in SUNY and pressure a conference. He could also sweeten the deal for the conference to take us. I've heard of governors getting involved especially with conference realignment. Unlike Spitzer I hope the focus isn't just on SBU and UB. It's crazy that New York has 400,000+ students and no Big 5 conference teams. The largest state university in one of the richest states... yet tiny Maryland is ACC? It's there if the governor wants it. Leadership.
  9. No state funds for the engineering college in the budget. http://alloveralbany.com/archive/2017/04/19/ualbany-schuyler-building-exterior-work
  10. I wasn't for or against this plan. That said this is the picture of "no good deed goes unpunished". I haven't heard this much complaining about "free" crap in my life.
  11. The requirement makes sense. Not only did I leave New York the year after graduation but so did my roommates. I think this plan helps SUNY campuses like Albany and may sink some of the lower tier privates. Columbia and Cornell are fine but a Saint Rose, Siena lost a lot in their value proposition. Why again pay $30,000 at Siena for tuition?
  12. Free tuition under ~$100k passed or will pass. I'm hopefull it'll be good news swelling the university enrollment thus more stadium attendees and alumni. May also put some financial stress on private schools hurting from lost enrollment. Simple supply/demand could push up selectively like what happened at UC (California)
  13. With all due respect it's not complaining. It's a major piece of legislation. If passed it will have an affect on UA Athletics for sure. If the private schools fears are correct there will be a wave of new students coming to SUNY and away from the Siena, Fordhams of the world. Raising enrollment and likely stadium attendance. If some of the skeptical politicians are correct the cost is vastly under estimated and that could results in cuts later. You are correct it is major. And one should read the major legislation before jumping to conclusions on how much it will suck for sports. Knowledge is power Here is one bit of real info.. it's not really free. It's after all state and federal loans are taken out. I don't understand the hostility. I can't read the legislation because it hasn't been released. It's in flux due to negotiations. I also understand it's limited to tuition. I have also not assumed the impact is negative. I've said the impact could be either positive or negative but probably a combination. Time will tell. The one outcome I'm skeptical about is that there will be zero impact if passed. We speculate on all sorts of UA athletics topics on this board. A case can be made this has the POTENTIAL to be the baddest impact since joining the CAA or building a new stadium.
  14. With all due respect it's not complaining. It's a major piece of legislation. If passed it will have an affect on UA Athletics for sure. If the private schools fears are correct there will be a wave of new students coming to SUNY and away from the Siena, Fordhams of the world. Raising enrollment and likely stadium attendance. If some of the skeptical politicians are correct the cost is vastly under estimated and that could results in cuts later.
  15. If a promise is made to be "free" it'll be hard to take it back even if NYS realizes later it's not affordable to them. All that'll be left is cut else where. For me option 2 is unlikely. I see this going very good or very bad. Status queue isn't likely.
  16. I believe even Cooper Union stopped being free. CUNY and maybe SUNY was free up to the 60s but that is far cry from what the campuses are now. These schools boast climbing walls and amenities better than a resort. Do these college kids want that austere experience? If your an athlete and can get the best of both worlds why pass that up? Free college at a plush campus. Everybody else is paying $50k for tuition except those on the full ride scholarship. Patriot League type conferences could have an advantage if free tuition also means austere. Won't know for a decade though for cuts to hit.
  17. Safer than a puppy filled lecture hall "safe space". Seriously I could see this going either way for UA athletics. The main possible upside is growing the enrollment if that happens. Serious enrollment would be a huge impact on alumni, fans and athletic fees. Filling 8,000 seats in a stadium is amazingly easier at 25 or 30k students. The main possible downside is perception of the scholarship being less valuable or if this thing gets expensive and they cut the AD budget. If their budget forecast is way off and they squeeze the schools UA might have to shift dollars away from athletics. This may be nothing in the end but there is huge potential both good or bad.
  18. no, I think they all go on the books valued at the out-of-state amount (to account for the state "subsidy" of in-state students.) I'll put you down as a '2' no change ;-)
  19. Crap! That could hurt us because I thought one off set to the "free" tuition was them increasing that out of state tuition number. If there is no tuition per se that athletic fee like all fees will really stand out.
  20. Free tuition would drive down our cost of scholarships correct?
  21. Not being in New York I'm somewhat removed from this topic. Curious if there is a consensus that this is good or bad for UA generally and UA athletics specifically. Not talking about good or bad for SUNY or tax payers just UA affect. 1) It's good because it drives up enrollment thus driving up alumni (fans) and more athletic fees. Ohio State has 66,046 students. 2) No affect 3) It's bad because it backfires. Students get free tuition but are angry about the athletic fee. SUNY loses more "prestige" to private schools hurting recruiting.
  22. Mark explains his plans to make UA a "destination" for athletics fans. Personally I'm resigned to the fact SUNY will never be in the top tier until a NY Governor decides he/she wants a flagship campus. That means combining multiple campuses under a single umbrella name, increasing funding etc. Create an Ohio State where there is none today.
  23. Anyone with a premium subscription that can post the text of this article? http://www.bizjournals.com/albany/news/2017/03/30/how-ualbanys-athletic-director-wants-to-raise-the.html
  24. Albany was the birthplace of some huge companies like American Express and GE. Too bad they're all gone. They have the money for big dollar naming rights. "XYZ Government Union Arena"? I can't remember the alphabet soup of those things. It's not a New York acronym if it doesn't have at least 5 letters and get phonetically sounded out. NYSTERS for example. You can be sure no one from outside New York would even guess how to pronounce it.
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