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  1. I'm a bit surprised that the GSU game isn't being broadcast. Fox Sports South isn't showing the game? This is the kick off to college football season. College football is huge and GSU does have a good following. I really would prefer to watch the game on tv like every other major state university graduate. I'll have to look around for a source. To answer your question JustDratic. I like Fox Sports South and CSS, if you have Comcast.
  2. Maybe I missed it but where can we watch the game? I'm closing on a house in San Diego so unfortunetly I won't be able to be in Statesboro. I'm sure it'll be on in Atlanta but that doesn't do me much good this weekend. Online?
  3. Kind of scary that I was thinking the same thing when I read the GSU thread about Chip-in. You certainly have my support. I was thinking about getting people to commit a certain amount for every win over a fully funded program this year. Something like that. I'm in total support of this idea...."chip-in" sounds interesting as you can actually see a graphic that might motivate people to give. We could donate what ever funds we collect at the end of the year towards the stadium fund courtesy of the Big Purple Fans. Great idea.
  4. These top FCS schools routinely play FBS schools. Georgia Southern played Georgia last year. These are real tests for us when we discuss Cincy. If we can play GSU, Maine or UMass tough... maybe even beat them, then we can play Cincy. If GSU can play Georgia and be competitive then we should take on the challenge of Cincy. Saturday is another good measure of where we stand.
  5. Great post......to me the stadium is priority one also....if you build the stadium it would do wonders for the support in the CD and beyond, both financial and butts in seats. The stadium and going full scholarships are unrelated. Stony Brook paid what for their stadium? We don't have the money so if we are getting a stadium then it's coming with state money. If we don't get money from the state then we don't get a stadium. Going full scholly is within our control. We just need to make budgeting priorities to make it happen. We have come a long way. True. That's not a reason to say lets stop here. It's an argument for just the opposite. We've come a long way with little to no resources. Keep pushing. Scheduling teams like Cincy (and top FCS schools) will get us noticed by conferences for that eventual shake up. Dr McElroy totally impressed me with this announcement. Forward thinking and risk taking. We're building something here.
  6. History has proven that success means taking some chances. People laughed at UB for going FBS. They arent laughing anymore. People were shocked at Stony Brook but today they have a stadium and FBS teams lined up. This Cincinnati game is huge for us. Huge. I cannot understate how great this is fo us. I think the next step is going full scholarship. We may have limited control of part of our destiny in so far as we can't just build a stadium. We can control certain things. We should play any FBS school willing to play us. We should go full scholarship. I say we go Big South. We could renew our rivarly with our sister SUNY school. The Big South is the new CAA. Lets go Big South while they'll still take us. PS - I picked up a copy of Atlanta's Creative Loafing. They had the games listed for the big three colleges: Georgia, Georgia Tech and GSU... and right there in black and white was "Albany". Great publicity for the school to an area that knows nothing about Albany or SUNY. Way to go!
  7. I'm still in shock this morning. Just fantastic news. As a college football fan, this is amazing news. I hope it's the start to full scholarship and getting on par with our state school peers.
  8. Yes! The best news I've heard all year. Fantastic. My neighbor is a Cincinnati grad. I finally can talk to someone about college football... I can go and sit my butt in a big stadium and talk about my team. I can tailgate with thousands of lunatics. I love it!!! I love college football!
  9. GSU takes their football very seriously. That is why they have daily updates. We haven't gotten to that level of development. We are light years from our state school peers in regards to football. Anyway... What is the line on the game? I would love to see a win but this is a tough game. GSU has played Georgia tough every time. We're talking about them playing a SEC school last year and playing us this year. Tough game.
  10. What a stupid use of this prime real estate. UAlbany is completely boxed in on a tiny campus. Instead of turning that space over to the university, their going to build a state building there. They can contruct that building anywhere. UAlbany will eventually be forced to buy land in other locations and then shuttle students and staff around. Bone head state government.
  11. No one to blame but ourseleves. Its a student opinion survey. Why do we attract so many complainers and whiners? There is nothing wrong with the food. I've seen many campuses that are no more impressive. My one college suite produced one JD, one MBA and a soon to be PhD. Clearly we studied as undergrads. I think that's fairly impressive results for a random dorm suite. This list demonstrates that if there is one thing we should be ranked #1 then it it complaining. It's a great university. You could do a lot worse. These students only hurt themselves by b*tching so much.
  12. This is going to be a really tough game. GSU has played UGA tough everytime. I don't need to remind you that 'S' in SEC stands for speed. The hands down best conference. We better be ready to play. I tell you what.
  13. UAlbany finally comes to Georgia just as I move to California. Doh! Can we schedule a game at USD or better yet SDSU.
  14. Is this the same chip commercialization facility that was mentioned last summer or a completely new announcement? If you recall former Sen Bruno said there would be a $50M packaging facility "upstate" and probaly in New York. Is this just the decison on "upstate" or is this new? Between Global Foundires and all these companies working there it's time they pont up some dough for the the old alma mater. How about Global Foundries Business School? Maybe IBM Stadium? They need to keep up the community relations and advertising. By which I mean I want a stadium that is nicer than Compton High.
  15. We need the Harriman campus. Now! UAlbany is squeezed in on the uptown campus. There isn't any more growth available there. Yet right next door is a campus of equal size waiting to be used for a worthy purpose. The state should transfer that campus from that state agency to the state university. The economic impact of UAlbany certainly outweighs what the state is getting from the site... which isn't much. Move those workers to another office building on less prime real estate. Take that campus and build a stadium, more housing and add in some shops & restaurants. Build the college community you expect to see at a state center/flagship. By the way, I know we have a few people in there but we need to go waaaaay beyond that.
  16. Come on. What do you expect her to say? President Simpson is a zealot. UB Bull, no one here cares about SUNY Buffalo. Stop dropping your propaganda. DanePound, can we have this guy blocked? Why should we bombarded with this propaganda? If we want biased reports we can just read the Buffalo News. That rag has sold its soul to this crap. I've hear enough about SUNY Buffalo. I'm so sick and tired of SUNY Buffalo, I'm going on record now. I will never hire a SUNY Buffalo grad. I will continue to write letters and make phone calls to stop this insanity.
  17. It looks like Buffalo has resorted to threats and intimidation. Will they ever learn you get more done working with people then fighting with them? UB2020 is serious trouble for very good reason. What A holes in Buffalo! The SUNY Centers and the rest of the state need to stand up to bullying and intimidation. It didn't work during the blitz of Britain and it shouldn't work here. Hold your ground! http://www.buffalonews.com/nationalworld/s...1806.html?imw=Y
  18. That would be great. The Northeast/New England needs an enquivilent to the SEC, PAC-10 etc. I'm not saying it has to be FBS (although I wish it were). Finally, a post from UBBulls that I like and can agree with. My dream lineup: URI, Maine, UMass, New Hampshire, UAlbany, SBU, Delaware (and a money game at Army) No schools that start with St. or I need to Google to figure out who they are. Just NE state schools!
  19. UAlbany needs to pull off the unexpected and get into this conference. I'm just constantly frustrated. Between SUNY Buffalo being a complete a$$. The flagship disaster and now this. I'm just plain upset.
  20. My thoughts are with her family. I hope the new commissioner doesn't change direction. The NEC's future is with football.
  21. Good riddance SUNY Buffalo. Don’t let the door hit you in the A$$.
  22. The point here is there was a system in place where these university centers were treated with equality and fairness. SUNY Buffalo decided that collaboration was an issue to their development. Sponsoring legislation that would help the research centers wasn't in their best interest. What is in their best interest is an adversarial system of winner takes all. As has been pointed out, they didn't even want their fellow “flagship” Stony Brook to be included. No one has explained why including the other SUNY Centers would have hurt SUNY Buffalo. Is it so terrible that the other centers could also lease land or have an expedited process? How does that hurt Buffalo? It doesn't! You can get ahead by working as a team or by pulling others down. President Simpson thinks it’s best to resort to hostility and cheap tricks. SUNY Buffalo has started a fight that I don't think they'll win. Down state has some real heavy hitting legislators. Stony Brook will get their cut of the pie. The NYC metro will get more money than Buffalo. Binghamton has also ramped up their lobbying. UAlbany has started to respond to this new aggressive stance by SUNY Buffalo. Buffalo thinks an adversarial approach works best and that collaboration is a problem. Ok, SUNY Buffalo wants hostility. We can all change our approach. This thread should come to an end (Please delete it). We are just giving SUNY Buffalo a forum to rant on about their "special situation". What comes of it though? No one here is any more convinced and yet he continues on. I refuse to let you have the last word on a UAlbany website. No one care about SUNY Buffalo. Move on.
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