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  1. Sure SBU wants it. "Flagship" = $$$ They have just been a lot less obnoxious about it. That's why you want this title. BU and UA would be pushed to perennial second class status. It just kills me that SUNY Buffalo makes this argument for this special status when they have nothing going for them except their size, which isn't that much bigger the others. I'm a proud and successful UA grad but I think BU has been lighting it up out there. I can say it because it's true. SUNY Buffalo has nothing but an arrogant attitude. SUNY Buffalo, you need to learn a life lesson, a business lesson, and a general lesson. You get ahead by working with others. You get ahead by building relationships. Power grabs or doing "win-lose" deals will never work. You have made the same arguments over and over. You are not deserving of additional $$$. UA and BU are not going to help you F us over. It is very disingenuous for you to come here and say "you should help us". "Oh but we deserve to get most of the money" I want to fly to Buffalo just so I can urinate on President Simpson's home.
  2. "UB Bulls" has done nothing but made me a supporter of Bingo's law school. Way to go... In fact, I'll support any campus that isn't SUNY Buffalo. I'll donate to Florida A&M before I say anything positive about SUNY Buffalo. All because of you and your small egomaniac of a president that has driven a wedge between the SUNY Centers.
  3. You seem to either not understand or not want to understand a very simple point. SUNY does not have flagships. Period. We don't want them and all their problems. You are trying to impose flagships after the fact (60 years later). Add to this simple fact that Cornell is the land grant school, not SUNY Buffalo. Another problem is how to define a "flagship"? We all know what SUNY Buffalo wants. They want a lion's share of the SUNY funding. There is 1 pot for SUNY funding. Its all about MONEY. If a SUNY Center gets more funding then it means another got less. So what we have here is a lot of problems for SUNY Buffalo in this attempted power grab. Why your complaints will never convince New Yorkers to make SUNY Buffalo a flagship 1) Trying to impose "flagships" decades after the system was established 2) Cornell is the true land grant system and arguably the best 3) SUNY Buffalo wants this title because it will improve their funding (lower funding for the other 3) 4) SUNY Buffalo needs a better argument then they are the biggest and therefore the flagship. 4a) SUNY Binghamton's undergraduates objectively are far superior to Buffalo 4b) Many of SUNY Buffalo's program are marginal (The law school is terrible) 4c) SUNY Buffalo may be the GM of SUNY but nimbler Bingo (Honda) and tech savvy UAlbany (Ford) are better off. (Big GM is in bankruptcy) SUNY Buffalo's only argument is that we're the biggest. So what? You’re not the best. Coming here to continually argue that the other SUNY Centers should give you a lion's share of the funding because your big and want to get bigger is not a winning argument. Lastly, I've lived and worked in at least a dozen states. When I say I'm from New York, not one time did someone say "Buffalo?" Never. Buffalo does not represent New York and never will. I appreciate your enthusiasm "UB Bulls" but you will never convince me, these board posters or New Yorkers that SUNY Buffalo is deserving of a disproportionate amount of funding or that SUNY Buffalo is the face of New York. No sane student, graduate, administrator or city resident of the other SUNY Centers would be stupid enough to hand SUNY Buffalo this title. SUNY Buffalo knows this title then can be used as leverage for money. I hope Chancellor Zimpher (former UC President) learned this fact when dealing with "The Ohio State University". She probably had to fight Ohio State tooth and nail. We don't need that Sh$t in New York. Let it go. Go back to your own chat board.
  4. There are no negatives to UB including the other SUNY Centers. They're just being A-holes. It was in everyone's best interest to pass this bill and include all four centers. They're acting like the spoiled child that says "I'm taking my ball and going home". There is plenty of room in New York for 4 state research centers. As I've said before, UC has 10 campuses in their system. Most states have at least two schools... Texas also jumps to mind. I reiterate, they were being A-holes and this legislation should fail. If they were in kindergarten their report card would say "does not work and play well with others". F
  5. Finally some hope in stopping UB2020! SUNY Buffalo, the lesson here is to work with your colleagues (aka 4 SUNY Centers) to move ahead. The "only us" approach is doomed to failure. You should have learned that in kindergarden. ---------------------------------- http://www.buffalonews.com/home/story/696336.html Quotes “The bill itself has numerous problems and opposition from various quarters,” said Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, a Manhattan Democrat. While UB took a step closer to achieving more autonomy Wednesday when the Senate approved the bill, it still has to get the OK from the Assembly. And before it’s voted upon, the bill must pass through the Assembly’s Higher Education Committee. Glick, chairwoman of that committee, indicated it isn’t going anywhere. “I can tell you, in its current form, it’s certainly not going to be voted on by the committee,” Glick said.
  6. I emailed them all and may do so again. I find calls work the best. Anyway, I have my second assembly member saying they'll fight to include all 3 SUNY Centers or its no deal (despite the wishes of that maniac in Buffalo) ------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your email. I agree and will work to include the othe SUNY Centers into the bill before it comes before the Assembly. Sincerely, Jim Conte Member of Assembly 10th District
  7. Are you sure Danefan? That sounded promising to me. If Fordham is indy that means they would want to eventually find a home. I would think they will continue playing the Patriot League teams but look to find a home. That could lead to a new league soon or later, correct? Maybe I'm just being optomistic.
  8. I take comfort in knowing the below email came TODAY from ASSEMBLY leadership. It is important to remind these politicians that UAlbany has a $1.5 Billion impact on the Capital Region. This legislation puts the Capital Region at a real disadvantage. Dito that for Central New York and Long Island. A vote for this legislation is a vote against the Capital Region. ---------------------- Thanks for your recent email regarding A2020. I completely agree with you and believe the bill is unlikely to pass. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I will keep them in mind as this issue unfolds and try to be helpful. Best wishes!
  9. I both called and emailed. Fight of UAlbany and the other SUNY Centers!
  10. We need to get more support than $500k to name the business school after them... Then again, once their name is on the school they have a vested interest in keeping it up.
  11. As a business alum, I'm eager to see a new business school. I also like the new dean a lot. Young guy who is aggressive. I hope this is a major announcement and not a "major" announcement, as in not really news worthy. The big ticket items UAlbany needs in no special order. Stadium Nano College Undergraduates (and subsequent #1 rating by US News Best Engineering Schools) More professional programs (aka a deal with Albany Law) Business School naming rights (my name is available, lol)
  12. I heard back from one of the politicians I contacted concerning the flagship issue. He sounded optimistic that we can turn back this assault on UAlbany and the other 2 SUNY Centers. I'm not sure if he wants this posted on a chat board so I left off his name but he is senior in his party. ----------------------------- "Thanks for your recent email regarding A2020. I completely agree with you and believe the bill is unlikely to pass. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I will keep them in mind as this issue unfolds and try to be helpful. Best wishes!"
  13. She says she'll have a plan done in 6 months. It should be interesting to see what support she has for the UB2020 legislation. I think we should all write to her chancellor@suny.edu and express our concerns. Funny, I did that before I even saw this post. As you may recall, I also was able to get to her when she was still the President at UC (Cincinnati, not Cali). I also asked the local Albany news outlets for updates on the legislation. This is too important to this university and the Capital Region not to act.
  14. A bit off topic but was Wildcat80 completely wrong on AGS about the NEC allowing 40 schollies this year? I noticed he hasn't responded.
  15. Well, I certainly like this poll much more than the previous one but the fact we're ranked and UMass and GSU isn't makes me a bit cautious. Nonetheless, we'll have a good team. I think we'll do real well. I have to believe if we 3-peat and we manage to be a UMass or GSU we have to get noticed? We have performed amazingly. Come on CAA, you want us :-)
  16. As it is, your UB2020 has no chance of coming to fruition. At best it would be UB2030 or 2040. Furthermore, you'll never catch Bingo's undergraduate enrollment profile. For that matter, ESF, Genesseo and Stony Brook have better undergraduate profiles. Your grad schools are piss poor. The law school was ranked terribly. It's good SUNY is giving up on Buffalo's law school and starting new ones. Look, SUNY Buffalo started this fight. Its their president that is claiming that the other SUNY Centers aren't worthy of equal funding. The other SUNY Centers aren't "flagships". The other SUNY Centers shouldn't have the funding or prestige. You, SUNY Buffalo President Simpson, started this fight. You President Simpson will make the system far worse by having each center fight for funding instead of working for a common good. I didn't start this feud. That egomaniac in Buffalo that thought his campus should somehow be a "golden child" despite it being ranked behind a half-dozen other SUNY campuses. Still it's the "best". We deserve hundreds of millions of dollars at the expense of the other SUNY Centers. SUNY Buffalo is not special. SUNY Buffalo is no more a flagship than any other 3 SUNY Centers. President Simpson has delusions of grandeur that are hurting my alma mater. I draw the line when his delusions hurt my alma mater.
  17. Why is "UB Bulls" on a UAlbany website? I don't go onto whatever lousy website SUNY Buffalo has and discuss UAlbany plans. I could care less about SUNY Buffalo (outside of them throwing the other SUNY Centers under the bus). Do you think UAlbany fans care about SUNY Buffalo? SUNY Buffalo is a mediocre state school in a rust belt town that has gone out of its way to alienate the other SUNY Centers. This whole UB2020 plan would be laughable if it didn't mean you doing a power and money grab that directly affects my alma mater. Furthermore you can complain about "US News Best Colleges" all you want but most people accept it as a good gauge. SUNY Buffalo ranks terribly across the board. Don't take it out on me and don't bring it to this board. Take it up with US News, Kiplingers, and every other college ranking system that the great SUNY Buffalo is ranked at the bottom. I'm sure they all have it wrong! Harvard followed by SUNY Buffalo, right? Accept your mediocrity status and stop trying to steal funding from my alma mater! Now back to SUNY Buffalo crap dot com.
  18. Furthermore, I am not going to stop defending UAlbany and the other 2 SUNY Centers from SUNY Buffalo. People need to know what is going on. I will continue calling politicians and speaking out against this ridiculous disparity of treatment between SUNY Buffalo and the other 3 SUNY Centers. What is good enough for Buffalo is good enough for the other SUNY Centers. Buffalo is not some golden child. Far from it!
  19. UB could have worked with its SUNY Centers. It choose not to do so. It choose to do what is in its best interest at the expense of the other SUNY Centers. The other SUNY Centers should remember this every time UB comes calling. UB is akin to the kid that says lets work together and then throws its friends under the bus as soon as they turn their back. The other 3 SUNY Centers should have nothing to do with UB as long as their president follows these A-hole tactics. Buffalo is a washed up rust belt town. It will never be a national university because no one wants to go to Buffalo. "Hey mom, I got into UCLA and SUNY Buffalo, which should I choose? The great weather, athletics, tradition and cool vibe of UCLA or a depressed old rust belt town? Tough choice!"
  20. Even if Buffalo had the money, they still wouldn't be competitive. Its all about recruiting. Top high school graduates, genius doctoral students and world-renowned researchers do not want to be in Buffalo. Objectively, the economy is terrible. The weather is insane. The taxes are through the roof. Why on god's green earth would they make that choice? Maybe the recruiting flyers can say "We're not Detroit"
  21. US News Best Colleges 2009 http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews....national-search #21 UC Berkely #25 UCLA #35 UC San Diego #44 UC Davis #44 UC Irvine (tie) #44 UC Santa Barbara (tie) #89 UC Riverside #96 UC Santa Cruz #121 SUNY Buffalo UC is a far better system. Buffalo isn't even the best SUNY. Buffalo should wait till it's the best SUNY school before it puts on this arogant tone. That may be a long wait because they'll never catch Bingo, ESF and Stony Brook for that fact.
  22. Good UAlbany article. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/186649-...ee-peat-the-nec
  23. Its very sad. The other 3 SUNY Centers seem to just be sitting back and letting Buffalo walk all over them. I'm a business man, I can't imagine my company or any company sitting back and saying "I fine with being number 2, 3 or 4". Jack Welch (GE) would never stand for this. Wake up UAlbany! The UC system has 10 campuses, all of which are better than SUNY Buffalo. There is room in NY for all four SUNY Centers! Fight these jerks at Buffalo!
  24. Hah ha, damn spell checker is on automatic. I'm so fired up about this issue that I send off letters to the editor between meetings. I should spend more time crafting it but I'm just so passionate about the topic (and I don't have the time). Anyway, the editor corrects simple gramatical or spelling issues so no worries.
  25. Another stupid UB article and my response to them: http://www.buffalonews.com/opinion/editori...ory/683934.html "Albany should help UB Assembly and Senate bills offset harm by allowing more campus flexibility If the Buffalo area is to keep one of its best paths to prosperity open, New York State cannot both choke and leash the University at Buffalo. With budgetary diversions choking off the potential flow of tuition-increase money to what should be the state university system’s flagship institution, the Legislature at least should unleash more of the research university's development potential. That can be done by increasing campus management flexibility in ways that other states’ universities already enjoy. Otherwise, the critically important UB 2020 plan’s expansion and development goals could be pushed back to 2030, or beyond. All campuses in that state system are dealing with the tuition- increase diversions Albany is using to bolster its recession- damaged revenues, but the two major SUNY research universities—Buffalo and Stony Brook—also are losing chunks of research grant money in ways that hamper development potential. UB President John Simpson is leading efforts to increase other campus revenue possibilities and save the UB 2020 plan, and the Legislature can and should pass similar Assembly and Senate bills—A2020 and S2020—to curtail over-regulation and add local flexibility. The bills would allow the campus to raise tuition on its own under a “rational tuition policy,” allowing incremental, predictable and small increases—and letting students see the benefit of their money by having it funneled directly to UB instead of to state coffers. The bills also allow the campus to negotiate with private developers who want to build projects on site, let university officials borrow money through bonds and allow the purchase of goods and services without multiple levels of state preapproval. The governor’s proposed budget would severely limit the college’s ability to implement UB 2020, a plan to grow the university by 10,000 students and 2,500 staff by that year. The university should be given, at a minimum, the ability to determine its own fate. Moreover, the state should curtail its practice of “sweeping” public university funds to close budget gaps. Individual campuses need the freedom to determine which budget lines to trim to meet state goals. State officials strongly disagree with that characterization, blaming instead SUNY trustees they say set campus-by-campus allocations, but the harm remains. UB has delineated the negative impacts of the executive budget: • An indirect cost recovery fund “tithe” that campus officials said is a punitive assessment on university reimbursements given for indirect costs for sponsored research. This diversion of funds to the state for support services paid for by the campuses would cost the campus approximately $2 million to $3 million. • An increase in SUNY graduate school tuition by up to 21 percent, while reducing graduate school scholarships and minority graduate fellowships by 15 percent, at university centers that generate 70 percent of this tuition-increase revenue. • State retention of 80 percent of professional program tuition increases is, university officials said, a departure from past practice in which campuses received 100 percent of the income to invest in these high-profile degree programs centered at research universities. • The proposal to reduce SUNY state tax support, equal to $40 million held in SUNY campus Income Fund Reimbursable reserves—and in addition to the tithe and tuition offsets— is particularly damaging to research campuses such as UB. • Reductions in university-wide programs are arbitrary and selectively injurious to research universities that would receive as much as 70 percent of funds in this category. Against that harm, local campus management flexibility is not a complete answer. But it is a tool UB and others can use to explore relief and improvements in other ways. UB is poised to make a significant economic impact on the Western New York region through expansion and increased research; legislators are in a position to aid in that effort and make it happen sooner rather than later—or, worse, never —by passing these bills now." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My response: I read your article today entitled “Albany should help UB”. New York has never had a “flagship” campus and never will. SUNY Buffalo's insistence that it is the sole campus of importance is only isolating itself. It is in its own interest to work with the four SUNY Centers toward a common goal. Each of the four research centers brings something to the table. SUNY Albany has a $5 billion Nano College rated #1 in the world. SUNY Binghamton has the best undergraduate rankings. SUNY Stony Brook has the best math and basic sciences. SUNY Buffalo has many great professional programs. New York's state university system is akin to California's. There is room for New York to have a UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego etc. As one of the 144,000 UAlbany grads I take exception to this “I'm the greatest” policy. Many of the policies that SUNY Buffalo is advocating would benefit all four SUNY Centers. Why make the other three SUNY Centers your adversaries when we can be you allies?
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