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  1. As Bing Alumn I get their emails.... since this mentions the UB2020 and UAlbany I thought I would post it:




    Dear Binghamton University supporter (of which I am not ^_^ ),


    In January 2009, Buffalo-area legislators introduced Bill A.2020/S.2020 (the "UB 2020 Flexibility and Economic Growth Act") to provide the University at Buffalo relief from burdensome state regulations. Shortly afterwards, I joined with the presidents of the other SUNY University Centers to request that Binghamton, Albany and Stony Brook be included in the legislation.


    The bill seeks to implement several recommendations made by New York's Commission on Higher Education, including increased spending and contracting flexibility and greater access to capital funding. These common-sense regulatory reforms will allow the SUNY University Centers to increase quality, compete for the best students and reduce costs. Given the current fiscal crisis, reducing New York's excessive red tape represents the most viable path toward reaching our goal of becoming the nation's premier public university. None of our peers are subject to similar bureaucratic processes that New York State requires of our outstanding academic institutions.


    The Senate Committee on Higher Education is currently considering this legislation. Please go to http://think.binghamton.edu (New York residents click here; Out-of-State residents click here) and send your message to designated New York legislators today, urging them to pass this long overdue legislation with all four SUNY University Centers included.


    Thank you for your support.


    Lois B. DeFleur

    President, Binghamton University



    Great post! Please call your legislator. A call is 10x more effective than an email and is quicker/easier. I guess I'll be siting my family's New York address for this call :-)

  2. Great letter. Short and to the point. Very necessary.


    By the way, ATL_DANE will soon be moving to San Diego so I may be changing my name. The fiance is done with her PhD at Emory and we're off to UCSD. Look for the rise of SoCal_DANE.


    Your next project is to begin converting all of those usc and ucla fans to UAlbany fans!

    Congrats to your fiance and for yourself... enjoy atl dane!

    I better see a UAlbany Flag flying in front of your new home!




    As for the article, I'm surprised they even published it.

    Glad to see it though.



    Thanks guys. It took a minute to get the new account up and running but I'm back.


    You can bet my UAlbany house flag is going to fly from my San Diego house!

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