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  1. All set. You might just want to go with Globetrotting_Dane or at least Countrytrotting_Dane! Awesome. Thank you. Should be 20 years until I'm Florida_Dane :-)
  2. While we're at it we should change mine to Michigan_Dane. SoCal was so 2015. I did the change myself last time from ATL_Dane to SoCal_Dane but don't want to go through it myself again.
  3. We're on a performance plan? Sounds bad but if it get us more competitive with our peers it's a good thing. "The details of the major fundraising campaign are included in a performance improvement plan SUNY chancellor Nancy Zimpher approved in December for UAlbany, one of four university centers in the 64-campus university system." http://www.bizjournals.com/albany/morning_call/2016/01/ualbany-in-early-stages-of-major-comprehensive.html
  4. I wonder what other mid majors like a UMass do for their out of state boosters?
  5. Living in Michigan I'm trying to strike the right balance. I donate often but it's not feasible for me to travel to Albany for a game. Most of the booster perks are game day related like seating that does me no good. I wish they had an out of state booster club with some perks that made sense for us.
  6. Any insights? I'd assume the $10M donation was the highlight and put us in the black financially. I'd like to know backing out that donation how would we have done financially.
  7. Glad to see we hit our goal. UA athletics picked up $25k in matching
  8. I'll give today. Third donation this year. Like all of them I'm specific that funds must be used for the stadium. With all the nonsense going on across colleges I'm not writing any checks that can go to "highest need". I can only imagine what that crap would be.
  9. Integration continues with our law school. Post nano years http://blog.timesunion.com/schools/ualbany-albany-law-make-transfer-credits-easier/3370/
  10. All in all losing by only 1 TD is a much better showing than anyone expected. We were competitive in the 2nd half. I support letting Sussman continue in the role but that said 4 interceptions is unacceptable.
  11. The are so many projects still underway it's amazing. I completely forgot about the Entrepeneur startup project. I forget the exact name but it's another $200M or so. Really big projects.
  12. We may have lost the Nano college for now but our new engineering college will look awesome. Looks like we're asking for $59M to renovate the old Albany High School, which is a very stately traditional building. Looks like it belongs at Monticello or University of Virginia. Also, adding electrical and biomedical engineering is very cool. http://www.bizjournals.com/albany/morning_call/2015/10/programs-physical-location-under-development-for.html
  13. I'm sure the suspension is part of the issue but it's hardly the whole reason. Passing is weak. Running game is awful. I was prepared for an amazing season after that first drive in Buffalo. Something fell apart for sure.
  14. I like the New York State outline. Maybe because I live out of state. Also two of my previous home states had an 'Albany', which is Georgia and California. It cuts the confusion.
  15. It will NEVER happen IMO. The more they build up over there, and duplicated buildings, services etc. the harder it will be. This letter is like 1 year to late. It's impossible to ignore the fact that the ego-maniac that is running that place is an absolute shame and embarrassment to this college. Don't they have an oversight board or something to reign him in? Depending on what happens with the investigation that's ongoing, what's the future there without him? Never say never. Seems to me all it takes is a new governor with a different view. Hasn't most of these developments been hammered in by a governor?
  16. I'm having work done on my house and the contractor comes to me just as Roger and Zac interview our AD. What else was said? I missed the whole damn interview.
  17. Losing games happens but to get smoked on home coming after a $10M donation and in front of a huge crowd is tragic. We don't get crowds like this every day.
  18. By the way, the $10M the stadium is throwing off is only part of the revenue stream. Add in naming rights for luxury boxes, bearm, etc. Sure there are operating costs but if you bought a $18k car and someone gave you $10k you'd think that's a damn good deal. It's like saying sure I got $10k for the car but I still have to pay for gas. Still an amazing deal.
  19. The last paragraph is a very astute point, I've never thought of that but wow...that's pretty significant. 18 million invested to build it and 10 of that came back as this donation...that's pretty incredible. I know. Amazing. A $10M check for naming rights on a $18M building. They are covering 60% of the cost of construction. The state kicked in $10M so it was really free to UA. If you can get that payback ratio on a field house then start digging tomorrow.
  20. A few thoughts. First, adding the second level to the press booth would seem a no brainer. The elevator already goes up that far and the infrastructure is built for it. Second, every luxury box is an income stream. Ultimately it pays for itself. Second, I'm all for endowments especially for football as a hedge against some future anti-football president that wants to slash it. That said, to throw off $30,000 for a scholarship you have to set aside at least $300,000 if not $400,000. At that rate you can't endow more than a dozen full rides. Third, I'm concerned that we need to be smart. We need to use the money to partner with new state money to defray costs. We don't want to use the $10M in lieu of state money. SBU received $20M just for their basketball arena. We need to be better at competing for state money because SBU and Buffalo has been killing us there. Lastly, like point one the field house should largely pay for itself. Think how amazing it is to get $10M for naming rights on a building that only cost $18M to build. The naming rights practically pays for the building. Wouldn't the Field House be in a similar situation? Naming rights there should pick up 40% of the total or more.
  21. Since most of us are out of state and at work and it's being announced at 2 can you let us know at 2? The news media will lag an hour or more if we wait for them.
  22. The donor doesn't have to be a per se UA supporter. It occurred to me this stadium is billed as a community asset and the largest such facility in the region. A larger or enhanced facility may enhance UA but the main goal for the donor may be different such as attracting a minor league soccer team or major events.
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