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  1. This has been an impressive few months. Honestly UA has accomplished all the items on my short/mid term list. 1) law school affiliation 2 new engineering school 3) Finalize stadium naming rights 4) Schedule annual FBS money games Amazing progress. That is every must have short term item for me. Yes a SEFCU rehab or a field house is needed but those items take time. At this pace lets see what next week brings :-)
  2. First 8 figures means $10M. I'd love it but it sounds high. Do we mean 7 figures? Second, if I paid $10M I'd want some of that money going back into my investment... Meaning the stadium. My name is on it so I want it looking good. It also increases the odds the stadium is used for more events. And bigger events. Maybe it just me but I'd want my name on the best stadium possible so some amount would go into it.
  3. If the $$$$ is Large should we expect some stadium enhancements or expansion?
  4. Is it Trump stadium? It's going to be the most spectacular stadium ever.
  5. Name aside, what is your per year dollar guess and a stretch goal? My guess is $300k a year with a stretch to $400k.
  6. I don't own a local car dealership I would guess they don't have the resources. According to one source the average naming rights deal for a football stadium is $800k. Since we're FCS we'll be lower but it has to be worth $400k a year, right? A dealership can't afford that cost.
  7. I'm hoping for someone with deep pockets like Global Foundries.. Nonetheless, congrats to Mark Benson for getting r done
  8. It's interesting to read through Michigan State and New Hampshire's experience with this same journey. Although starting slow in 5 years time the two institutions may be pretty intertwined. 1) The graduates in 5 years will have entered Albany Law fully aware and accepting of the UA affiliation 2) Those grads will have taken courses on both campuses. 3) Back office system integrations will have occurred 4) Back office team and process integrations such as recruiting efforts will have taken place 5) Cost savings that would be hard to walk away from will have been achieved. If all goes well in 5 years a next step like with Franklin Pierce becoming UNH Law would be obvious and welcomed at least from the stance of students who only ever knew this environment and administrators who have to keep the school cost competitive. In 5 years the only detractors I see are a minority of alumni but I don't see that stopping the train. Some alumni like those that went to Detroit will never accept the parent institution (MSU) but that sorts itself out with time.
  9. The process seems to be well received. Lots of quotes at the end of the article supporting the affiliation. Hopefully we'll continue to see integration. Big picture question. There is a lot of details but what is the net result? A signed affiliation? For example, Scripts Marine Research has a UC San Diego web address and although Scripts is a private research organization it's also clear it's basically part of UCSD. Example: https://scripps.ucsd.edu Will the "affiliation" be part of the branding?
  10. If you go to the main UAlbany site you'll see both colleges, Engineering and Homeland Security, are being announced... So engineering is live. Granted it's currently just a shell holding computer science but I'm guessing more will come.
  11. http://www.albany.edu/news/62851.php?WT.source=home&WT.svl=headline
  12. I'm optimistic there will be more announced than just some dual programs. I'll take anything because anything is an improvement. That said a few dual programs without even the promise of more to come would be anticlimactic to me. The ultimate goal for me is for UAlbany to be recognized by peers, media (US News and World Report) etc as having a law school. The technical details of an affiliation or merger are less important. You either have a law school or you do not have a law school. Like sports come down to Ws and Ls.
  13. Thanks for the video link. Especially since it's at the beginning of the thread and easy to find. Is it a free video link?
  14. That's the challenge. We need to get to the point where UA is the local area priority over major but still out of area teams. Tall order I know but that's the goal
  15. What is "paid attendance"? If they aren't counting students doesn't that diminish the true attendance? "ALBANY Brad Harris had seven receptions for 122 yards and a touchdown and the University at Albany football team prevailed 17-14 over Duquesne in a nonleague game before a paid attendance of 6,227 at Bob Ford Field this afternoon."
  16. Thanks for the clarification. Sounds like progress and a real accomplishment. Still sad we have higher costs then our competitors.
  17. I received my kick ass corn hole boards as well this week. https://www.victorytailgate.com/cp-224242-Albany+SUNY+Great+Danes+Cornhole+Game+Set+Banner+Vintage+Version.html
  18. I'm rocking the house flag, garden flag and custom license late. My Michigan neighbors must think I'm crazy but I love it. There was zero school pride when I was there in the 90s so I love how far we've come. Students wore sweatshirts with other college logos but I hear that changed.
  19. Watching the game on Dane Zone. The feed is from TWC. I have to say I'm pleased. The the past there was no audio or it wasn't timed. My only suggestion is to run commercials at breaks. It sucks to go to a black screen and silence at every break.
  20. How much of that $1.4 went into the refurbishment? I'm guessing very little. The changes look modest. Nonetheless I'll take it.
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