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  1. Killing should be fired because he can’t coach
  2. Time to get rid of Killings and start fresh. Maybe get a new AD and football coach while they’re at it.
  3. When I just looked up the score on google, I thought it must be an error. But I guess it’s real.
  4. Former UAlbany goalkeeper Danny Vitiello is starting for Sacramento Republic FC tonight in the US Open Cup against Orlando. Republic FC is the first lower division team to make it to the final since 2008. David vs Goliath
  5. I live in Oklahoma now and my wife teaches at OU, and it is a known fact that Baylor fans are trash.
  6. I think the trend with building new college basketball arenas is to go smaller. The new Texas arena is going to seat 10,000 compared to the 16,000 capacity in their current building. Baylor’s new arena is going to seat 7,500 compared to the 10,000 they currently have. I agree 3,800 is a good size.
  7. There's an interesting working paper that was recently published by a couple of economists that looked at the economic impact of social distancing and quarantine among different US cities during the 1918 Pandemic, which is the closest analogue to this pandemic. They found that cities that took aggressive and early public health measures to slow down the spread actually recovered quicker economically than cities who did not respond as quickly or aggressively. I guess having a few million people dead is not good for economic recovery. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3561560
  8. Is there any plan to play the home games at Fallon Field? I'm just curious why they have a lacrosse only stadium and then don't even play games on it.
  9. Get to the playoffs, keep that Golden Apple. Does the Across The Street Pub usually show UAlbany football games? Or do they refuse to get FloSports as well?
  10. Rutgers Using Alcohol Sales to Fund Coach Buyout. I know this is satire, but I think this is a great idea for our coaching situation.
  11. UAlbany playing South Carolina right now on the ESPN SEC Network, or you can watch it on the Watch ESPN app.
  12. Meanwhile, the starting quarterback for Ohio State gets arrested for drunk driving while underage and only gets suspended for one game. I guess throwing some pot out of a dorm room window is just more dangerous and irresponsible then driving drunk.
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