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  1. Killing should be fired because he can’t coach
  2. Time to get rid of Killings and start fresh. Maybe get a new AD and football coach while they’re at it.
  3. When I just looked up the score on google, I thought it must be an error. But I guess it’s real.
  4. Former UAlbany goalkeeper Danny Vitiello is starting for Sacramento Republic FC tonight in the US Open Cup against Orlando. Republic FC is the first lower division team to make it to the final since 2008. David vs Goliath
  5. I live in Oklahoma now and my wife teaches at OU, and it is a known fact that Baylor fans are trash.
  6. I think the trend with building new college basketball arenas is to go smaller. The new Texas arena is going to seat 10,000 compared to the 16,000 capacity in their current building. Baylor’s new arena is going to seat 7,500 compared to the 10,000 they currently have. I agree 3,800 is a good size.
  7. There's an interesting working paper that was recently published by a couple of economists that looked at the economic impact of social distancing and quarantine among different US cities during the 1918 Pandemic, which is the closest analogue to this pandemic. They found that cities that took aggressive and early public health measures to slow down the spread actually recovered quicker economically than cities who did not respond as quickly or aggressively. I guess having a few million people dead is not good for economic recovery. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3561560
  8. Is there any plan to play the home games at Fallon Field? I'm just curious why they have a lacrosse only stadium and then don't even play games on it.
  9. Get to the playoffs, keep that Golden Apple. Does the Across The Street Pub usually show UAlbany football games? Or do they refuse to get FloSports as well?
  10. Rutgers Using Alcohol Sales to Fund Coach Buyout. I know this is satire, but I think this is a great idea for our coaching situation.
  11. UAlbany playing South Carolina right now on the ESPN SEC Network, or you can watch it on the Watch ESPN app.
  12. Meanwhile, the starting quarterback for Ohio State gets arrested for drunk driving while underage and only gets suspended for one game. I guess throwing some pot out of a dorm room window is just more dangerous and irresponsible then driving drunk.
  13. University at Albany football wide receiver Josh Gontarek was arrested Monday afternoon after he threw marijuana out of a window of a residence hall on campus, according to the police report obtained today. UAlbany football coach Greg Gattuso suspended Gontarek indefinitely on Tuesday. "University police found Gontarek in possession of 10.2 aggregate grams of marijuana, which he tried to conceal by throwing it out of the window, the report said. Gontarek was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, a violation, and conceal/alter/destroy physical evidence, a Class E felony" So this kid made a stupid decision, got scared and threw a small amount of pot out of his dorm window, and they charge him with a felony? Ridiculous.
  14. Um no. Grontarek is the a-hole here.I stand by my statement. Arresting a kid and potentially ruining his life over pot is bull$iena. Cops could have exercised some discretion in the matter. Using pot should be treated like a traffic offense. Pay a large fine so you dont do it again. End of story. This is the point I'm trying to make. In New York a UPM should only result in a civil fine, like a traffic ticket. It's a $100 ticket. It's not a criminal offense. That's why I'm confused as to why the university police are arresting a student on campus for a violation, which leads to me believe that there are other circumstances here. Or perhaps UAlbany has a problem with an over zealous police force. Either way, it's a dumb move to put yourself in that position.
  15. It would be interesting to see what the circumstances of the arrest were. Unlawful possession of marijuana is not considered a crime, but a civil violation in this state. The evidence tampering sounds like the more serious allegation.
  16. In the states. Where I'm from (eastern Europe) and most of the rest of the world, Soccer is King (with a capital K) and played by kids with no shoes. All you need is a ball. It's the cheapest of all sports (to put together a game). It's not even close. But I wouldn't get anywhere near calling it "America's game" as UAlbany09 said. America's games are football and baseball and to a lesser extent basketball. Hockey, Soccer, etc. don't even compare. Yes they have decent leagues, but over-all business money making wise? NFL and MLB rule the roost by a wide margin. The NFL is an $11B business. MLB is $7B. NBA is $5B...NHL + MLS doesn't even match the NBA (NHL being $3.3B and MLS being $0.3B). Based on those numbers, which give a good indication of how popular a sport is...soccer, etc. isn't even worth keeping around if it's costing the University more money than it's worth (not saying making money, just in general). This is going to go off-topic but I need to defend the sport I love the most. You can't look at those numbers and use it as a gauge for how popular soccer is in America. The MLS is a very young league that is less than 20 years old. There are many soccer fans in this country who are not interested in the MLS because it does not have the perceived quality that the leagues in Europe have. There are many more soccer fans in this country than there are MLS fans. You can see evidence of this during the summer when many of the big clubs from Europe come here to play exhibition games in sold out stadiums like Metlife and Gilette. Yet in a country where MLS is considered a sub-par league compared to the rest of the world, you have a team like the Sounders who averaged 44,000+ in attendance this year. That is a higher average than any team in baseball save the LA Dodgers. You can pretend that soccer is not a real sport and has no real fan base in this country, but the numbers don't lie. This is a sport that is taking hold in this country and that hold is only going to get stronger as sports like baseball begin to fade.
  17. Just a bunch of soccer moms... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s50SvZm9jQE Soccer is America's game. UMBC was nationally ranked in the Top 5 this year so there is no reason why UAlbany can't be at that level. Getting rid of soccer would be a mistake.
  18. It's great that the America East has a ranked team in soccer. Maybe Albany will be there one day.
  19. "Pretty much everything I have said and claimed about Keeler, can probably be confirmed by a few members on this board. Am I speaking a lie when I say there have been multiple 6 loss seasons, no playoffs for 7 out of 11 years, failures in recruiting that have significantly hurt the football program? Am I making up the fact that high school coaches didn't want to send their players to Delaware because of him? Am I lying by saying that he ran players out of the program and gave up on them without giving them a chance to develop? Did he not continuously blame his players for losses? Or am I just making these things up out of this alleged "hatred"? Am I telling stories that KC had to rely on transfer quarterbacks? It's fiction when I say he made poor decisions and wasn't a good in-game coach? " Found this off the gohens board. If Keeler was doing these things above then I would rather not see him as the next coach.
  20. A 1-5-4 formation is backwards. It's actually written 4-5-1. 4 defenders, 5 midfielders and 1 strikers. You always start from the defense when determining the formation.
  21. Does Levan Shengelia have any relation to Toko Shengelia of the Brooklyn Nets?
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