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  1. Well the two reasons we couldn't play man are gone so maybe we'll get back to the D which was our identity when we were good. I have a feeling a lot of minutes will be won by those who prove they will defend. Just give Guerrier 32 min a night at the 3 (not the 4) and you'll get a 2nd or 3rd team all conf performance
  2. I thought the absence of Watts really helped on Sat letting Iati and Guerrier settle into the 2 and 3. I know 38 -40 min is a bit much but that may have been the only thing that would have allowed Guerrier to play his proper position and he did a great job against some very athletic guards. One other comment on Sat that nobody has talked about...there was zero and I mean zero energy coming from the guys in ties sitting on the bench.
  3. Logan's 4 of 17 didn't help Am I the only one who thinks 30 min of Logan a night would be more effective than 37 min? Is he physically able to rest without getting tight?
  4. Aren’t we currently in a search for an Asst. Coach? Any news on this front? My feelings on CB and the existing staff Above Average recruiting Above Average game planning and preparation (which in my eyes is primarily defensive game planning and prep) Above Average defensive skill development (although it’s been years now since this team played any quality man-to-man) Below Average offensive skill development Below Average offensive concepts/execution So in my eyes I’d like to see someone with coaching experience (not someone looking to get into coaching) who has worked for an offensive minded head coach. I understand this person wont change the offense but I’d like someone who will at least be in CB’s ear and challenge him on what we are doing on the offensive end. Why is our spacing so poor? Why do we set so many poor quality screens? Why don’t we commit to our bigs as scoring options? Why don’t we empower our players to make more decisions on the floor instead of having them simply execute the set CB calls on each possession? Someone who will have the mind set of “what are we going to do to this team that they can’t stop” versus the current mind set of “what can we do to stop this team” Can we afford a guy like this? I don’t really care Would CB ever hire a guy like this? That is a much more interesting question
  5. I was watching ESPN's inside look at Duke a week a go and coach K was sitting in the film room lecturing his team on poor ball screens that accomplished nothing...I can't help but notice the number of wasted screens inside this offense right now....accomplishing nothing but wasted fouls. In my opinion it's not the guys setting the screens, it's the guys running off them and not using them.
  6. I don't recall what Logan's shot looked like before but I know what I am seeing now. He's throwing up knuckle balls. If he would get under the ball a little more it would roll off his hand better and provide a little more (some) back-spin. I agree with your point on his shot selection. More than anything else I don't think the D1 game has slowed down for him yet. He's still rushing shots when he doesn't have to. If I were on the staff I'd have him watch film of Jason Siggers operating inside CB's offense. Siggers was an inside/outside threat and was run off a bunch of screens like Logan is...but Siggers was always very calm running off those screens. Hopefully at some point soon we'll see Logan start playing as if everything around him has slowed down a bit.
  7. From what I know about this year's team (very little) here's my guess where they stand Black Logan Metcalf Ambrose Devlin Puk Allen - hard work and D...he has to be in the rotation. Moore - mentioned by Brown as team's best defender? with that quote I say he's in the rotation ...so pick 1 from the 3 below. From my point of view we absolutely need a back-up point guard and may need a 3 from this list Watts? - based on comments last year that he was practicing well and from CB's luncheon comments Tartt? - he proved he's not a point guard last year. Will he defend at a higher level than Watts? To me he does not fall into the lock-down-defender category Iati - looked very comfortable in the P&G game and from that small sampling you would think he would be in the running as a back-up pg...not a 3...wonder if CB thinks he can defend at a high enough level (visions of his brother doing everything right but not being able to stop anyone). Notice no comments about offense...don't think CB cares Out Lindfors - I think he can win games for us...I hope he's here next year Hatcher - from what I hear on this board Urli - injury
  8. I'd be OK with 13-15 wins and team clearly making strides as the season goes along. Here's how I see our in season strides over the past few years. 04/05 - I thought the team worked hard but failed to get over the large hump of learning how to be a winning team. This team laid the ground work for things to come but on the court I remember a very late in the season reverse dunk in traffic by Lillis as our on-court peak and signs of things to come. I thought his team was going to be dangerous in the AE tourney but a first round loss to Bingo proved me wrong 05/06 - To me the clear cut winner for in-season growth. I recall this team having a lot of problems defending the perimeter early but learning how to hedge and defend the perimeter very well later in the season. They also learned how defend and double in the post and improved in this area as the season went on. Defensive execution of defensive game plans won games. The offense always just took care of itself thanks to a certain POY 06/07 - the team's growth was defined early by Sigger's emergence and late by the role play of Carl Ross. 07/08 - growth defined by the moment early in the year when Lillis figured out that he had to put this team on his back and they would only go as far as he could carry them. 08/09 - Team peaked at Vermont on Jan 11 with a 10-6 record (2-1 in Conf). This day however also confirmed for me that Anthony Raffa was a punk by his on court BS. Team went 4 and 10 from this point forward. 09/10 - Team peaked in late November after losing to a good Detroit team by 12, but playing them well and then beating NCAA bound Robert Morris the following day. 3 and 3 at this point with a 4 and 21 stretch in front of them.
  9. A nice balanced schedule providing 4 nights kjmac16 and I don't need to be home before the kids go to bed (Cornell, American Iona, Siena) 2 days to bring the boys (CCSU, Mt. St. Mary's) 2 chances to invite out of town family to see teams of interest (CCSU and Iona) 3 travel possibilities to satisfy my self imposed 1 road game a year commitment (Yale, Wagner, Colgate although the last 2 may be tough with the holidays) and no Thurs home games to conflict with alumni ball at the high school my only concern is that weekend in Detroit will have no web feed
  10. Here's a random thought. Brent Wilson needs a project and that project needs to be Jake Lindfors. Picture Lindfors' talent with Brent's intagibles and mind-set. Lesson 1 - 43% from 18 feet is a hell of a lot better than 20% from 22 feet
  11. Prior to this sequence was the Bingo possession where we needed a stop...instead we gave up a 3 point play. Prior to that on D McRae knows where to be but not how to get the charge. This team does none of the small things well (and much of the big things) I think our eyes are trained as well to just accept that dribble penetration by just about anyone blows right by any UA on-ball defender. just dissapointed and not seeing better times even next year
  12. If I recall Will's Dad helped with recruiting Jamar
  13. C-L-A-S-S-I-C please link this over to the AE board
  14. After sitting a year at Coastal is he eligible to enroll and accept a scholorship elsewhere for next season? I still think this kid belongs on the court for NJIT.
  15. I was just getting around to sharing my thoughts after the game. Guess I should have read the blogs first. A few other thoughts Metcalf's boards were key. We should be searching for another 4 or 5 to start hitting the boards I'm going to start getting selfish with Allen...anything the team needs... This team needs you to get to the line more.
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