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  1. HA! My new battle cry as well. DO IT FOR RONKONKOMA! haha see artie lange on letterman last week?
  2. So its now 11:15 and is it already too late to purchase the session 2 broadcast from America East?? If so thats pretty damn stupid..Do they want all the latecomers to get screwed into being forced to buy the all session or something? Right now the only games listed are: All Session Session 3 Session 4 Lacrosse.. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. little bit too close but I'll take it!
  4. jeez this team needs to learn how to put teams away
  5. damn..looked like the video feed was working so well up until about 1 minute into teh game.. is it me or everyone? The sound is gone and video freezes every few minutes
  6. I'm disgusted right now..After 5 wins in a row and a game well played vs. Siena, this type of game takes all of that away. This looks like the team that was predicted to finish 6h in the AE
  7. wasn't it Iati last year and not Jimmie?
  8. we had a couple chances with the ball down 5 in the last few minutes and just couldn't get off a shot..Siena is a better team than us. But we played them closer than most people thought. We have much room for improvement. I wouldn't wanna play this team in a month or 2 once we start to gel.
  9. down 6 with 6 minutes to go...Ambrose out with 4 fouls tho..
  10. Everytime we get it to 10 and under it seems we let up
  11. Good job by albany to get back within 10 at the half. I think we still have a chance if we can just limit the turnovers. For a couple minutes there int he first half, we got wayyyyyy too sloppy. We also need someone to hit some damn 3's.
  12. These Siena announcers are some piece of work..."Ambrose is wearing the wrong uniform"
  13. I had a blast in Philly and would definitely not mind doin that again
  14. Does anyone else listen to the game via internet stream of Foxradio? When i go to the website and click listen live, a window pops up and plays an ad, then just goes nowhere.. Is there any alternative to listen to the game tonight for free?
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