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  1. Feel like shooting is all confidence and right now there isn’t much of that when it goes in the air. They need to find more looks for Cerruti. Hortons numbers aren’t great, but last night there were at least 3-4 missed easy layups on great passes
  2. And when exactly was the last time they started conference tournament play at home?
  3. Need to give the coaching staff time and see what they can do in building a roster past this year with their own recruits. I 100% think a coach should get credit if his team plays hard.
  4. Fair. I’m all on board for criticism when due. There’s no disagreement that it’s been ugly. I also wouldn’t say they regressed today as they played a 12pm game in front of a crowd of Bob87 after playing in front of 12k fans two days before. Definitely harder to get up for that. I’d throw out the window how they played this game and just take the W. There was also added pressure on the players to get him his first win. I’m sure now that’s out of the way maybe that makes a difference who knows.
  5. Forgot about Drumgoogle. So if we are going to assume he can play, the core for next year is even better. We don’t know what Amica is yet that’s a bigger question than Drumgoogle. Coaching staff needs to find a PG. PG has been a problem for literally years. Prob since the Singletary days
  6. And a win is a win. No matter how ugly. Never seen so many people pissed off about a come from behind buzzer beater. Congrats to DK on his first.
  7. What two starters are we missing? They have a pretty good big coming next year and I don’t think recruiting is an issue right now with Nealy, Reddish, and Little as freshman recruits aren’t too bad.
  8. It’s literally five games and there are only 4 guys that have ever played a real game together against an actual opponent. Can you give them at least ten games? Lol
  9. The shooting eventually will come around I’d think. There’s no way they are this bad.
  10. That was def a brutal call. Albany hurt themselves missing all those free throws. Defense showed up big time especially when they couldn’t buy a bucket in the first half. It’s a long season and the schedule is just going to get harder. By conference play I feel confident we’ll see a solid team out there if we can just have some sort of respectable point guard play.
  11. I feel like attendance will be alright. Sefcu didn’t look half bad with it filled. They added the purple lights on the concourse which looked great and obviously the new court. People are antsy and definitely looking to get out and watch some college basketball.
  12. Fans turned out. The play was pretty atrocious. Long season.
  13. Amazing that it’s less than an hour before tip and there’s less than 3 pages of discussion. Where has everyone gone or weren’t here just not many on this forum.
  14. To not support a program because of a coaching change is nuts. I hope to see the fans up there give this program the support they deserve.
  15. What was the number of season ticket holders from previous years? I’m sure some are not yet comfortable with returning due to Covid and some WB loyalists over the university’s basketball program.
  16. That traditional center has disappeared in basketball, but yes all around this team has size.
  17. This has gotta be one of the biggest lineups on height wise on paper for Albany ever.
  18. So Albany will be shooting at that basket in the second half now?
  19. So are they finally pulling the bleachers back out on that side then? Even when there were fans two seasons ago they pushed them in and turned it into a hospitality area which made zero sense.
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