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  1. 3 hours ago, UA1882 said:

    My two cents are:

    We are bad.  I did not expect us to be this bad. 

    However,  Killings was hired only a short time ago . No real time to recruit last year.  We have 1 good recruit but I expect more.  He did not have time to recruit last year but I'm hoping that changes this time around.  

    I am willing to give me a full pass this year (I don't like it) however next year will be a full year in his system with his own guys. No more excuses after that . 

    When you say no excuses after that what are you expecting?

  2. 37 minutes ago, Dane96 said:

    To me, the most surprising aspect is defense. They play really hard, and do a decent job.  I expected defense to be much slower than the offense.

    It's a shame Healy left; having both Cerrutti and Healy would open up a lot of the floor for the rest of the team.  I really get that Cam was attached to Coach Brown, but he left for a program that isn't better off than Albany. 

    From one 1-6 team to another. 

  3. 1 hour ago, jimbo said:

    Still, it astounds me to see the stats from last night. Three point shots 1 for 18....one for 18. About 1 out of 3 from 2pts. Just cracking 50% from the foul line. D1 scholarship players, many of whom have been playing for years, can’t all shoot at once? Game after game? You expect some players to have cold or off nights and normally there’s a couple of hot hands. They are clanking wide open shots. It’s just so bizarre to see. Like most, I can’t fault their effort, because they appear to be really hustling out there. 

    Feel like shooting is all confidence and right now there isn’t much of that when it goes in the air. They need to find more looks for Cerruti. Hortons numbers aren’t great, but last night there were at least 3-4 missed easy layups on great passes

  4. 1 hour ago, cwdickens said:

    A team is only as good as their coach...this is an uninspired team....a coach who is more words then results...sorry just stating how I feel....I hoping this team recovers during conference play...yes there may be a handful of wins... however likely starting conference tournament play on the road ... the grand experiment continues 

    And when exactly was the last time they started conference tournament play at home?

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  5. 29 minutes ago, tnehurley said:

    OK....we are 1-6. Our new coach won the off season with lots of enthusiasm and wonderful talk. We put forth great effort. According to today’s T-U article, opposing coaches including K State’s coach, are saying great things about our effort. This, of course, is coaches talk for “I have to say something nice about our next opponent.” And we are 1-6. Will this get better anytime soon? Doubtful. Isn’ t good effort a given? Should a coach get credit or be complemented because his team works hard? No. Is it still early? Yes. Time for improvement. But I’m thinking about 8 league games against Vt., SB, UML, and New Hamp. How many of these will we win? 



    Need to give the coaching staff time and see what they can do in building a roster past this year with their own recruits. I 100% think a coach should get credit if his team plays hard.

  6. 30 minutes ago, Clickclack said:

    No one pissed off...people are sharing their observation with no malice. What do you want folks to say...what an incredible showing? Yes, it was a win, first for DK, glad the kids got to taste victory...hopefully many more but it was ugly. That's all...

    Fair. I’m all on board for criticism when due. There’s no disagreement that it’s been ugly. I also wouldn’t say they regressed today as they played a 12pm game in front of a crowd of Bob87 after playing in front of 12k fans two days before. Definitely harder to get up for that. I’d throw out the window how they played this game and just take the W. There was also added pressure on the players to get him his first win. I’m sure now that’s out of the way maybe that makes a difference who knows.

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  7. 14 minutes ago, UA1882 said:

    I would say Drumgoole and Amica. I love Albany atheltics but I would say our best 2 players have been seniors and will not be coming back next year.  

    Forgot about Drumgoogle. So if we are going to assume he can play, the core for next year is even better. We don’t know what Amica is yet that’s a bigger question than Drumgoogle. Coaching staff needs to find a PG. PG has been a problem for literally years. Prob since the Singletary days

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  8. 10 minutes ago, UA1882 said:

    Glad we won . We are terrible.  There is no way anyone I'm their right mind would say we aren't.  We MAY be missing 2 starters but I will say this :

    Horton- regressed 

    Doles- regressed 

    Champion- regressed 

    There is not arguing that.  They were all here last year.  We are 20 percent through the season.  Really really really need to recruit.  

    What two starters are we missing? They have a pretty good big coming next year and I don’t think recruiting is an issue right now with Nealy, Reddish, and Little as freshman recruits aren’t too bad. 

  9. 3 hours ago, godanesgo99 said:

    Need to figure the offense out and figure out how to put the ball in the hoop. It's pretty simple.

    Based on the stats below, it will be a long season. That said, team is young, new coach, and has played a very difficult schedule. We can all see the athletic ability, and the pedigree is there. Just need to put it all together and make some baskets.


    Through 5 games, according to the Bart Torvik analytics site:

    Worst team in the conference offensively - 311 in all D1.

    Third best team in the conference defensively - 213 in all D1

    Ranked behind UVM, SBU, NH, UML, and NJIT for overall ranking in the league statistically. Currently sitting at 273

    Only 6 players on the team have a positive PRPG, while all players with minutes should be in the blue. Hutch is our best at 2.1, followed by Cerutti at 1.9 and Perry at 1.8. Neely, Drumgool, and Reddish are positive, but below 1.0. everyone else is in negative with Champion and Little both being below -1. The league has 52 players in the positive that play at least 40% of the teams minutes, only 4 are on Albany, and Hutch (our best) is 19th.

    We were supposed to be playing a fast paced game this year, but the team is #200 in tempo. Last year the team was #161 under Brown. (263 in 2019, 268 in 2018, 311 in 2017) So we are playing faster than under WB, but I wouldn't call the pace "fast".





    It’s literally five games and there are only 4 guys that have ever played a real game together against an actual opponent. Can you give them at least ten games? Lol

  10. 24 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    Watched the replay when I got home. Absolutely was a charge and Ceruti got elbowed to boot after being bowled over. Wyland overheard the ref say Ceruti's foot was on the charge line. Well if so then it is NOT a defensive foul and NO shots should have been awarded. What are we now in the fifth year of the stupid arc rule and ref's still cannot get it right. Unless the rule has been changed or modified {and I do not remember reading a modification}; but the rule as orginated specifically stated a charge within the arc is NOT automatically a defensive foul. If a legitimate charge cannot be called because it is taken in the arc then it becomes a NO CALL. Any experts out there; know if the rule has been changed???????? Seems it is called wrong pretty much every single time???????? As I understand the rule, pretty simple if a play would have been a legit charge outside the arc, is taken inside the arc NO DEFENSIVE FOUL AND NO SHOTS should be awarded.

    ps the rule was initiated to improve scoring inside, reduce ruff stuff underneath, and cut down on the reliance of 3's. IMHO it has failed in all aspects and all arc's should be immediately wiped off all basketball floors.

    That was def a brutal call. Albany hurt themselves missing all those free throws. Defense showed up big time especially when they couldn’t buy a bucket in the first half. It’s a long season and the schedule is just going to get harder. By conference play I feel confident we’ll see a solid team out there if we can just have some sort of respectable point guard play.

  11. 1 hour ago, UA1882 said:

    I truly hope we have a very good crowd tonight.  Coach has done his absolute best to get the community and the students involved.  

    It said in the times union there are only around 350 season ticket holders. That is pathetic. This administration gets worse and worse each year. 

    If they come tonight,  it's his job to put on a show. 

    I guess we will know in a few hours. 

    What was the number of season ticket holders from previous years? I’m sure some are not yet comfortable with returning due to Covid and some WB loyalists over the university’s basketball program. 

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