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  1. From the TU Think UAlbany can't possibly beat UConn? Think again: UConn lost 94-79 on Jan. 3 to Marquette ... which lost 104-85 on Jan. 15 to West Virginia ... which lost 58-52 on Jan. 25 to Marshall ... which lost 71-66 on Dec. 29 to South Carolina State ... which lost 68-67 on Jan. 23 to Coppin State ... which lost 65-64 on Nov. 14 to Lehigh ... which lost 57-53 on Dec. 4 to Cornell ... which lost 68-59 on Jan. 9 to UAlbany. So there. Never say never.
  2. As of last night there were a few students lined up outside the PE Building.
  3. Anyone know who is doing the announcing for the game?
  4. So how many students are camping out besides me?
  5. You can count on about 6 more people to camp out with you in Brown Town!
  6. You'd know the atmosphere on campus better than we would. Starting before dark Friday, have somebody keep an eye on the gym all night to call everyone over if the line starts building. Maybe you'll get a TV camera showing you all camped out, like at Duke or RPI hockey season tickets (used to be anyway). (Or call channel 13 and tip them off). Luckily the forecast low for Saturday morning is no worse than about 40 degrees. 12447[/snapback] I was thinking of getting there at 7am and waiting. I just wanted to get a feel on when the rest of the students on the board are going. If you start spreading a rumor about people camping out the night before people would believe it and the next thing you there are students camping out sleeping on the bleachers.
  7. I dont have a RACC Rowdies Shirt.
  8. So what time do you think I should lineup Saturday morning?
  9. I don't think there IS an ESPN2HD. espn.com lists us just on ESPN2. Even SUNY Programs Need 2 dance 12423[/snapback] thats sick!!! i was trying to think of one all day, but couldn't. great thinking. i need one now.
  10. Does anyone know when students are allowed to buy tickets? Can we get them tomorrow morning along with everyone else?
  11. Call me crazy, but I'd rather be in the play-in game because we would get another chance to play on ESPN. Unfortunately our record is too good to be in the play-in game.
  12. Is section 101 going to be the albany bench? I was thinking they'd put them on the home side since they're the 1 seed.
  13. Unfortunately no, I don't think so. 12251[/snapback] I called the bing box office and they said session passes are $8 with any college id.
  14. are there any student discounts for tix?
  15. Lunardi posted his new brackets and we're still a 16 and now play duke in greensborough. http://proxy.espn.go.com/ncb/region?group=1&teamId=150#150
  16. i can't even log in. i think you need to use real player. when did you buy it?
  17. im having the same problem and im getting pissed off. 11901[/snapback] are you watching it.
  18. im having the same problem and im getting pissed off.
  19. you can just buy the game and watch it from your computer. you can get it from the vcu athletic site.
  20. Tickets are actually going to be given out to students at 4pm. There are 1,000 student tickets. Well actually 1,994 because i alredy got 6 of them.
  21. My friends and I are going to make some signs. Any ideas?
  22. You can get out of the meetings if you want to and have a decent reason (ie, the game). Shoot me an email or PM with your RA/RD name if you're worried about cathcing any flack. And you're sophmore right? It's harder to get out of these meetings if you're a freshman. 11501[/snapback] GODANESGO, can you get me and some of the people on my floor out of the meeting tonite? My RA spoke to the RD and said it was mandatory.
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