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  1. I get it. Again DK has been on the job just over 3 weeks. They literally just officially rounded out their staff this week. If you want to use this guy for example, Horton said he was staying, you also want to have Amica get more PT as well at the point. Why would this guy come to Albany when there’s already 2 PG.
  2. Agree. Some also have to realize there were no guarantees that these guys would have been back if the previous coaching staff was returned either.
  3. He’s literally been on the job for about a month lol. With the transfer portal, what’s a slightly higher conference CAA? You want a a double digit scorer from the CAA? A double digit scorer from the CAA will look to transfer somewhere higher than Albany. Do you want a power 5 transfer that plays 2 min a game? Let’s see what he does for his 22-23 recruiting class first. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure coaches spend multiple years recruiting specific kids.
  4. I’m curious as to what type of transfer you are expecting them to land here.
  5. Ok so he had 2 coming in last year. I don’t know when the free extra year was granted for all. If you think Doles was going to stay in college to play basketball till he’s 26 then fine lol.
  6. I would also say Bucknell is a better program than Albany.
  7. He was a graduate transfer, and had 1 year until they granted the free year for this past season.
  8. They played 12 games this year. Both recruits have been 1 year guys so far which is what the coaching staff will want to go with so they have 2 open scholarships for 2022-2023.
  9. Hameir Wright (U Washington) another local in the transfer portal.
  10. For those wondering, there was a IG photo posted. Doles, Kelly, Horton, Champion, Hutcheson, Schaffer, and Kondrat all participating what looks like a practice.
  11. There’s absolutely nothing to play for if you were 4-0 also. All the players have another year of eligibility anyway. Why risk getting hurt when there’s zero to play for.
  12. No you need to hire the players dad like the Mobley brothers at USC.
  13. All academic team for a reason. Knew it was time to gtfo this mess of country right now and go home!
  14. The extra year of eligibility just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m all for student athletes being allowed to freely transfer without restrictions, but the extra year, no.
  15. It’s typically hard to find a a degree worse than Albany, but he found one in Towson lol. Hopefully he was able to finish his undergrad in three years there.
  16. There’s a new sheriff in town!
  17. I think the question of being able to fill a roster for next year is out the window
  18. Maybe he believes he’ll have interest from higher up programs based on this past season?
  19. Can’t deny that Killings is a smart man. Got out when he could.
  20. Nassau and Suffolk are two different worlds! He’ll even tell you that lol.
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