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  1. Soooo care tell me what this past years roster was filled with and what 4/5 of the starters were??? 😂 Some here make it seem like this team was going to have ZERO transfers if the previous regime remained. In fact their roster turned over 6-8 players for the past 5 years whether by graduation or transfer. Ahh remember 3 years ago when they were so proud of having 5 freshman start. That really turned out great. Maybe it's finally JoJo Anderson's time to shine!
  2. Exactly. I have not read one person say how the heck did this guy get a head coaching job except for Albany fans. Praises from Marquette and fans of UConn.
  3. Nope never said that. In fact you can look back as I said WB got unlucky this season with Covid and I would have extended him. My problem is with the clear ties with WB on this board. His contract ended and they decided to move on. Clearly it was so bad you should be happy that your close friend does not have to deal with such a toxic boss anymore.
  4. Marquette had the 21st ranked recruiting class in 2020.
  5. Yeah all in the family, sort of like hiring all your former players as assistants.
  6. Yeah because these past three years have been realll fun times. Clearly whoever he brought in wasn’t going to satisfy most of the posters on this board.
  7. Exactly what? Lol! Clearly we don’t get each other.
  8. Next year? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows.
  9. He can if he wants to go sub .500 again...zing! It’s a joke everyone.
  10. You’re free to post whatever you want and yes the Winter Sports Danes Hoops section of an Albany sports message board is going to be as pinhole narrow as can be lol.
  11. It was from the post below when you said “despite this coach change”, which I assumed you meant Albany.
  12. I don’t think their situation has anything to do with the coaching change Albany is making. Mt St Mary’s is going back to the tournament 3 years after they lost their coach to Siena. Every case is different.
  13. How do AD contracts work? What are Bensons terms?
  14. I'm sure there will be plenty of players available for whoever the new coach is to pull from. Especially with that extra year of immediate eligibility.
  15. Based on some of the post the new coach is screwed before he even comes in haha.
  16. Will be interesting to see where he lands. Best of luck as there will be no doubt new blood coming in.
  17. I’ll admit I used to have that mindset, but in the end you take a step back and say is this really going to effect me, most likely not! The term cancel culture is so beyond ridiculous.
  18. Can ask the Thompson’s brothers think about the name change of Indian Quad. Or better yet the current natives on our lax team 🤷‍♂️
  19. True, but as others said Benson shouldn’t be trusted either lol. He used the word generally which can easily mean incentives all over the place in the contract which Brown no longer had. It’s also not on the smart side to tell the media directly that they’re going to go on the cheaper side for a new coach as you want to get as much interest possible.
  20. Or the budget is depleted as to why they aren’t and can’t pay a $400k a year for a coach.
  21. It might not mean anything to you, but It means consistency. Regular seasons going 9-7 or 10-6 finishing in 4th place isn’t going to bring people into the stands or excitement year after year. 14/15 and 15/16 seasons were the most packed its ever been. It’s because they finished 15-1 and 13-3 respectively and not because they went to the tournament going 9-7 two previous years. They’ve wiped the year by year statistics on the athletics website, but they were no doubt were averaging 3600+ close to leading the conference in attendance in 14/15 and 15/16. I was wrong about the 3600+. Closer to 3200. Pulled the attendance numbers from the ncaa website. This just goes to my point that regular season definitely does matter in bringing fans into the building. 04-05 1945 05-06 2541 06-07 3175 07-08 3031 08-09 2826 09-10 2646 10-11 2163 11-12 2480 12-13 2924 13-14 2656 14-15 3390 15-16 3100 16-17 2654 17-18 2474 18-19 2105 19-20 2162 He no doubt caught a bad break with this Covid season. I would have liked to see him get another chance, but at what cost? Did he deserve the same pay? How long would you have extended him and if you did and his teams performed the same would it then be ok to part ways?
  22. Mohawk Tower or Senaca Hall at Smith/Johnson Quad will go over real well lol. Guess now is a good time for half of those ‘muricans to learn how to pronounce it properly
  23. Posted to the transfers thread yesterday. Wish him the best. Hopefully he gets to play D1 somewhere else. To bring back up the topic of eligibility, it says he’s got 1 year left, but as the other UA said he’s technically got 2. Still puzzled on the eligibility
  24. Lol. I do follow him and his handle is not TK1. So sorry did not know he was on the status of just a 3 character abbreviation. I do remember he had to sit out a few games with eligibility issues, but what was there something publicly said by Benson on that situation?
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