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  1. Lol. I do follow him and his handle is not TK1. So sorry did not know he was on the status of just a 3 character abbreviation. I do remember he had to sit out a few games with eligibility issues, but what was there something publicly said by Benson on that situation?
  2. So kellen Taylor and chuck champion who were both already grad transfers have another year? If this is the case D1 basketball is going to have an abundance of players and I don’t think there will be a problem with filling out a respectable roster by whoever the coach is.
  3. So does he have 2 years left? I asked earlier and was told every one is basically playing on a free year of eligibility this season?
  4. And it’s also a place to read what other people are feeling! 😂 Never said anyone can’t post their feelings!
  5. Please do share how this weeeeeeeeeeeee should be interpreted
  6. I don’t know if the lack of real season had anything to with it, but I found interesting he was not asked once about his future until this past weekend by whatever media there is.
  7. Biggest need I want to see filled is a staff that knows how to recruit. Clearly the recruiting has been a mess for years. Defenders of the staff will point to facilities and a lack of resources, which may be part of it, but I don’t buy it is the reason this team has been mediocre at best.
  8. I’d think the tone to the end of the book would be different for sure.
  9. It came off a 1st round quarterfinal loss to Hartford at home, but yes he probably had no other choice extend him. If he would have gotten to a couple more finals within those 5-6 years I think the story changes, but too bad one will ever know. A question I have is does Benson have full autonomy over all the athletic department decisions?
  10. I’m not disagreeing with that at all. I’m all for discussing separately the examples of how he’s done a $iena job and they should definitely be highlighted. Brown re-upped for 5 years under Benson so I wouldn’t necessarily say he never stood a chance. Odds were against him, but it’s not that he didn’t have a chance.
  11. And if Benson had a change of heart and decided to resign him the narrative is completely changed. It would be perfectly fine for Brown to accept a new contract and we’d hear no complaints from you. Benson being a terrible AD (whether true or not) should have been a completely different topic on its own unrelated to whether Brown was brought back or not.
  12. Idk what that even means, but I’ll pass. FYI I’ve also declared my interest for the job lol.
  13. How much are top assistants making at high majors? If the budget is still there I don’t see how this is not an attractive job to any hungry head coach. I don’t care how much of a dump SEFCU is.
  14. No doubt Brown was dealt a tough hand with a mess of a season. If there was no pandemic and he went out and brought them to another NCAA tournament and decided to take a job elsewhere would we hear all this trashing of Benson come out now? Apparently they live across the street from each other. Should be an interesting next couple of months. I’m also absolutely tired of hearing we have talent on paper for next year over and over.
  15. Those that want to now turn in their new UA under Armour gear they’ve purchased this year after today’s news I’ll gladly take it! 😂
  16. New blood is coming in as one chapter closes. This is the fun part where we will see who the candidates are and all the speculation that revolves around the search. Should be exciting times.
  17. This is clearly a business. I’m not saying Benson made the right or wrong decision letting Brown walk. The fact that he interviewed for the W&M job should have nothing to do with whether he signed Brown or let him go. If Benson extended him with brand spanking new contract today that’s a bad decision with one foot out the door. Plenty of ADs, presidents, and all positions will look out for number 1.
  18. Blame the school then and not benson. He was brought in to make the transition to the best FCS football conference. I agree the money pumped into FCS football for all those full scholarships are a waste, but without the full buy in into football I don’t know how much of these donations you will still see. This I believe is the biggest issue between between the football and basketball diehards.
  19. No you did not say that directly, its the just the impression I have. Apologies. Everyone’s got issues with everyone at some point. Facts are from the outside looking in we have a a top 20 ranked lacrosse and football program even with a $2 million budget defect with Covid. So something seems to be going right.
  20. No I definitely get it. Clearly your ties run deep into the staff and that’s fine. WB and co. could have gone .500 the next four seasons on a new contract and you’d still want him back after. I won’t disagree with you that Benson had it out for Brown, but I also don’t believe this is the first time in history that this has happened at any school. You make it seem like he was fired after winning a championship with and 3 years left.
  21. Agree that this hire should be his make or break. Whether Browns time ended today or 3 years from now with another extension, it’s clear his diehards would not he happy with the decision.
  22. And this info was clearly coming out of the WB camp. It’s easy to say now that even if he won he wouldn’t be retained. MB was lucky he didn’t have to worry about him winning it all this year and if he did there was no guarantee he’d want to come back anyway.
  23. What makes Benson’s decision of not renewing a contract for a coach unprofessional? Contract expired and he wants to go a different path, whether he got along with him or not makes no difference. I’d now like to hear what dirt is out there right now on Benson besides not getting along with Brown.
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