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  1. I think this tweet summarizes what is happening by Benson. https://twitter.com/CBB_Central/status/1366409049265291264?s=20
  2. Why is the game not on 104.5? I was hoping to listen while doing yard work but instead I get penn state vs Purdue?
  3. Treating and taking advantage of your loyal customers is bad for business. If you are creating an environment that shows no loyalty or consideration to your customer, you will lose fans. College sports attendance as a whole has been decreasing over the past 10 years. You should be trying to get more people to attend, not less.
  4. I cant wait for the SEFCU lot to be half full for all of the games this year. I got bumped out of it as well this year after being in there for many years. So stupid to have the lot half empty and to piss off long time fans. For all of the games last year including homecoming and the first game, the SEFCU lot was at most 1/2 full. The athletic department is doing a great job of driving people away. Alienating the faculty and staff first, and now continuously alienating long time season ticket holders. I call bull$iena on increasing season ticket base. It is an arbitrary action I bet with no rhyme and reason. See the change of times in opening the lots last year, bringing in chairbacks from a couple of years ago, etc. The athletic department is making me reconsider my future season tickets.
  5. My 2019 expectations: 1. For every home game, the SEFCU parking lot will only be half full. 2. Driving around campus to get to the parking lot will be a giant headache with unnecessary road closures. 3. There will be a new tailgating policy that nobody knows until the day before the first home game.
  6. The Schenectady Gazette reported that in 20-21, the return game will be at SEFCU. It will be a true home and home contract.
  7. Why didn't he play the bench more in the last 10 minutes? We know what Campbell can and can not do. I also thought he should of rested Lulka more since he did not look right with his wrist injury.
  8. It was a poorly done survey. It felt like it was done just to say it was done for the sake of saying it was done. The survey was not designed to look for honest feedback or input. The athletic department does not care what the average fan thinks. They are in their own little bubble.
  9. Its crap that they are filling in the pool. The pool is something that the entire campus community uses.
  10. CAA is a 1 bid league with greater travel. CAA seeds by the last five tournaments: 12, 13, 14, 13, play in game. In the big picture, very few people can tell the difference between the CAA and the America East. The only thing that I like about the CAA is that they have a conference tournament.
  11. Prices for other Schools: Stony Brook Purchase in advance and save! Advance Reserved = $15 Advanced GA = $12 Reserved on Gameday = $18 GA on Gameday = $15 Delaware 2017 Football Single Game Ticket Prices Ticket Type Price Prime Reserved* (Sections D and K) $35 Preferred Reserved* (Sections C, E, J, L) $30 Sideline Reserved (Sections A, B, F, G, H, I, M, N) $20 General Admission (North End Zone) $15 Towson Single Game Pricing Adult Opponent Advance Walk Up Morgan State $15 $20 Villanova $9.11 $9.11 Richmond $15 $20 Delaware $15 $20 Rhode Island $10 $15
  12. Way overpriced for the Capital Region. Cheapest seat is $15 on the berm, $25 in the stands. Not family friendly prices at all. I have had people balk at coming because they feel the prices are too high.
  13. It was either Fall of 2014 or 2015 when Barnes and Noble took control of the store inside Bob Ford Field.
  14. Does any other school in the CAA have such a dumb policy in regards to the seats? In terms of contacting athletics, do we know who the primary contact person should be in order to complain?
  15. How many teams from the CAA made the lacrosse tournament this year?
  16. Hofstra is not leaving the CAA for the MAAC. No chance. They take pride in the schools that they associate with themselves in the CAA. The renovated Nassau Coliseum is looking for events.
  17. Potential attendance issue. Spring break starts on Saturday. Students get kicked out of non apartment dorms Friday night.
  18. Caoch Marr's son will be playing for Johns Hopkins. Conflict of interest?
  19. Does Duquesne owe us a home game? We opened at Duquesne in 2013. That game should be returned at some point.
  20. October 3 at Holy Cross http://www.sportsnetwork.com/merge/tsnform.aspx?c=sportsnetwork&page=cfoot2/news/news.aspx?id=784728
  21. Saturday November 15 - at Providence. Http://m.golocalprov.com/sports/friars-non-league-schedule-appears-set
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