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  1. I was thinking something similar yesterday. He's struggled shooting so far this year. He did contribute with some steals and rebounds in the second game. I see him getting more minutes at the 4 spot when Taylor is off the floor. If he can knock down shots from outside it'll really create some space for guys to drive. NJIT isn't great so I don't want to make too much of this weekend but we looked like we had more of an identity that we did through the first six games. It's been a while since we had a guy who can catch it in the post and create his own offense the way Taylor can. The f
  2. Solid sweep this weekend. Four guys in double figures today.
  3. 1-9 from three in the first half. We can't finish 2-18 from three, can we?
  4. One of the changes I noticed in Saturday's game was the lineup in the closing minutes of the game. With 4 or 5 minute left and a couple of point lead, CJ Kelly took an early ill-advised three and then I think turned it over a possession or two later. After that, the lineup of Champion, Horton and Rizzuto closed out the game in the backcourt with Kelly on the bench. Some of that was how well Champion was playing, I'm sure but it'll be interesting to see Kelly adjusts as the season goes on because those kinds of plays are difference makers. He's a super talented player and seems like a real
  5. Last Up: W vs. NJITNext Up: vs NJIT (4-4, 3-3 AE)Time/Date: 1/17/21 @ 5:00PMTV/Streaming: ESPN+Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FM
  6. So, we grab a win, score a bunch of points and I come here to find a political fire. It's going to be a long friggin winter. I have to admit, after watching a mob of people smash the windows of the Capital and, among other things, literally take a dump inside, I find kneeling for the anthem quaint after that.
  7. Really? You're a Miami Heat fan and it's the Danes that are making you disinterested? 😀
  8. Warming up to Chuck Champion... No Jojo Anderson, Hank or Sam Safer today.
  9. We're on pace to shoot 40 threes in this game. As long as 60% of them keep going in, I'm fine with it.
  10. Six minutes. Davis was playing bully ball with Doles in the second game and it worked. Would have liked to see Hank get a chance to give him some resistance in the post.
  11. I think it's more of a numbers game with Hutch. The way CJ Kelly is playing there aren't many minutes at the SF spot. To me, Shafer is a more natural at the backup SF spot since he's a little quicker. I honestly like Hutch off the bench at the PF spot since he can hit some shots and open up the floor. I thought Chuck Champion played better this weekend and took minutes away from Jojo Anderson. Between those two and Horton, that's a lot of competition for PG minutes. Lulka has been a big loss because it's the spot we can least afford to lose a guy. I'm really puzzled why we went reall
  12. It's Covid. Everything is Covid. I think they announced it about a week ago. SBU missed last weekends games and this weekend against us.
  13. I was surprised Hank didn't play in the second half. Vermont seemed to make a concerted effort to get the ball to Davis in the post and Doles had a tough time with him.
  14. Fatigue maybe. Tough game by Taylor so far. Lots of turnovers and questionable shot attempts.
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