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  1. Since teams can start practice this week I assume there will be no midnight madness type thing. Usually the exhibiton games are in early November. Was wondering if there was anything different planned this year or if we were going to see the USDL all-stars or whatever they call themselves. I'd think with some of the Albany and $iena alumni players in the area you could make a exhibition team out of them-Corey Osinski, Will Brand, Joe Vukovic, James Clinton, Matt Haggarty. Maybe Dane96 could make the trip as well.
  2. The Massey ratings have us as four point underdanes for this game. Massey A few things concern me about the Monmouth game: -We gave up over 400 yards passing against St. Francis. Granted it was a blow-out but still that's alot of yards against a pretty bad team. -Monmouth has played in and won a lot of close games. We haven't. If it is close we don't exactly have the type of offense (passing game) that can move the ball quickly. -I'm mystifyed why Sciarra got twice as many pass attempts as Delgado. It seems pretty clear Delgado is the better passer. That said I don't think we should be f
  3. This was posted on the America East board but I thought I would post it here. Shows just how hard Brown and Co. worked to get their guys. Wilson + Lillis
  4. Kind of surprised that of all the pre-season things I've seen not one has Jamar Wilson as first team all-conference. Am I missing something or wasn't he one of the best players in the conference as a freshman?
  5. The Sports Network revised their Payton Watch list. Looks like Jones has been taken off the list. Payton Watch
  6. Kind of surprising. Was funny to see Monmouth go down a few spots after winning on Saturday. I didn't want to see Marist lose to Lasalle. I was kind of hoping Marist would win the MAAC this year-that way the ECAC bowl would be in Poughipse should the Danes win the conference. Had the makings for a great weekend-the $iena game Friday night and the ECAC bowl on Saturday.
  7. Results are: Robert Morris 27 CCSU 17 Monmouth 24 Wagner 0 Sacred Heart 41 $iena 14 Stony Brook 21 Georgetown 49 Reeder and I were the only ones to pick Georgetown over Stony Brook. The first week of the football picks goes to Reeder.
  8. Rivals said I may grow a few more inches also. They didn't say if it was horizonially or vertically. Pfohl is pretty solid too. Around 240lbs or so. Picture of him below. As far as being tough he should be. His father was pro wresler Lex Luger Pfohl story-middle of story
  9. Fox story This is awesome news! Patch said these were two of the guys Brown wanted and he got them. I'm hoping you guys will fill us in on Lillis. It looks like a great recruiting class so far. Bauman was offered by Holy Cross and BU. Wilson was offered by Indiana State of the MVC-a good conference. It's great to get early commits especially of this caliber.
  10. I was going to do this last week but I forgot. Probably better off as I would have picked Stony Brook over Robert Morris. This week: Robert Morris vs. Central Conn. Sacred Heart vs. Siena Stony Brook vs. Georgetown Wagner vs. Monmouth NJ Here's my picks Robert Morris 35 vs. Central Conn 14. Sacred Heart 42 vs. Siena 10 Stony Brook 21 vs. Georgetown 35 Wagner 14 vs. Monmouth NJ 28
  11. Thought they were sleep walking through the first quarter against St. Peters. I'd like to see them start stronger against St. Francis as the toughest part of the confernce schedule starts next week. That said this team seems to have much more of a killer instinct than last years team.
  12. Patch-Bomber tends to show up on this and the old board after the Professor has posted on the $iena board. I wouldn't worry about it.
  13. That was a brutal beating. Ford claimed to not have run the score up and seemed a bit embarrassed by the final. No way to control the two turnovers returned for touchdowns in the fourth quarter. St. Peters does have a nice QB but he really looked like he had his bell rung on that touchdown run. Our QBs didn't thow any INTs and I though Delgado looked good again. Stony Brook lost again yesterday so the Monmouth game looks to be the game.
  14. Blair Wilson is 6'8 and from Iowa and I can only hope that's who you're talking about.
  15. Trying to get an idea of how many people would be interested in a bus or van trip to the men's basketball game against UMass on Sunday, December 28. Transportation and tickets would be included, I'm not sure about food at this point. If you're interested either just post a response or email me. Thanks
  16. Considering Dane96's previous success with getting the football ticket information on the Albany website by mentioning it on the old forum I thought I'd start this string. I was hoping to get some suggestions about the program from a fans perspective (not just complaints) and email them in from time to time to Charlie Voelker and staff who seems open to feedback. Here's a few for starters: -The football and basketball shows with Roger Wyland on Saturday. These are a great idea but are on (noon) exactly when I am driving into the game. If they can't move them to an earlier time (which I under
  17. Another story in today's TU about Hitchcock but I couldn't find the link. She is one of 11 finalists and apparently didn't seek the Florida job but was selected by by their search committe.
  18. I was thinking the same thing when I read the paper this morning. Also, Hitchcock has been a pretty strong supporter of athletics through a pretty difficult transition period. I have to wonder should Hitchcock leave whether the next pres. will be as encouraging. I would imagine things like a new stadium would require pretty strong support from the UA pres to get the money from the state but I don't really know.
  19. You're right Ruler. We rushed well last week but I can't really point to a game where we've played well enough to beat a good conference opponent. St. Pete's is probably somewhat better than their record suggests considering their strength of schedule.
  20. As mean-spirited as my initial post was I hope the MAAC football schools do plan on playing next year if they are bringing more kids in for football. At the Canisius game last year I chatted with someone whose grandsons played at Canisius, one was a junior and the other was a freshman who followed his brother. Obviously this guy had no idea the football program was going to be scrapped nor did his grandsons. Someone had to know at Canisius and they still continued to recruit kids. Seems like kind of a crappy thing to do.
  21. Now that would be great. I'm curious to see the new place but we play them during the week this year. I'd imagine there will be alot of recruiting visits taken the first few games after that place opens. Great recruiting tool.
  22. Story on the new basketball stadium in Binghamton. Expected to open in January. Bing Stadium
  23. That is hysterical. I couldn't stop laughling long enough to type. No wonder he chose to return to England rather than play in the CBA. He is a marketing king! When they have that alumni game on senior day someone MUST bring a Todd Cetnar thong.
  24. I-AA magazine rates all 1-AA teams. According to their list St. Francis is the worst team in 1-AA with $iena next to last. St. Francis plays Lasalle this weekend whose only win is over DIII College of NJ. Is it safe to assume you'll be rooting for St. Francis this weekend to open up that bottom spot?
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