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  1. Story on the new basketball stadium in Binghamton. Expected to open in January. Bing Stadium
  2. That is hysterical. I couldn't stop laughling long enough to type. No wonder he chose to return to England rather than play in the CBA. He is a marketing king! When they have that alumni game on senior day someone MUST bring a Todd Cetnar thong.
  3. I-AA magazine rates all 1-AA teams. According to their list St. Francis is the worst team in 1-AA with $iena next to last. St. Francis plays Lasalle this weekend whose only win is over DIII College of NJ. Is it safe to assume you'll be rooting for St. Francis this weekend to open up that bottom spot?
  4. It's been a long week so I really enjoyed seeing Patch's enthusiasam. I would have to think Zoellner was a good recruiting tool as soon as he transferred. It's got to be great to be able to tell a potential recruit that next year he'll be playing next to a Big East transfer. In terms of where the program is going I think just about everyone on this board would agree Brown is the guy to get us where we want to go. I don't know how the contracts are handled there but I'm pretty sure he is in the second year of a four or five year deal. I would imagine they wouldn't be talking about an extension until the final two years or so but who knows? I hope Brown is here at least as long as Doc Sauers
  5. I wish I could tell you something that would make this game more compelling. St. Peters hasn't won this year and their best chance will probably be against $iena later this month. They have played a pretty tough schedule. They played Dayton last week (47-6). They played Robert Morris pretty tough earlier this year so maybe I'm not giving them enough credit. They also only lost to Marist (MAAC leader) by 2. I remember looking at their board at the beginning of the year and seeing that some people were complaining that their football schedule was designed to give them a poor record and get their football program cancelled. They will have played us, Dayton, Robert Morris, Monmouth and Sacred Heart. Why they would schedule Dayton I don't know.
  6. Yes Bigpurpl and Dane Pound are both me. When I log in as admin it registers me as BigPurpl. I generally post as Dane Pound. Thanks for the recap of the football luncheon. I assume the one on October 22nd is at the Armory Center? I'll start getting my boss ready for my two hour lunch that day.
  7. UAlum72 mentioned this before and it was driving me nuts. The type was flush left and I could not figure out what you guys were talking about. Then I opened the page in Netscape and (eureka) I saw what you guys were talking about. I'll do some research.
  8. I know you're down on Wyatt but he was the only guy last year who displayed any toughness in going after rebounds. No matter what we should be improved at that position this year and anyone who gets minutes is going to have to fight for them. You have certainly piqued my interest in St. Hillaire. I remember reading something about him when he transferred in that described him as "freakishly athletic." We could use some freakishly athletic especially at the forward spot. I was wondering what you thought of Hughes? He would seem like a lock for the starting center spot.
  9. I guess you can't give the award to the whole O-Line. I also see that the Danes moved up the poll this week but are still behind Duquense. How many ECAC bowls does the MAAC have to lose before the poll people realize the best MAAC team would be a middle of the pack NEC team? GARY JONES NAMED NORTHEAST CONFERENCE OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK Somerset, N.J. – University at Albany’s Gary Jones has been chosen as the Northeast Conference Offensive Player of the Week for his performance in last Saturday’s 42-7 victory over Sacred Heart on Monday, Sept. 29. Jones, a senior tailback, keyed a record-breaking running attack by carrying 24 times for a season-high 162 yards and one touchdown. Albany’s 404 rushing yards established a new NEC single-game mark, as Jones cracked the 100-yard plateau for the ninth time in his last 11 games dating back to last season. Jones, the 2002 NEC Offensive Player of the Year, moved into fourth place on the school’s career rushing touchdowns chart (25) with a 21-yard scamper in the first quarter to give the Great Danes a 14-0 edge. He also climbed to eighth on the school list in career rushing yards (1,884), ninth in all-purpose yards (2,363) and into a tie for fourth in scoring with 156 points.
  10. Thanks for the help guys. I guess it is the "Big Fushia Fans" site. I wish now I would have put more thought into it when I set up the site. I actually got the color from the Dunking Dane at the top of the board. It never occured to me to check the UA website for the color. I used it in some of the graphics as well as some of the board preferences so it will take me a while to change it.
  11. Todd Cetnar has a new team in England. It sounds like they love him over there as he lead his last team to a league championship. A good write-up for those who remember watching him play. Sutton Pumas Basketball Leader Herald Story Cetnar Fan Page
  12. Couple of things that have surprised me so far this season: -Kicking game. I though with Pike graduating our punting would suffer. Zylinski has done a great job, one of the top punters in the conference. -Rohan Vidal. Much different type of back than Jones or George. Speedy and elusive rather than run through guys. Probably see alot more of him next year. -QB. I knew they would struggle but I didn't think this much. On the bright side Delgado is just a sophmore so he has time. I liked the way he sprinted down field on Saturday to throw a block for Jones. -Monmouth. When the schedule came out I looked at the homecoming game vs. Stony Brook as the one that would decide the conference. It looks like the week before against Monmouth may be more important to determining the conference champ. -Paving the road. Who's the rocket scientist who decided to repave the parking lot while people were arriving for the football game? -The "First Down" guy. The guy started that "First Down......Albany" last year then this year the announcer stole it on him. I see he even brought a megaphone with him this year.
  13. Kind of a gloomy synopsis for a 42-7 win in which the school 1AA record for rushing was set. On the bright side it was sunny, the concession stands had plenty of hot dogs and both Stony Brook and $iena lost. The rushing game was absolutelty dominiant as was the defense. Sacred Heart had something like 41 rushes for 65 yards. We had over 400 yards on the ground. Yes, the passing game didn't look good. Sciarra (other than his TD run) didn't look good at all. I thought Delgado looked much better the few times he threw. He had two sure touchdowns dropped by his recievers. We wouldn't be the first college football team to win by rushing and not having a prolific passing attack (See Nebraska). The coaches (the fans either for that matter) don't determine what conference we play in. They just try and assemble the players to win their confernce. Coach Ford has done that the past two years. Pardon us for going out and enjoying the games.
  14. I'll lose the AE link. I'm not sure what you mean about the type. It appears to be flush left.
  15. I'm surprised they didn't post a story about the roster being released. Roster We've talked about Courtney Johnson before. As Patch mentioned Marvin Cheese comes in as a soph. I don't know about the level of play where he was but here are his Stats
  16. Yes it is the official Siena Sucks icon. I had you and Dane 96 in mind when I made it. I can turn it into an avatar and send it to you if you'd like to use it all the time. I'm glad to see all the usual suspects registered and some new folks too. Haven't seen Czar on the board but hopefully he'll turn up. There are a few changes I still have to make, like the text appearing faded (UAlum72 pointed this out, it's not your eyes) on some of the headers. You'll probably notice some changes in the coming week. I think one thing it takes some time getting used to is having so much stuff on the main index. I'll try and weed some stuff out if it doesn't get used. I'm not sure about removing the links since I know I use them alot. If anyone has any suggestions by all means let me know.
  17. Those are some really good walk-ons Patch. I was kind of surprised when Iati's injury was announced that Brown seemed so willing to red-shirt him. I guess with those two guys coming in we should have more guard depth that I would have thought. If those guys are the walk-ons for this year I can't wait to see next years recruits.
  18. You're right that was who I was thinking of. Nice avatar by the way.
  19. Indiana State has a very nice website though they had a tough season last year(7-24).Indiana State
  20. I think Voelker, McElroy and company can run every promotion possible and it may cause a spike in attendence but it won't bring it up permently. The key to increased attendence will be winning and I don't think it's much of a secret. Just look at Bing U and Quinipiac. Both had good years last year and their fans not only turned out for their home games but there were actually students from both schools at Albany. I've been to several road games and the only time I've seen Albany students at a road game was our first year in D1 when we were on a winning streak. With Brown at the helm we should be winning in a few years. The fans will follow.
  21. Wasn't one of our incoming freshman QB drafted by MLB out of high school? He was from Buffalo I'm pretty sure. Didn't see much of Delgado last week but he was supposed to be the better runner (I thought). I'll be happy with whoever can take the handoff and give it to Jones without fumbling. Felt bad for Sciarra last week. He talked about control turnovers all week then went out and committed four. Hopefully his confidence isn't shot.
  22. Sacred Heart has demonstrated the benefits of a lite schedule. Sure they're 3-0 but they've played CCSU, St. Francis and St. Peters. They just barely beat CCSU last week. Somehow this qualifies them for #2 in the mid-major poll?
  23. Welcome to the new board! You can register at the top left hand side of the main index. They're are a couple of new features on this board you may be wondering about. -The first is avatars. After you set up your membership go to the top where it says "my controls". There you'll find information about your avatar and other account information. You can link from another website, choose one from the gallery(which I'll be updating) or upload one from your computer. -Creating a link is much easier now. Just copy the URL from the site you want the link to go to, click on the "http://" button above and paste the url into that. It's that easy. The same goes with images. I'm aware there are a few things that need tweeking. One is the text over the colored backgrounds. I will be fixing those and a couple of other things in the next couple of weeks, please be patient. I also have some more content to put in the "Danes History" and "Road Dogs" sections. If any of you have any stuff you want in there just post it under "Road Trips" or email it to me. Enjoy the Board!
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