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  1. I heard that next year DK and Cr. Benson have opted for simply "MENTAL!".
  2. I get what you were saying. That part is good. What's not good is that a head coach 5 games into his tenure might have slapped a kid to get him to play angry. Also, here's my ax to grind: He is a Benson hire. Benson is outmatched and outclassed at his job. He sets the culture of the program and performance is down while scandals and lawsuits are up. He is unfit to be an athletic director...there is more to the job than fundraising. You, however? I like your analysis.
  3. Are there any suggestions you could give to the head coach to help the team play with more anger? 😬
  4. Very well done indeed. FYI, I have always considered him Gutless Gattuso because of his aversion to risk in his play calling and his complete avoidance of shouldering any of the blame for his failures. On a physical level Gutless is definitely not the most appropriate descriptor. Benson and cretin just seem to go together like peas and carrots.
  5. Will spend the entire winter break running from Gutless Gattuso and the cretin Benson.
  6. Just once, I'd like to see him say-- "Sorry I lost so often and set the program back. I'm quitting, taking my losing ass out of Albany, and I'm taking the clueless, uninvested cretin Benson with me. ". Just once....
  7. Sitting outside on a fall day watching football used to be such a fun afternoon.
  8. I don't know about you but even if they pulled off the win I wouldn't be shouting from the rooftop about the nailbiter win over Fordham. Expectations for these programs need to be raised across the board.
  9. When you have one clueless and disengaged loser (Benson) extending another clueless and disengaged loser (Gattuso) expect more misery than success. I still chuckle at my previous belief that the new stadium would grow the program. But the tone at the top is toxic and the department continues to regress.
  10. Makes sense. With the program being led by GG and Benson the punter is BY FAR the most important player on the team.
  11. This is not in response to the announcement of this game (frankly, I find it to be very humorous), but all revenues for this game should go directly to the buyout fund for both Benson and Gattuso.
  12. I know you don't want the negativity, but we know the team is definitely going to be kicking the ball next year.
  13. Kerr-Ooty? Doh-Liss? Oy they, those really aren't difficult names to pronounce.
  14. Here's something that I would like to believe about myself: That if I worked somewhere and I was seriously under-performing, and they told me to fire my best friend while signing me to a multi-year extension, that I would realize that it was too uncomfortable to stay. But, hey, maybe the cost of GG'S loyalty is only an extra million. I'm proud to NOT call him a friend. 🤣😂
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