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  1. This is not in response to the announcement of this game (frankly, I find it to be very humorous), but all revenues for this game should go directly to the buyout fund for both Benson and Gattuso.
  2. I know you don't want the negativity, but we know the team is definitely going to be kicking the ball next year.
  3. Kerr-Ooty? Doh-Liss? Oy they, those really aren't difficult names to pronounce.
  4. Here's something that I would like to believe about myself: That if I worked somewhere and I was seriously under-performing, and they told me to fire my best friend while signing me to a multi-year extension, that I would realize that it was too uncomfortable to stay. But, hey, maybe the cost of GG'S loyalty is only an extra million. I'm proud to NOT call him a friend. 🤣😂
  5. I was actually going to ask where I should go for good football. Syracuse?... at least the opponents will be good. Army?... great stadium but no personal connection. Boston College?... I have reservations for personal reasons. UConn? UMass? Dregs. Maybe I'll stick to other things.
  6. But according to GG' himself, he has ALMOST succeeded in doing his job. (Always cites the close LOSSES.) Isn't that enough? 🤣😂🤣
  7. Maybe Benson's skillset is limited to fundraising, and personnel management is outside of his capabilities. Come to think of it, though, his fundraising hasn't been too noticeable since leaving ODU. I never have an idea what he is thinking. Has he ever held a presser? The last big announcement was at the football game a few years ago where he asked us to stay in our seats at halftime for a HUGE announcement... that turned out to be getting a new vendor for the uniforms. Holy hell. 😂🤣
  8. Sigh. I love DK's energy but he has to start feeding us some injury reports.
  9. Neely with 11 points and 14!?!? rebounds? In 23 minutes? Zoinks.
  10. I don't think he realizes that the ball is supposed to go through the hoop and that you don't just get credit for hitting the backboard.
  11. I heard that JUC was upset that GG wouldn't let him take a BM at halftime of the UNH game. But guess what I really know about the reason behind his personal decision? Nothing... which is why I'm not here telling stories.
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