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  1. For me seeing it was like an early scene from the movie Major League where they were looking through the owner's roster request and one meeting participant replied: "I've never heard of half of these guys."
  2. Do you think GG took the short life expectancy of the Great Dane breed into consideration when he got him?
  3. This link shows a composite listing of all the men's lacrosse commits: http://www.connectlax.com/collegeteam/male-d1-at-suny_at_albany 11 for 2016. 11 for 2017. 6 for 2018. Looks to be pretty thorough but it doesn't list Nanticoke for 2017 or Zane Sands (D) for 2018.
  4. One more thing to get a little excited about in the football pre-season: Last year's Defensive Coordinator for the University of Maryland Terrapins, Keith Dudzinski, has been added to the coaching staff. His son Jack is a 6'4", 250 pound redshirt sophomore DL on the UA team. Still would have liked to have seen a change at OC, but this still seems good!
  5. 2015: Buffalo 2016: Buffalo 2017: Old Dominion 2018: Pittsburgh 2019: Central Michigan (The Chippewas!) All confirmed by GG.
  6. One more transfer to announce: Nick Dillon, DL. Played a few games at Eastern Michigan last year as an incoming freshman but decided it wasn't the place for him. At 6'2", 273, I hope Albany is the place for him!
  7. One potential bright spot: Looks like Gattuso got Abner Logan, a Maryland transfer, to come in and play his graduate year here. Guy was rated in the top 25 ILBs coming out of high school. Of course I was also excited about the potential of the Madaras boys a couple of years ago but neither one played a down as a Great Dane, and both are gone.
  8. I too was hoping the invite to the CAA would generate some fireworks a little earlier. I just watched the videos for the CAA Pre-Season Offensive and Defensive teams and the only time UA appeared was when they were on the opposite side of the field.
  9. FYI: It looks like our most active member got himself upgraded to gold seats for football this year....I say the drawing was rigged...
  10. New picture of the team on Twitter. 13 players now. I think I can confirm 10 players: 1) Bose 2) Jessica F. 3) TJC 4) Hixson 5) Schecter (new frosh center) 6) Forster 7) Tate 8) Hernandez 9) Stokes (new frosh guard) 10) Trpcic (new frosh guard) There are three players I don't recognize, but none of them look like Zakiya or Edwards. No offense to Cassie, but losing "Z" would be a big loss...if she is in fact gone. And BTW, Tate looks JACKED this year...
  11. Maybe they are just waiting for the new UA athletics website!?!?!? Anyhow, the roster: 11: Ended last season. 10: (-1) Richards 9: (-1) Coughlin 9: (No Change) Hilaire no longer coming. 10: (+1) Schecter 11: (+1) Stokes 12: (+1) Trpcic Twitter accounts for the team (UAlbany WBB) and the coach (CoachMcNamee) confirm.
  12. Grace Claxton with a 55.90 in the 400m hurdles today. Qualifies for the Rio Olympics for Puerto Rico. 30th fastest time in the world so far this year: http://www.iaaf.org/records/toplists/hurdles/400-metres-hurdles/outdoor/women/senior/2016
  13. Today Claxton broke the school record in the 400m, running in 52.81. 3rd school record in 6 days...she might single-handedly take 20 points in this weekend's AE T&F Championships.
  14. I know your intentions are good; I am just happy for your co-workers that UA doesn't have D1 hockey, or you might never not wear UA. Of course, the club team would probably sell you one...
  15. Man wants to spend his money on a jersey that supports the school. I don't know if that would be complaining there. Agree. There are some ridiculous complaints on here but this one is not one of them. I took MsGDG's comment to be more tongue-in-cheek, but whatevs! Besides, how many freaking shirts does Ilko/Ilya/Eli need? His bedroom probably looks like the UAlbany bookstore...without the books!
  16. There were 3 rounds in the draft. ESPN had a list of Top Prospects left on the draft board on the bottom of the screen that was constantly updating as picks were made. After the second round ended she was the #1 player on that list throughout the whole third round. Maybe because she didn't have big games against the better teams in the 2 games in the tourney it hurt her? Maybe the workout for the team didn't go well? Who knows. It just stinks. My take: Under-sized 4. Not enough range as a 3. Someone will be signing a very good free agent.
  17. Enough bricks to build a new arena, though.
  18. Just as an FYI, women's basketball recruit Kaela Hilaire was up at Hudson Valley Community College tonight playing in the Class A state semifinals. She is averaging over 30 points a game and around 8 assists for the season, and scored 26 tonight in a win. Her team faces Jamesville-DeWitt in the final at HVCC tomorrow (Saturday) night at 7PM. She is a highly regarded recruit that didn't get major attention in part due to her size, but she will likely contribute immediately next year at UA. In December she got some national attention for crossing over on her opponent (making them look bad in the process), before draining a 3 pointer: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2602573-hs-baller-puts-opponent-on-skates-steps-back-drains-3
  19. Fudge muffin...I was really hoping they could avoid Maine...a very well coached team.
  20. One of the best coached and well played games I have seen in a while (officiating not withstanding.) Good ball distribution and balanced scoring on offense. Well executed double teams and rotations on defense. An impressive display of team basketball. There was no tentativeness tonight. Well done.
  21. BU band doing a brass rendition of Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name Of".
  22. Yeah they said some company bought the tickets and is giving them out for free. One way to fill a place. Extra $5 for chairbacks.... Unsurprisingly I told them to "stick it".
  23. In the house... And I figured out how their attendance is always decent: When in line to buy tickets I was handed two vouchers for free tickets. BTW, Richards looks even worse in person.
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