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  1. Per the blog:


    "Brown said Connelly was diagnosed with diabetes six months ago, although his condition has not been public knowledge until now. UAlbany sports information director Brian DePasquale said Connelly has type 2 diabetes, which is less serious than type 1. Adam Morrison of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats is a type 1 diabetic."




    Unfortunate for Brian. Let's hope he can monitor it carefully and enjoy continued success.

  2. Brown upset despite win...says team lacks killer instinct right now...Connolly had iv before game (first that time he has ever had to do that)...Jamar Wilson has ankle sprain, but should be ok...Brent Wilson first career double-double


    The second half of this game was beginning to look like the second half of the Brown game (with similar uniforms), but it ended up being a little less contested. So, yes, somebody needs to take charge to finish the game.


    As for some observations:


    Lillis: As much as I respect his game, he continually gets trapped by the double team late in games and either calls a time-out or commits a turnover. He has to get more confidence at the end of the game. Also, he needs to stop passing on open shots, as there are hungry people on the bench.


    Jamar: Best player on the team, but there are still too many times when he tries to create something when it is not there. Sometimes a nice kick-out pass is nice.


    Siggers: Streaky scorer, but little else to criticize.


    Connelly: Looks a little better every game. How about a starting backcourt of Jamar and Siggers, and a front-court of Brent, Gifford, and Connelly? Just a thought, but it would be a great way to reward Connelly's development and determination.


    Brent: Turning into a very solid all-around player. Any chance he gets POY consideration next year?


    Gifford: Wasn't on the court long enough to make an impact as a result of early fouls, but he needs to grab those boards.


    Iati: Needs to find his shot soon, or he will lose more and more playing time to Ross and Reid. I know many on the board are pulling for him.


    Ross: Finally, another Carl Ross sighting, but with a very short leash. He comes in, grabs some boards, makes a basket, nearly makes another, forces a steal, but after one bad play where he throws a bad pass and commits the foul on the resulting shot, he gets yanked. It seems that Carl Ross is the recipient of the most tough love on the team, and I hope he sticks with it, as the ability is there. Maybe he can think about his game approach while he practices his free throws all week, because I do not think I have ever seen him make a shot from the charity stripe.


    Covington: I'll leave observations to others as I rarely notice anything there.


    Just some observations from a casual fan....Anybody up for an Ithaca trip?

  3. Along the lines of those gimmicky ratings, I was tooling around Pomeroy's site, and I just now realized that he predicts scores for the rest of the season, with each teams chances of winning:




    For tomorrow, he predicts that UAlbany will have a 95% chance of winning and that the final score will be 76-58.

    I would be interested in seeing what kind of program he is using to update his site daily, as there is a lot of 'information' there.


    Anyways, it should be fun to look at when (hopefully) UAlbany reels off 10 or 12 straight wins.

  4. RPI doesn't mean squat. It is a garbage mathematical formula especially this early in the season.

    Bonnies are ranked 322 by Sagarin and 314 by Pomeroy.

    Both of which are more reliable than the RPI.

    Even with there below 300 ranking, UA still has to play a good game to get the win.


    While the RPI system does contain flaws, the NCAA selection committee still does not openly refer to it as 'garbage', so it is still interesting to follow.

    And while I agree that the Bonnies will play tougher than this questionable predictor would suggest, and that the number is likely to increase before the end of the season, I still find it interesting that an A10 program is rated that low. Also, a loss to such a low ranked team, although early in the season, would not be the best thing for the team's profile come the end of the season.

  5. I guessing everybody listened to the game. Siggers took over in the second half exactly when they needed it. Great win for this teams confidence.



    Good game (for you) to catch in person, and it seemed as though a good portion of the 312 in attendance were rooting for Albany.


    SI's recap:


    BOSTON (AP) - Brent Wilson and Jamar Wilson scored 20 points each as Albany overcame a 13-point deficit in the second half and beat Harvard 79-76 on Tuesday night.


    Jim Goffredo scored 20 for Harvard (5-4), which ended a four-game winning streak. The Crimson committed 15 turnovers that resulted in 17 points. Jason Siggers added 17 points for Albany (4-4). For Harvard, Evan Harris scored 15 points and Brian Cusworth had 12 points with seven rebounds.


    Albany, led by Jamar Wilson 's nine rebounds, held a 40-31 lead off the backboards and sank 17 of 31 shots in the second half after shooting poorly in the first half.


    Harvard led 33-31 at halftime and 72-69 on Cusworth's basket with 2:49 remaining. Then Wilson scored six points, four on free throws, in a 9-2 run by the Great Danes that put them ahead 78-74 with 46 seconds left.


    The Crimson had taken their biggest lead with an 11-1 surge early in the second half that made it 51-38 with 14:11 to play. Goffredo scored five points in that stretch. But Albany's 13-4 run tied the game at 65 with 7:09 to go. Consecutive three-pointers by Siggers and Brent Wilson sparked that comeback.

  6. From game notes:

    COMEBACK WINS: The Great Danes came from 12 points down at the intermission to defeat Bucknell in the opener, and overcame their largest halftime deficit at the Division I level. Albany has rallied from a double-digit deficit during the second

    half on six occasions as a Division I program.

    UAlbany's Division I Second-Half Comebacks

    Dec. 2, 2000 Harvard (82-78) ... trailed 62-51 with 13:36 remaining ...

    Jan. 6, 2001 Elon (69-68) ... trailed 47-33 with 15:58 to play ...

    Dec. 23, 2001 Robert Morris (61-58) ... trailed 44-32 with 13:28 left ...

    Feb. 3, 2001 Army (88-86, 2OT) ... trailed 52-40 with 18:22 to play ...

    Jan. 12, 2005 Binghamton (68-62) ... trailed 48-34 with 13:46 left ...

    Jan. 28, 2006 Binghamton (51-50) ... trailed 46-33 with 5:50 remaining ...


    BTW was the Fox broadcast an awful connection, or was it because I'm on vacation and had to use a dial-up?



    Nicely done, UAalum72, as I tried but couldn't locate any copies myself. I guess before the Bonnies game they are going to have to remember to update that part of the hand-out.


    Also, the boxscore is up:




    Get rid of Connelly, and the starting five had all the points. Certainly there is a comment in there somewhere, right?

  7. If you are into Hot Dogs there are a few decent places as well, however a 1 hour trek north to Flo's is totally worth the trip (next to Kittery Trading Post...and another in York, ME).  In fact, we made a Flo's trip on the way back from the Siena game.


    My favorite's in the Albany area are Gus's and a bit up north in Glen's Falls, MIKES, known among the regulars as getting a "Dirty Dog" (two on one, three on one, three on two, or five on three).



    I love the dogs, but I have found their availability in Boston to be quite disappointing. In fact, when I asked one employee at Stop and Shop if they sold meat sauce for hot dogs, I was told "We don't do that out here." So, I used to pick up Hot Dog Charlie's sauce on my trips to New York.


    I am hopng that your dog suggestions do not involve 'Junkyard Dogs' in Brighton.


    Also, one of these days you will have to explain to me how a trip from Albany back to Boston ends up cutting through Kittery, Maine. I saw you posted it earlier, and I was going to give you a hard time, but I exercised restraint.

  8. The next time I am in Boston I will take the Dane96 challenge, and try the top 4 in order.


    It must be noted, however, that I have brought many parties to Regina's, and have had strong reviews. One accomplice called me the next day referencing his nocturnal emissions from dreaming about the pizza. I tried to understand, but I think he may have had an extremely powerful reaction.


    As for the Eagle's menu, the one in the post is from a couple of years ago, and I cannot announce with certainty any of the changes, as I ordered the same thing every time I was in the place (with the exception of the one experiment with the Mega Burger.)

  9. The University of Iowa has to be a definite as a result of the 'Jennie Lillis Connection.'  I am certain that a lot of the Iowan fans have fond memories of her play.






    I thoufhr ahw was the BTen player of the year...right?! Is that her final "profile"? In any event...she was damn good.



    Dane96, I also thoufhr ahw was the BTen player of the year, but that biography did not mention it. Maybe I will look for it later...

  10. Link to the menu (Definitely worth a glance as the Eagle's Deli was once voted the #2 place in the country to 'pig out'.)




    I have conquered Godzilla (one pound of each) about ten times, but the step-up to the Mega Burger was too much to handle.


    I do like that they throw in unlimited fountain soda if you order at least the two pounder.


    As for the Chillerama (5 and 5), I think the closest anyone ever came was eating the five pound burger and 3 pounds of his fries (at the B.C. Challenge, and I believe it was a Northeastern kid.)


    As for pizza, I will always take the Giambotta at the original Pizzeria Regina's in the North End.


    As for driving to Cleveland Circle, I certainly would not want to offer the directions.


    As for the tourney, I say we have an Eagle's Deli UAlbany burger eating contest. I will be in shape if it does transpose, but I fear there is a sleeper somewhere on this board.

  11. I definitely have to agree with Charlie's kitchen. I like the fact that their double cheeseburgers are two separate cheeseburgers.


    Also, John Harvard's is excellent for its brew, and if you time it right in the week you can face off against the Harvard boys in bar trivia. The last time we went we were one 'Dolly Madison' answer from beating the big boys before we slinked back to Quincy to continue our domination.


    For the best burger in Boston, however, you have to go to Eagle's Deli in Cleveland Circle (by Boston College.) Eat a one pound burger with one pound of fries and get your picture on the wall with your choice of caption (I'm on the back wall.) The only problem is that without a working knowledge of the streets, you will get lost coming from Cambridge, but I miss that place terribly.

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