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  1. It's good to finally know the answer. I thought it would be something brown as a result of his surname, but I was wrong.

    It looks like I know what I will be getting my nephews for Christmas this year: Vintage Will Browns on a Stick. EBay doesn't have any now, but hopefully they will before the holidays.

  2. The Times-Union stories state that Carl Ross was sat for the Brown game because he was being a "little bit overaggressive."


    The same report claims that Reid Anderson earned his playing time through practice, with the following quote:

    "Reid's hungry. He's bringing it every day in practice, and until our guys on the bench force me to play them, I'm going to go with the guys who play the hardest," Brown said. "For a young kid to get thrown to the wolves right away who hasn't played a whole lot, I was just hoping he wasn't going to pass out when I called his name."


    It looks like Carl Ross has the desire, but he must be treading a fine line with the coaching staff regarding energy and contribution. This is one of the story lines that should be interesting to watch during the season.

  3. An article about yesterday's game appeared in the Times Union today:




    The article states that Brown (the coach) no longer wants to play Brown (the college) because of the way it plays the game. I kept looking for the usual this-is-a-joke continuation usually made by Brown (the coach), but it didn't appear.


    That sentiment was exactly my feeling, however, because the game seemed to be more a hack'n'sack ploy by our opponent. Brown got almost 30% of its points from the foul line (They shot 15 for 19), but its overly aggressive play did not convert into free throw opportunities by the Danes who shot only only 5 times, despite the constant mugging by the Brown players.


    I know Brown used the system to its advantage, but to me it defeats the real purpose of the game. Thank goodness, Brown shot poorly from the field. I'm glad we won our game, but I'll bet Providence will be reluctant to schedule Brown again as well.



    I thought that the Brown team was much more 'active' while the VCU team was much more physical.


    It seemed UAlbany was shooting free throws the entire VCU game, and VCU ended the game with 17 fouls.


    It seemed the Brown game was a series of presses, traps, and turn-overs (and media time-outs) and that fouls were not such a part of the game plan; Brown ended with 13 fouls.


    I am of the belief that if the VCU game was closer that the play would have become even more physical, and the foul totals would have increased.


    ....Or maybe I was just in a more 'foul' mood while watching the VCU game.

  4. Not a work of art but great to get the win. First guy off the bench was... Reid Anderson? I thought he played pretty well for his first extended minutes. Didn't realize Jamar had a double - double today 11 boards and 10 assists.


    Crowd was pretty quiet today I thought.



    I think it is an understatement to say that today's game was not pretty, but it is nice to see the team put one in the 'W' column. As for Brown, their press was effective, but their unforms were horrendous. Maybe the team would play with better results if they didn't look like a bunch of Mr. Hanky's (Singing turd from South Park) running around the court.


    Also, can I please have a Carl Ross sighting? Right when I thought Carl would be the first player off the bench, it is Reid Anderson. I think I will get a 'Free Carl Ross' tee-shirt printed for Saturday's game.

  5. I KNOW!!! Once I posted it I can't go back and change it.  Obviously I didn't realize that the answers don't really relate to the question all that well.  But once a poll is posted you can't edit it.  It's driving me crazy, and makes me look like an uneducated foreigner.   :P If anyone knows how to change a poll please let me know.



    Dude, it is all right...I voted yes, I mean 'tie'.

  6. The paper may have got it wrong. I have to say by checking out their message board on the CAA site they have been pretty complimentary to us. I can only imagine how full of ourselves we would be if we had just blown out a Conference USA team like they just did.



    I'm very afraid of this game. I believe they are better this year than last. I thought a coaching change might help us out this year, in addition to the home court advantage. The new coach, who knows us well from early last year, may be the biggest ingredient to their unexpected level of success this year. Revenge might be an important factor for us in tonight's match after last year's close loss, but it could be even more important to them as they might have felt somewhat embarrassed by our performance on their court.



    Their new coach didn't have the chance to see Lillis, a developed Siggers, or Gifford (assuming he plays.) Or course, likewise, UAlbany did not have the opportunity to see certain things on the VCU team.

    I am hoping that will make some sort of difference, but tonight's VCU game looks to be very tough.

  7. Gazette UAlbany notes today focuses on Gifford. Will says “Unfortunately, he’s not a mean kid.” He’s lost 30 pounds, down to 245, and we’ve got to build him up again. He wasn’t recruited much because his AAU team wasn’t very good and they always got knocked out in the first round of tournaments. His conditioning needs improvement, and he needs to play better low-post defense, and keep his hands off the offensive player to avoid silly fouls.



    Not a very endearing synopsis, even if it is accurate.

    I think this board should form some sort of vigilante squad that has the sole purpose of toughening up Mr. Gifford. It may be for the greater social good.

  8. That line is very scary.  Looks like Iati's line for this season, lol.



    I didn't want to go there because Iati has meant a lot to his team over the years, but he does seem to be having some trouble finding his shot this season. I hope he gets better soon, because I think he is one of the most respected players on the team.

  9. I like the 'wait 24 hour idea. Returning home late last night after traveling 1200 miles for the game - I've waited in excess.



    From Singelais's Blog:


    Having a day to digest it didn’t make UAlbany coach Will Brown feel any better about his team’s 76-75 double-overtime loss to crosstown rival Siena on Saturday.


    ‘’I don’t think there’s any reason to feel better,'’ Brown said Sunday while watching the UAlbany-Army women’s game. ‘’It was a game of lost opportunities. We had the game in the palm of our hands and we let it slip right through. Games like that come down to little things: execution, free throws. That was the biggest thing, the free throws.'’

  10. I needed to ditstract myself from all the Siena postings, so my question is:


    With the game on the line, which UAlbany player do/did you like to see have the last shot, for either a mid-range jumper, or a three ball?


    I know Jamar will get many of the looks nowadays, and deservedly so, but is there anybody else you would feel confident with the ball in their hands?


    This post isn't meant to bash any of the old or current players. Rather, I wanted the answer from the fan's perspective.


    Also, free throws can be considered.

  11. Some of the basketball sites claimed that the loss of their good, young coach, Jeff Capel, would be the most difficult thing for VCU to overcome.

    It looks like they have found a way to not only survive, but also to flourish.

    It will be a tough game to win, but Gifford will go for 25 points and 15 rebounds, Lillis will begin looking for his shot, and Carl Ross will have 17 steals.



  12. I think I knew this but:




    Is traveling allowed when trying to inbound the ball?

    There are two situations where an in bounder may travel when trying to inbound the ball. Basketball rules states that after a made basket, the inbounder may run the baseline as they look for a teammate to pass the ball to. The inbounder can run the baseline after a timeout if the timeout was taken after a made basket. The second situation is an out of bounds play other than after a made basket. Once the referee hands the ball to the in bounder, the player must stay within a three-foot area of the place they were given the ball. The in bounder may move both feet, but once they move beyond the three foot area, it becomes a violation.

  13. Wait...Haggyland...that WAS A TRAVELLING CALL ON THE BASELINE?!  We thought it was stepping over the line.  We couldnt hear or see the call.


    BTW, I agree with Statefan...we didnt do enough to win that game.  He actually came down to talk to me at one point where we were both distraught by some of the action towards the end of the game.



    From the T-U:

    "Siena missed two chances to win at the end of regulation. With 6.5 seconds left, the Saints ran an inbounds play to Michael Haddix; he was called for an offensive foul and fouled out. But after UAlbany's Brian Lillis mistakenly ran the baseline on the ensuing possession, resulting in a traveling violation, Siena got the ball back with 1.6 seconds to play. This time, Hasbrouck missed a jumper."


    At the time, I thought he stepped on the line also. It was a crucial tiem for such a mistake. Anyone know all the rules on those plays?....

  14. My self-imposed rule is to wait at least 24 hours after being pissed off before posting.



    Statefan, I like your idea of self-imposed 24 hour exile after a game like Saturday's. I think I will give myself another 24 hours to contemplate things because:


    1.) I can still hear the voices of the Siena fans on South Pearl Street after the game saying they cannot believe how many times they thought Siena was going to lose, while I stood there, bitter, thinking that they should have.


    2.) When message board members from the opposing team show up on the losing team's boards and talk about how great of a game it was, and how we should just accept the fate that the team lost, I still think the intent is questionable. There is obviously going to be some residual emotions after a close and intense game like Saturday's, and by showing up and reminding people how to behave, I cannot imagine the reaction if the situation was reversed.


    3.) I am still focused on what I perceived as tight officiating in the latter stages of the game, when I should also be focusing on things the team could control itself (free throws, traveling on the base line, turnovers.) From my vantage point some of the late calls appered biased, but I am swayed by the purple and gold myself, and I realize both teams had chances to win the game.


    4.) The crowd enthusiasm on the Loudonville denizens only appeared intense towards the end of the game, when the outcome was nearly determined. I felt like I was in an arena where fan loyalty is directly tied to success, but again, I could just be seeing what I want to.


    So, I guess I will give it 24 more hours to see if my perspective has changed, but right now I think fans of both teams should be concerned with their own ballclubs, and I think Wednesday against VCU will be a good, tough match-up.



  15. While tonights game was extermely exciting, am I the only one openly pissed off that we lost this game?  There are a lot of reasons we lost this game, and to name a few:

    1- the officiating of the game was exteremely onesided, I even saw Coach throw is hands in the air a few times

    2- our perimiter defense was horrific

    3- Siena shot the lights out, if they shoot this well all season they go undefeated

    4- Our outside shooting was horrible






    Mentioning the officiating, when your 90% FT shooting PG bricks two in the final minute, is low rent. Haddix only played 20 out of 50 minutes and didn't play in overtime - you may want to take stock of what UAlbany did wrong instead of looking to the officials.


    "Siena shot lights out" - really? 43% from the field, and 35% from the three-point line. Rather pedestrian - and that is being nice.



    Very sour grapes. Next time I will wait before I say anything, but it was a good game.

  16. I am heading down to Albany soon and I hope to linger in the parking lot by Doc McGillicutty's??? until around 5PM where it is off to the Hill Street Tavern (Siena bar?) until 6ish, then to Broadway Joes, then to game.


    After the game, straight to the Albany Pump Station for a hand-crafted cask-conditioned ale.


    I am curious where everybody else is planning on going, as it would be nice to see some UAlbany supporters.


    As for the post-game, come to the Pump Station for a finely crafted ale, and here's to hoping it is in celebration of a victory.




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