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  1. I submitted..



    UAlbany 73 - Siena 64 ... total points 38.



    Nicely done, GODANESGO. Now the only problem is finding the logisitcs of determining a winner out of a contest with an open format, but I will figure something out.


    As for the 'prize', do you want a nominal contribution to a UAlbany slush fund to be used at the winner's discretion, or do you want to stay with the ale of choice?


    As for the rest of you, I can make up a nice little spreadsheet with everybody's picks, and we can go from there. Also, the first three have picked UAlbany, so if you want to hedge (and lose your credibility), take the other team...

  2. Yeah i know, some televangilist said the purple tele-tubby was gay; the team wears black and gold uniforms; the bookstore sells blue UAlbany sweatshirts, yada, yada ,yada.  Let our players see that a good share of those 12000 people in the Arena are pulling for them.



    It's one thing for Jerry Fartwell to pick on toddlers, but he better not come to the game and preach to me about wearing purple.

  3. Per the AE Web-site.


    Albany men picked to finish first:




    Albany women picked to finish second behind BU:




    With a Winter surge the Commissioner's Cup could be UAlbany's.


    Standings after the Fall:



  4. I think Brown had a good point there about UConn. I remember when we inbounded the ball with 4.something seconds left in the GAME, UConn was playing a full court defense and was still all over Iati was he received the inbound.



    Calhoun was acting similarly tonight when UConn was pounding Sacred Heart. Up by forty, he was still pressing for more. He may be a Hall of Fame coach but he may not be a graceful winner.

  5. Sorry for posting too many topics, but Coach Brown was interviewed on 980Am today, and if you did not have the chance to listen, he made a couple of interesting statements.


    Regarding UConn, he mentioned how Calhoun may have been trying to send a message in this past week's game, in response to the media trying to rekindle the excitement from the NCAA Tournament game. Coach Brown mentioned how with three minutes to go, and with a big lead, that UConn still had its starters in the game.


    Another interesting viewpoint regarded the Mid-Majors, and it would have made Bob87 proud. Coach Brown said that people are always trying to prove how superior of a conference the MAAC is compared to the AE, but in the end they are both one bid conferences. It is nice to see somebody guide the UAlbany team that has that type of confidence in the program and the conference.


    Good luck Saturday.

  6. I read the Times-Union today, and I saw that the paper is conducting a contest where a $100 gift card is given to somebody that accurately predicts the score of this Saturday's game. On the day of the game the Times-Union will print all of the predictions that it receives, and the tie-breaker will be the combined points of Haddix and Jamar.


    I think this is an interesting way to get the region involved, and I wanted to know if anyone is interested in a UAlbany community side-bet. If there is interest we could play for an ale of choice at the Across the Street Pub before the next home game, or something like that.


    For me:

    UAlbany 73

    Siena 66


    Haddix (14) + Jamar (22) = 36 combined points


    As for the Times-Union contest, hopefully a lot of UAlbany supporters will make their presence in the Capital Region shown.


    Of course, I would like to see how well Hofstra plays tonight before finalizing anything....

  7. well...I guess I waited to long as I just purchased some from UA PE building and recieved some 2nd level.  Still saved a few bucks though instead of buying at the Pepsi.  At least I will be with other winning fans UAlbany.  Section 206.


    Is Broadway Joes the pregame location and any word on Tshirts?



    Also bought my tickets today from the P.E. office....Section 206, Row S.


    I was a little disappointed that the Varsity Club did not have better knowledge of the ticket situation. I had asked them previously about five times for the ticket specifics, but they kept on delaying their answer as to when they thought they would have the correct answer. Finally I was told this Monday, and that I would not have to worry about tickets. Expecting bureaucratic delays, I waited until today to call, and I was told there were only two tickets left, that the tickets were not together, and that this was for the game and party package. So, I drove down to the ticket office, and hurriedly bought my duckets.


    It would seem that with the growing alumni connections that this process could have been less painful, but it will not dampen my enthusiasm for the game.


    Also, has anyone in the Varsity Club received their media guide yet? Keep the boosters happy!

  8. I know I've said this before but I would have liked to see Lillis shoot those shots when he was open. It seemed like several times he got open looks and passed on them. During most games it seems alright but against UConn they had to work very hard to get open looks and I hated to see him pass on them. Especially when I know he can make them.




    Nice call with Lillis, DanePound. First there was the qoute by him that said he would be looking to shoot more because there are a lot of hungry players on the bench. Next, he passes on a handful of open shots in the UConn game, when as mention, open shots were difficult to obtain. Even so, I still look for Lillis to continually improve all season, and hopefully average around 8-10ppg.


    As for other comments by other users, what does everybody think about the chances of or merit in Carl Ross being the first guard off the bench? Judging by some of Coach Brown's quotes, he is high on him, and in the Delaware game he always had his hands on the ball on defense, and nearly broke the backboard on that one odd-man rush.

    Any thoughts?

  9. Coach seemed more upset with the way we let Delaware get back into the game (kinda) then our team forgetting their game back in Albany on this trip. What gives?


    I think it's easier to publicly find faults after a 20 point win than to do so after a 20 point loss. I'm sure the kids are upset enough and I don't think that Brown wants to say anything publicly to make them feel worse or put any more pressure on them. I think you look at the film and use this as a teaching opportunity.





    I agree with everything you say here. I think the players are very upset with yesterday's performance. It really struck me last night how UNupset Brown seemed to be with his team during the game, but I am sure he was very frustrated.


    Brown said recently in an article with his Siena counterpart that it is counterproductive to see negative comments made about the team on message boards. I think the team's poor performance and the resulting self-analysis by the players is punishment enough.


    Let the players do whatever they have to do after such a game. In the meantime, it's time for us fans to move on. We will have other disappointing nights this season, but let's hope we have the same amount of pleasure and joy we experienced last year.



    Well said. It was an unexpected loss, but none of us played any minutes, so we cannot be too effected. Coach Brown is one of the better coaches in NCAA basketball, and this team will be ready to play at the end of the year. As for the line-up changes I mentioned, that was more speculation and observation than criticism (I hope).

  10. Yes, it wasn't much fun to watch.  Gifford did not play at all.  I'm not sure why.  Way too many turnovers.  Some are expected, but some were really bad ones.



    Pre-game show said that Gifford was nursing the flu for the past 24 hours, and I guess Coach Brown wanted to take it easy on him.


    Although it is early in the season, I think Connelly would make a good addition to the starting five, with Gifford being the next big-man substitute. Ross should be the first guard off the bench, followed by Knight, and then Iati. Of course, I have complete confidence that Coach Brown will have this team ready to compete every night.

  11. The Siggers, Jamar, Brent, Lillis, Connelly unit looked sharp in the Delaware game, and it would not surprise me in the least if that becomes the starting line-up at some point.  I would look for Ross and Gifford to be the first players off the bench, and for Covington, Iati, and Knight to become strong bench presences.


    Of course, my viewpoint from the stands has no merit, but it will be interesting to see how the season develops.



    With Gifford joining the starting five when conference play begins?

  12. Anyone expect to see Connelly break into the starting line-up tomorrow?



    The Siggers, Jamar, Brent, Lillis, Connelly unit looked sharp in the Delaware game, and it would not surprise me in the least if that becomes the starting line-up at some point. I would look for Ross and Gifford to be the first players off the bench, and for Covington, Iati, and Knight to become strong bench presences.


    Of course, my viewpoint from the stands has no merit, but it will be interesting to see how the season develops.

  13. sorry about the broadcast...i did my best...we were having problems with our volume today, but i made the best out of it. If you did listen in, I hope it was ok. Let me know what you all thought.



    I listened from home while watching NFL football. The volume was a little inconsistent, but it was nice to be able to listen to the game from the friendly confines of the living room. It would have been nice to have seen in person, but I did not want to push my luck with the little lady.


    Anyways, good job with the broadcast GreatDanes84, and congratulations to the VBall team....Good luck in the NCAAs.

  14. Gazette pregame story says the coaches are looking for Lillis to score more - "I'll have to shoot more. If I don't score, someone else will, and I won't play"



    It would be nice to see Lillis shoot more, but his hustle and intelliegence are just as important to the team. He could win the AE Defensive POY award, and he has a chance to be near the top of the steals list in the country.

  15. Binghamton, picked by Street and Smith's and the AE coaches to finish sixth in the conference, won on the road tonight at Niagara, a team that has been picked by some to finish second in the vaunted MAAC. Bingo's win was convincing, as they won both halves.


    Good news for the competitiveness of the AE conference, but possibly bad news for anybody hoping for a UAlbany cakewalk in schedule play.

  16. While I am aware that Mr. Lunardi's predictions are not to be taken as gospel, and that anything can happen in a long season (including the continued development of the UVM team), it is interesting to note that Lunardi has predicted the play-in game for the Great Danes....




    64. Albany: The Great Danes have three starters returning from the first NCAA Tournament team in school history, including 2006 America East Player of the Year Jamar Wilson. Albany also gave top-seeded UConn a scare in a first-round contest last March. This season, we think Albany will need to win an opening-round game to advance to the main bracket. With a solid win over Bucknell already in their pocket, these Danes are great (or at least good) enough to do just that.


    Hopefully with some quality OOC wins the RPI for the AE will improve, and a higher seed will be attainable. Then again, a win in the play-in game still counts as an NCAA Tournament win, right?

  17. He had offers from Fairfield and Davidson, but never get wrapped up in the recruiting wars due to his allegiance to UVM.  He was never going to get Top 25 offers, but he could easily be playing in the A-10.



    Since when are Fairfield and Davidson considered 'High-Major'? Fairfield is picked to finish last in the MAAC, and Davidson is near the bottom of the Southern Conference.

  18. After the replay on TW3 I took the opportunity to review the game tape, and Bob and Bob can be seen rooting for their team both after the interception return for the touchdown and immediately after UAlbany recovered the on-sides kick. It was nice to recognize some loyal faces in the crowd.


    As for self-promotion, my nephew and I can be prominently seen in the stands behind the eastern end zone after each kicking attempt.


    Good game, and it was nice to watch the replay of the game at home.

    Go Danes.

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