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  1. I'm also planning on attending my first ever field hockey game tomorrow night.  Anyone who knows the rules and wants to explain them could feel free to stop by Sutters before the game.  After all, it is chicken wing night.



    Statefan, while I know very little about field hockey, I am in the Albany area for some time, and I am interested in the game tonight.


    I will be going to Sutter's (as always, with my Taiwanese lady-friend in tow), and hopefully we can meet up.


    I will be on my very best behavior tonight.


  2. Agreed that it was a nice win.


    The original information was obtained through the Kent State web-site, which looks to be maintained carefully and very timely and efficient.


    As for the Kent State team, it looks like they were picked fourth in their conference:


    2006 Preseason Coaches Poll

    1. Miami

    2. Ohio

    3. Central Michigan

    4. Kent State

    5. Ball State

    6. Missouri State


    Not bad considering Miama (13) and Ohio (4) also received votes in the pre-season poll.


    Nice for the team to go to Ohio and win a game.

  3. With Wagner adding a Premium Turf Field, University Field is the only one in the NEC left with natural grass surface. Even though the crown keeps it in pretty good shape except during extremely heavy rain until late in the season, it can't be an advantage when kids are choosing a school.


    Wagner story with photo gallery



    speaking of University Field, does anyone know if any sketches or models have been produced for the football stadium? I hope the stands will wrap around the field whenever it's built.




    Athletics Plan 2010 has a blueprint up in the R.A.C.C. just past the box office on the right-hand side. There is no blueprint on the web as of now.

  4. The resurfacing of the wedding-BPG debate reminds me of my fate during the NCAA tournament. Like any Albany student, alum, or fan, I was very excited by the end of year run by the men’s basketball team. The season should have culminated in watching the game versus Connecticut with close friends, but it instead ended with a rehearsal dinner for a wedding in Detroit. To this day I am still not happy I missed the Danes’ efforts that night in Philadelphia.


    As an out of town guest to my friend’s wedding, I was invited to the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. With a rental car, I became responsible for taking my friends to the dinner, and opting out was not an option. Throughout the dinner my lady friend kept excitedly calling me to give me updates on the game. Finally, after the telephone calls reached a crescendo in the second half, and my table could tell I would go insane if I stayed at the dinner, I excused myself and drove the five miles to an Applebee’s. Being in Detroit, the second half of the Michigan State game was on, but I watched on the ticker as UConn pulled away. After the MSU game ended, I was treated to about 25 seconds of UAlbany play, which was bittersweet at best.


    Upset about missing the game, I didn’t feel I could contribute any opinions. One small consolation was that we got to hang around the Bradley team in the Hyatt at the Detroit airport. So, anyways, I have followed the boards anonymously, and now feel ready to contribute. Regarding Siena: As a Yankees fan living in Boston, one of the things that upsets me is that Boston’s baseball fans care almost as much about hating the New York team as they do loving their own team. This type of behavior diminishes the accomplishments of their team and saps energy needed to be fervently dedicated fans to their own players and program.


    With my contriteness, there will be more opinions to follow…..

    And if anybody has that DVD of the UConn game, I would love to get a copy (even if it will not quite be the same).

  5. Haggy-


    Of course I know that but if we can change the attitude and start thinking of them as 'just another state school' and not the doom and gloom of a sextillion to one to go all the way it's half the battle.


    Statistically speaking someday a #16 seed will unseat a #1.


    Stealing from old NY Lottery commercials "You gotta be in it to win it".


    The "in it" starts with an attitude.


    Just being overly motivational.





    I didn't realize that I was involved in this thread, but since I have been mentioned I should point out that the odds were included in a different thread as a bit of a "Well, isn't that nice" moment.


    As for UConn, they are the team with all the recent hype, but they do have a tendency to be complacent. After a difficult Big East schedule, including a first round tournament loss, they could be susceptible to as team (Albany) that is more team oriented, and incredibly well coached.....


    I'll be hammering the point spread, but probably not the money line (even though a win would be awesome).

  6. If you like those odds to get to the Final Four, check these out to win it all....




    Albany: 1 sextillion-1.


    "One sextillion to one," Albany coach Will Brown said. "I don't even know what that is. I guess that's going to be our bulletin board material."


    If you go by canine nicknames, Albany's Great Danes ought to have the edge over UConn's Huskies. But that's about it for advantages.


    "Their kids are signing NBA contracts," Brown said. "Our kids are sending out résumés. A 16 is going to beat a one. I don't know if it's going to happen in my lifetime, but it's going to happen."

  7. From one of the on-line websites...




    # To Win the Tournament Odds

    1 AIR FORCE (WDCR) +17500


    2 ALBANY (WDCR) +300000


    3 GEORGE MASON (WDCR) +7500


    4 ILLINOIS (WDCR) +600


    5 KENTUCKY (WDCR) +2500


    6 MICHIGAN ST (WDCR) +1000


    7 MURRAY STATE (WDCR) +30000




    9 SETON HALL (WDCR) +5000


    10 TENNESSEE (WDCR) +1000


    11 UAB (WDCR) +4000


    12 UCONN (WDCR) -120


    13 UTAH STATE (WDCR) +17500


    14 WASHINGTON (WDCR) +1000


    15 WICHITA STATE (WDCR) +5000


    16 WINTHROP (WDCR) +50000


    $2 makes me a rich man.....

  8. After allowing myself to get caught in the moment, I went back to Boston and receded into my shell. Anyways, it was great to see all of you in Albany, and the next time I will be far more complacent.

    So, Go Great Danes, and here's to more success.

  9. Hello all-


    In thirty minutes I will start the trek from Boston to Albany, where I will be out of internet access in West Sand Lake. Anyways, I wanted to let you all know that I hope everyone has a great time this weekend, and that I look forward to meeting some of you at the game.

    I will be in the RACC lot and the Alumni house early Saturday morning. Me- 6'2" with glasses, a Taiwanese girl, and a scruffy brother-in-law....we should be hard to miss.


    So, as mentioned, I hope to see some of you there, and Go Great Danes!

  10. I am in the process of trying to get an interview on our website with one of the students.


    WCDB is actually going to buy them a case of Coke so they can stay up. We plan on brining it to them later tonight. I plan on visiting again tonight a few times.



    GO BUY THEM SOME RED BULL TO KEEP THEM UP (plus...they can mix it with Stoli O...oops did I say that?!) B)





    We all know that Red Bull is a better mixer with some chilled Jaegermeist.... Oh, wait, same mistake.

  11. One more for good measure...




    Albany Ny Notes, Quotes

    Story Tools:

    Sports Xchange

    Posted: 2 days ago


    --F Brent Wilson was the only Albany player to score in double figures in the team's 67-54 win over New Hampshire. Wilson scored 16 points on 7-8 shooting, while G/F Jason Siggers and F Levi Levine each scored nine.


    --This is the first time that Albany has reached the America East championship game, and with a record of 20-10, this is the first time the Danes have won 20 games since the 1993-94 season.

    --QUOTE TO NOTE: "We have been working on getting back to the RACC all season. We know if we continue to play consistently that we can get a championship." -- F Levi Levine, referring to the fact that Albany gets to play the conference championship game on its home floor (the RACC, in Vestal, N.Y.) by virtue of being the tournament's top seed.

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