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  1. I know more stories will be coming, but: 1) No pomp and circumstance this year? 2) One transfer from Wyoming, but nothing else...was hoping to hear that 10-12 BCS kids already started their spring semesters. 3) Geography: 5 PA, 4 MD, 3 FL, 2 OH, 1 NJ, AZ, AL, and NY...good football states.
  2. 1999-2000: No 2000-01: Gallup 17.4 2001-02: No 2002-03: Jamar 18.9; Levi 13.2 2003-04: Iati (Jon) 14.0 2004-05: No 2005-06: No 2006-07: No 2007-08: No 2008-09: No 2009-10: No 2010-11: No 2011-12: No 2012-13: No 2013-14: No 2014-15: No 2015-16: ?? Shows how much more impressive it will be if Cremo makes the list. The program is in much better shape now then when it needed freshmen to score so many points.
  3. E.J. Gallup averaged 17.4 ppg as a freshman when UA was an independent in its second year of D1 play in 2000-01.
  4. Washington Post article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/recruiting-insider/wp/2016/01/27/oakland-mills-wide-receivers-tre-hopkins-shawn-harris-commit-on-the-same-day/
  5. Crud. All right, here goes. Factors to consider: 1) Lineage: Both entrants were foaled by the same mare, and sired by the same stallion, so there is no distinct advantage here. 2) Past performance: Both entrants are maidens and first-time runners, so there is no help here. 3) Recent work-outs: Neither one seems to have been training too hard recently. Again, no advantage. 4) Medications: If either entrant has recently been placed on the anti-bleeding drug Lasix that could potentially create a competitive advantage. Without self-disclosure, no advantage here. 5) Size/Build: Both entrants are similar in appearance, with body type suggesting a potential preference for power and not endurance...no advantage. 6) Age: Both entrants are old for first-time runners, but Ilko's slightly younger age creates a slight advantage here. 7) Trainer: The only discernible area where a competitive advantage can be effected. With no announcement of race entry yet, choosing the right trainer will create the biggest difference in betting odds for the entrants. I would wait for an announcement of trainer before setting a line, but early indications are that this is an evenly matched race.
  6. I took the time to go to the UVM game, and I walked away highly impressed with Ms. Richards. She ran like a gazelle, and always was involved in the play. If Coach Abe stays, and Sharessa keeps developing, I am going to make a seriously bold/stupid prediction, and say that Ebony's new record could be in danger. Find this thread in three years. I will either be an idiot or a genius, but that's the way I roll. Usually the former with you... :-) It seems so obvious now, with all of the success that Shereesha has had, but with her joining the 2,000 point club today it seems as good of a time as any to bump this thread up and taunt ClickClick with it.
  7. It's Buffalo/Niagara somewhere in Ohio? LOL You can see Canada from their campus. Ohio is still over 140 miles away Didn't UA just give this guy a degree? I sure do hope it wasn't in geography.
  8. I was more upset that after every USC basket they showed a replay of it for 10-15 seconds...meanwhile, the clock was running and UA had the ball during that entire time.
  9. I watched the second half. Well played by the ladies. It wasn't just a 3 pointer though. it was a 3 from NBA range from the left wing and BANKED in high off the glass. Pure luck that it dropped. I feel bad for the ladies to lose like that. Hopefully this is the year they break through in the NCAA Tournament. They are losing arguably the best AE player in conference history, so it is as good of a time as any...of course, they could always just be cursed.
  10. Isn't the single A Valley Cats have a higher attendance avg than the AAA Binghamton Mets? May have made that up but I swear I heard they have great attendance for being such a low level. They might. I don't know. I actually really like Bruno Stadium, and have been to a ton of games there. I wasn't knocking them at all. They do very well with what they have. That said, the attendance isnt strong enough to get a higher level team to think about coming, and we lost a AA Yankee team due to poor numbers. I am only saying that the Capital District only seems to get excited for and fully support "major" events. It's worth mentioning that The Valley Cats are not even a full-season Single-A baseball team. They are a Short Season-A team that does not start until after the MLB draft in June; full-season A teams begin play when MLB is still in Spring Training. If all the days are warm-weather, that affects the average attendance.
  11. I'll be there, but that's dumb. No students will come to the game. Haggy conspiracy theory: Schedule the game on the Sunday after Thanksgiving so you can skip out on giving away free student tickets, and get more paying customers through the door.
  12. Landed a little funny on her ankle and was noticeably limping...it looked like it could have been that prior injury that Coach Abe is very secretive about...
  13. I didn't play college basketball (TIC), so my comment has no merit or validity (which, of course, does beg the question as to why it would even need to be disputed), but: Anyone who doesn't think that Peter's game didn't warrant some extra coaching: 1) Didn't watch the first five minutes of the game when his poor decision-making led to multiple dead possessions. 2) Didn't see him miss consecutive free throws after making three in a row minutes prior...you can claim "law of averages", but I saw the same mental inconsistency I have seen all season to date. 3) Is dismissing the consequences of his mistakes, which as Ilko has noted, often result in easy transition baskets the other way. Did he play a horrible game? No. Did he play a terrific game? No. But are there opportunities for improvement? Absolutely.
  14. 1) Clareth is a jackass. If he tries half of his showboating next year at SEFCU I think it is worth the technical and ejection to clock him. 2) Heard something also. I would like to know the specific details.
  15. I spent the first three qurters of the game trying to figure out what "Let's GO D.N.A." meant. When the chant got a little closer to my section I finally determined that they were spelling out their school's name....EL LAME-O!!!
  16. Sometimes it's not the worst thing to get smacked in the face. It wakes you up. Siena was hungrier and physical and I didn't think we responded that well. We didn't shoot free throws horribly (70%) but we missed five in a row during that stretch when they built the lead. That's just not Albany basketball. Yep, those fts are the ones I was referring too as well. Two missed front ends on fouls 7 and 8 (Foul 9 was a Hooley "and 1".)
  17. 6 years we couldn't buy a win or a home game... Now we have one there, one here, one neutral...and have beaten them 4 out of 6 The inevitable will come... Just keep building But this year UA started three seniors and Siena started none. I don't want this to be the start of a swing in the Loudinville direction.
  18. It is both an unpopular and unfair stance, but I am still of the belief that any loss in this series is unacceptable.
  19. Don't worry.. they don't win Just because I still don't believe it: that was a made basket on a pass to break the trap? Nobody touched it!?!?
  20. 42-25 UA. End of 3rd. Richards in foul trouble (4). Siena with a last minute 3 again, or it would have been 20 point differential. Siena with about 7 shot clock violations against UA's 3-2 zone, and press.
  21. 21-12 UA at the half. Siena with 3 3s, 1 two pointer, and one free throw... One of the 3s in the last 10 seconds... Crazy defensive game.
  22. Ohhh, yeahhhh! Game time in 35 minutes....(Well, the women's game, anyhow.)
  23. Hilaire held offers from Indiana, Iona, Towson, Providence, FAU, and WKU. She visited Providence, Iona, FAU, and Albany. Also ranked the 24th best PG in her class here: http://prospectsnation.com/players/committed/2016/Albany?title=
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