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  1. Article posted on FoxSports. Nice to see them misstate the venue...




    Team Report: Getting Inside


    Getting Inside | Notes and Quotes | Roster Report

    Albany has played like the No. 1 seed so far in the America East tournament, blowing out its first two opponents while charging into the championship game with a whole lot of momentum.


    The Great Danes beat UMBC, 79-65, in the first round, and New Hampshire, 67-54, in the semifinals, and neither game was as close as the scores might indicate. Albany has been working efficiently on offense and frustrating its opponents on defense, a combination that has led to the best season in school history.

    But no matter how well the Danes are playing, no one is going to give them the championship. In fact, they're going to have to pry the crown right off of the head of the three-time defending league champion Vermont if they want to advance to the NCAA tournament.


    Albany shot 57.5 percent from the floor against UMBC and 49.0 percent against New Hampshire, but Vermont will be the toughest test. The Catamounts have the inside players and the size and quickness on the perimeter to stay with Albany.


    Albany will have one huge advantage in that the game will be played on its home floor in Vestal, N.Y., just one of the perks that come with being the top seed. The Great Danes earned the right to play the championship game at home and now they have to take advantage of it.

  2. A little off the topic of the excitement of the big game on Saturday, but as of now these are the automatic bids, with their RPIs:


    Gonzaga: 10

    UNC Wilmington: 27

    Southern Illinois: 31

    Wisconsin- Milwaukee: 58

    Iona: 62

    Murray State: 63

    Montana: 71

    Winthrop: 72

    South Alabama: 73

    Penn: 93

    Davidson: 99

    Belmont: 117

    Oral Roberts: 131

    Monmouth: 156


    Albany is sitting at #128

  3. The T-U has an article posted on how quickly the tickets sold:




    According to the math the breakdown of tickets would be:


    UVM: 600

    Albany students: 1000

    Corporate sponsors and season ticket holders: 1700

    General public: 1200


    Total: 4500


    With the large number of corporate tickets I am now even more glad that I was able to get a hold of the ticket office from long distance.

  4. As nothing gets done without the money, there's no sense announcing things until they can happen.  The plan is the basis and when funding becomes available for a phase, I'm sure they'll be announcements.  There's still millions of dollars of work left at the LAX/FH venue to finish.  Just keep selling out the RACC, and be assured persons are working to get more $ into the coffers for all of the projects.



    If you want to attract investment, you need to announce your plans. Otherwise, there is nothing to support. As I mentioned once before, when I was in Albany for the BPG, I saw the plans that have been alluded to here....behind a glass enclosure inside the RACC. Initially I was excited to see all of the proposed changes, but I then began to question why this was the only area where this information is available.

    I will call the athletic office sometime before this weekend's game politely reminding them that if funding is the problem then this weekend is a showcase.

    (Additionally, I attended the Ferocious Feast before the BPG, and there was no mention of expansion there.....only behind that one glass enclosure).

  5. thanks, haggyland, though i'm not sure if its dedication, insanity, or a combination of both.

    as for the spelling, not the first time that happened and it sure won't be the last. 

    the rest of the week is going to take forever.



    Steve- How did you get the Albany web-site to change your name to the correct spelling?

  6. My only question is with all these great changes, how come the publicity is lacking? The only mention of capital improvements on the web-site is the ground-breaking for the lacrosse field.

    With so many alumni all over the country, the web-site should be used more aggressively to achieve long-term goals. Currently there is no mention of the Athletics Master Plan on the site, and the updates from the Athletic Director are sparse and non-informative. If the university wants to take the next leap forward, it must learn to market itself progressively.

  7. Fantastic weekend results.  UA continues to be the only team to make indoor T&F a spectator sport worth the price of admission!  The 3:09+ 4X4 win vaults the men's team to national levels!  Didn't make to the indoor dance but it sure sets the stage for outdoor.  How about our twin sensations, all of the frosh for that matter!  Good things for years to come.




    I was curious about the guidelines for qualifying for the 'indoor dance.' I have been on google, but there is limited information on indoor track. Can complete teams qualify, or is it based upon individual/relay efforts? Also, when and where, and what exactly is it?

    BTW, it is nice to see the university evolve on this athletic front.

  8. This alum is very happy.  I've got my tix but maybe I'll go and get in line Sat. AM just to feel what it would have been like in my day if we had this kind of excitement on campus!  How about a winter tailgating party!  Start early / end late.  I'll bring the grill!  Will the admin. allow this?




    I'm in for some pre-game celebration, as the little lady will be chauferring me around throughout the day. I have a feeling the fun police will be on top of their games, however.

  9. no luck here either...looks like im gonna be in line all morning saturday for my student ticket



    ashamed to say i was the first person on line. i grew up pre-Internet, so I'm a little OC about this sort of thing. Section 550, Row Y? ouch. plan on sitting in the student section anyway. i spoke w/ someone at the university-- per someone's post yesterday, i think, the school had only around 1000 tickets to sell. based on the number of people on line, i'd guess tickets will be gone by noon, at the latest-- depending on how fast the university can sell 'em.



    Nice job Steve! Your dedication has made it to the UAlbany athletics homepage (even if they managed to incorrectly spell your name).




    And for the record, I enjoyed your letter to the Times Union about Coach Brown...

  10. I'm in, baby!





    When and how are you getting to the game?



    The little lady works until 6PM Friday, then it's Mass Pike to West Sand Lake to stay with my sister and brother-in-law. From there, off to the game.

    Any word on gatherings before/after the game?

  11. As an out-of-state alum planning on making the trip, I must admit that I am getting a little apprehensive about getting tickets to the game.


    I called the ticket office today to check the status, and was informed that the courtside and chairback seats were already sold out. My question, which may be unpopular, is if season ticket holders should be able to buy extra tickets. As valuable members to the program there should be some sort of reward, but the extra tickets will not be in the hands of season ticket holders, so they should remain available to the general public.


    With media credentials, allotments to UVM, corporate purchases, and additional seats available to season ticket holders, will alumni, or even general public members, even get a chance to buy tickets?

    I will be calling early, but as mentioned, I am getting apprehensive.


    By the way, too bad about Kirby Puckett.

  12. RpiRatings.co currently has St. Peter's at #130, and UAlbany at #128, through games of yesterday.


    Official NCAA RPI are not updated yet, but with one more game for St. Pete, and from a stronger conference, they probably will leap-frog....

    Let's just hope that the selection committee notices the 21 wins, if UAlbany (hopefully) gets there.

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