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  1. Kaela Hilaire with offers from Iona and Providence; was one of 162 players invited to the USA Basketball Women's U17 World Championship team trials. Khepera Stokes ranked the 48th best player in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia area in her class here: http://www.nextsportsphenom.com/2016-Rankings Mackenzie Trpcic also considered Mount St Mary’s, Radford, Stony Brook, Bryant, American, Lehigh, Yale and Princeton: http://crownscoutgirls.com/latest-news/trpcic-commits-america-east-conference-school-2016/ Alexi Schecter as a sophomore drew interest from BC, Northeastern and UMass Lowell: http://www.lowellsun.com/basketball/ci_25492234/girls-basketball-team
  2. Class of 4 announced...all high schoolers: http://www.ualbanysports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=210573222&DB_OEM_ID=15800 Roster is at 13 now. Coughlin and Richards graduate; down to 11. 4 new players; up to 15 (women's basketball scholarship limit.) There will likely be changes before next season, but this is the first time Coach Abe has 15 players scheduled for the roster.
  3. From after the win against Providence: "UAlbany played the second consecutive game without forward Tiana-Jo Carter. She is statistically the third-best scorer (11.7) and top rebounder (8.0). All the coach would say is that she's injured and 'she'll be fine.'"
  4. When I saw that posted on the UA site my only thought was "Well, duh." Yes, but I didn't realize this: "Leads the Commissioner’s Cup standings following the fall season for the first time. " We can thank the development of the soccer programs for that...and even women's cross country.
  5. When I saw that posted on the UA site my only thought was "Well, duh."
  6. The TJC watch continues. Not at today's game.. In other news, it appears Keane is going to red-shirt.
  7. What he said. Better get Oswego State's coach on the phone about a home game!
  8. Looks like I was typing at the same time as you. Can't argue with the record, but like you I think this team will have trouble without anything close to an outside threat on offense.
  9. Tiana-Jo had a monster game with 16 pts. and 13 rebounds, so the "recruiting over" theory I proposed might be disproven. Shereesha goes for 31 and beats URI to win their tourney. ...and Coughlin shoots 0 for 4!
  10. Northeast corner. (Across from the home bench; above the walkway to the visitor's locker room and auxiliary bathrooms.)
  11. Ok...just for clarity, the video screen (like the one used in the AE tourney) was up. The new video board that UA'72 send Benson discussed WAS NOT. Correct? I took '72's post to mean that one of the two boards that was up during the AE tourney would be there now on a permanent basis...instead of being rented.
  12. Twice. Oddly, both against Southern Connecticut State. Sept. 20, 1980 - SCSC 6, SUNYA 2 Oct. 11, 1986 - SCSU 28, UA, SUNY 2 That's some impressive research...I know I could look it up, but does SCS still have a football program? I guess in the very least UA can update its media guides for: "Last time the offense only scored 2 points" to 11/21/15.
  13. Think UA has ever scored exactly 2 points in a game before? I will now root for continued offensive futility!
  14. I blinked right before the game came back from after the break and I saw SBU at the UA 5 yard line...
  15. The O.C. has coached under Gattuso before in different capacities, but if he is not at least reassigned for next year I will have a tough time getting myself to attend the games.
  16. Played high school ball his senior year under UA's current O.C...the year before they both showed up here...
  17. It is a lot easier to overlook when we are playing URI. And the announcers aren't just mispronouncing, but they are also calling the wrong numbers. Repetti made one catch from the TE postion; they called Manzo-Lewis. Chris Johnson gets a pick they credit Sakowski. I think I am ready to tap out on this season!
  18. And just looking at the coaching bios why is the majority of our offensive coordinator's experience as a defensive coordinator? And he has one year of O.C. experience? And it was the year before he came here, and it was at the high school level? Was this some sort of a sweetheart deal to get Brunson? If so, I guess I could get excited for Brunson, but they still will need someone new to call in plays!
  19. Wouldn't they be looking at something that indicates expansion? Or are they just talking out of their wazoos? Either way, I don't see anything on a Google search...other than Cuomo vetoing it.
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