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  1. My observations: 1) I also heard the announcer say Ngachie had a tackle, but it wasn't him, and he wasn't in the game. 2) DaSharnte Thompson hit like a truck and had a great game. 3) Sussman had nice legs and awareness but the play-calling didn't give him a chance to grow. 4) When Crook came in for two plays he almost got intercepted on the first play, and then over-threw the receiver by ten yards on the next play. I turned to my buddies and said that I thought he was improving! 5) EIH looked good but he has to protect that ball. Gattuso seems to yank him after one mistake, but hopefully they serve as coaching moments, because he is obviously talented. 6) The kicking game was an absolute atrocity (bad snaps or not), and should have been abandoned earlier, which brings me to another opinion: 7) Gattuso plays too conservative of a game. On offense it is runs up the middle until forced into a passing situation, where it is a sideline route and is usually overthrown. Where are the slants? The screens? The reverses? The passes down the middle? And most importantly where is the willingness to call a play with a high amount of risk involved? He never seems to go for it on fourth down, and a trick play hasn't seemed to happen in two years. I have confidence that this program will start winning again, but for the first time in his tenure I was referring to Gattuso as "gutless" because he always seems to call the safest play.
  2. Hixson came in for one minute, was responsible for a turnover on a horribly telegraphed pass, and was taken out of the game. Coach Abe has always seemed to frown much more upon turnovers than missed shots. Coughlin had a particularly rough shooting game, but her lifetime percentages indicate that it is mostly to be expected. Just a theory that she was recruited over. Agreed it would be great, but my concern is that the shooting guard position was not the area of primary recruiting concern.
  3. I thought the proverbial "final nail in the coffin" that completed the disconnect between men's basketball and the Times Union happened years ago when Brown and his following thought the Times Union reported him to the America East commissioner about comments he made on his website about scheduling...comments that resulted in a one game suspension. http://bigpurplefans.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=3624&hl=nero&do=findComment&comment=19046 http://bigpurplefans.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=3623&hl=nero If a grudge at all effects the level of reporting then it is time to mend the fences, but it would still be difficult to expect the Times Union to be impartial when they have the naming rights to the building that houses the area's competing program.
  4. Didn't realize this meant the one-and-one bonus is extinct. Thought it strange the women didn't change baskets at the quarter break, stayed the same until the half. I was thinking the same thing about changing sides. Also, it seems that any foul (including offensive fouls) results in two shots for the fifth foul on.
  5. She dressed, and participated in the lay-up line, so my theory is that she got recruited over. Tiana-Jo had a good first year, but in my opinion her hands were not soft enough, and she didn't handle passes to the interior well. If Lavergne continues to get the majority of minutes at center, then it definitely needs to be asked why a replacement for a serviceable player was found but nothing was done about finding two or three sharp-shooters that could offer a different offensive dynamic. The biggest deficiency with the construction of this roster is that it cannot rapidly counter-punch. If another team gets hot with their three-point shooting there is simply no way for them to quickly respond similarly.
  6. I saw a lot of potential flaws with this team, and it is the most unimpressed I walked away from a game in Coach Abe's tenure. Richards is fantastic as usual, but if nobody on the team can consistently hit a jumper longer than 15' then she is going to regularly get double and triple teamed in the post. Tate still has a beautiful shot, and is a highly active rebounder, but she has a mid-range game that does not extend the defense. Coughlin should not be starting on a four-time defending conference championship team. If she and I were at an amusement park and we decided to play one of those games where you have to hit a jumper to win a stuffed animal I would tell her that I was taking the shot. Unless one of the new guards steps up and gains Coach Abe's confidence, teams are going to shut down the team's two stars and force UAlbany into the outside shot, and UAlbany is going to struggle. Coach Abe is a fantastic coach, but unless something changes I will not be at all surprised to see Maine take the conference championship this year.
  7. When Singelais covered UAlbany everybody complained about the lack of coverage, so the specific reporter is not the problem. That would imply that there is a bias; the next step would be to figure out of it is against Will Brown and men's basketball or against UAlbany as a whole. To evaluate that fairly, we can't dismiss the possibility that UA and Will Brown are not as accommodating as they can be. We also cannot dismiss the facts that Siena has a 20+ year D1 lead on UA, and the newspaper has the naming rights to the arena in which Siena plays.
  8. That tells me that her career has stagnated to the point that 15th row is the best seat she can get.
  9. By my count the only two programs that haven't won a Division 1 championship so far are women's cross country and tennis. Women's cross country just finished second in the AE Championships and should have a shot at winning next year. Women's tennis improves every year under coach Gordon Graham and they are no longer blocked by a Boston University team that used to dominate the AE in the sport...now they just need to find a way to stop SBU's mini run of three straight championships.
  10. Seems to me Maine might have gotten shafted. They got past Stanford in the AE Tournament, and had a much better record.
  11. Not watching, and I see Sussman got hit hard, but UA QBs are 1 for 8 for 2 yards at the half?!?!?
  12. Congrats indeed. After they lost late at SBU early in conference play I didn't think they would challenge for a spot at the top...glad to see differently.
  13. 1-0 at the half in men's soccer; UA with the lead. First possible regular season conference championship at stake.
  14. I'll sign it. I get the whole "Purple Family" thing, and the desire to build a winning program the right way, but I want to see a win!...once again, assuming he was contrite, and not defiant!
  15. Looks like The Ohio State University heard you, and implemented some additional and serious (TIC) punishment: "An Ohio State spokesman confirmed to ESPN that Barrett's financial aid would be forfeited for the 2016 summer term."
  16. Also deserving some Fall sports love are: Women's field hockey: Picked first in conference, finished first in conference...hosting the post-season tourney with the visiting West Coast teams that include Cal and Stanford! I still giggle a little that we are in the same conference as those two. Women's soccer: Picked fourth; finished second. First ever bye in the post-season tourney; hosted and won their game...on to Hartford for the potential first championship of their program. Men's soccer: Picked fifth; currently in first place, with a "control your destiny" game at Binghamton next week to claim their first ever regular season championship, and the number one seed in the post-season conference. Women's cross country: Finished second in the conference to a three-time defending champion New Hampshire team (that was filled with seniors this year). With a couple of more decent recruits UA could be the favorite next season. Men's cross country finished 8th, but they are coached by the same group as the women, so maybe there is a chance for improvement next year.
  17. Thanks for clearing that up about Croskey...that's what I thought was the case (that he didn't play a down - thanks for adding the reason). It does beg the question, however, of how the starting running back can be "tired" coming off of a bye week.
  18. Arm strength and zip on passes is the #1 factor for me. I've thought that with out last few QBs, any pass out to the flat along the sideline is a 50-50 ball. I vote for moxie. The past 3-4 games the sideline has been DEAD...what this team needs more than anything (with the possible exception of health) is energy and attitude.
  19. Cox and the hyphenate tandem of Manzo-Lewis and Ibotokun-Hanks have been some of the few positives this season.
  20. Agreed, he's taking his medicine right now. I really hope he comes back. Two years left is a lot of time. Assuming he was contrite, I think he has already taken enough medicine, considering the offense.
  21. I've although thought you have a standing demand that all the coaches, of all the sports, be fired. We'll get better but it's not going to happen overnight. Literally 2/3 of our roster are freshman and sophs. Sometimes it looks like boys against men because it is boys against men. With apologies to those that heard this at the P&G scrimmage: I personally give Gattuso a ton of respect. He has been coaching here for less than two years and he has already turned the program around twice!
  22. No Richmond thread? No matter...we are listed as a 26 point underdog on the betting sites.
  23. I was at the UVM-LCC game, and a healthy Ernie Duncan playing in his second ever collegiate game looked really impressive running the offense. If he is healthy, and if his brother is similarly gifted, they can be a very good team.
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