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  1. Didn't the play Bruno Mars? Just heard the band's funk offering in a rather vacant stadium, and I found it to be a significant improvement over the "Skyfall" routine. Only critical note is that the higher energy seemed to be at the beginning of the set, with it petering out a bit at the end!
  2. I am saving my money for the quarterback wing of the Gattuso Hall of Fame Building.
  3. I'm all in myself, because one mantra keeps cycling through my head: "$iena-show, $iena-show, $iena-show!"
  4. I think clickclack and I share an emotional cycle. After the JMU game I went all Pollyanna on the team, thinking they just needed some more in-game experience and the youngsters would lead this program to new heights. Then an NEC Duquesne team came for a visit and shut down the run, and never had to fear the pass. I watched the UA team sleep-walk through a first half against an NEC program that UAlbany's coach left 11 years ago for greener pastures...finding success, and then taking over Albany's program because of its supposed potential. Moves like that imply that UA should be a big step up in level of play, but the results didn't seem to match. Then the team went to Holy Cross and got killed. Holy Freaking Cross...and got killed. No program with "national championship" aspirations should be going to Worcester,MA and getting shellacked, even if they are upset that their star receiver put himself in trouble's way and got suspended. And then UA hosted Maine on a beautiful day, where the parking lots were filled with pre-game revelers, and the program just received a tremendous donation...and they got whitewashed. Luckily I had other plans, so I got to leave early, but I saw one play that summed up my thoughts on the program's process: Maine ran the ball on a sideline route and the UA tackler dragged the Maine player forward 8 yards before bringing him down...8 freaking yards forward!?!?!? I know it is Gattuso's second year, and that expectations were higher after last year's turnaround, but today's game was a total $iena-show, plain and simple. Next year's class better bring in some impact players, because it gets late early in college football. One friend at the game said that he thought teams usually scheduled "cupcakes" for Homecoming...I told him Albany did! What gives???
  5. Yes, I want to just be happy with a $10 million donation, but I have such lofty dreams for where we are headed! Hopefully there will be a windfall of new revenue streams...in part created by this donation.
  6. and a new website Slightly off-topic, but as this is a day of good news for the program: A few weeks ago I "hard-pressed" the athletics staff for some answers regarding the website and I was told "We have a vendor and are just waiting for a contract to be finalized." So, with that said, hopefully we can see a deliverable in a few months.
  7. So the $10M pays for a permanent name, right? Could be risky 15-20 years down the line if the program grows.
  8. Definitely CAS*Y...Casey would make sense. Who is that or who are they? Still think it is COSBY...(with "Billy" instead of "Bill" as a result of an image rebrand.) "Bill" is accused of doing some bad things to women. "Billy" is an athletics loving philanthropist that cares about mid-major schools.
  9. Sorry, UofA, but my moniker is not involved. Luckily for you, however, I used Ilko's post to solve the riddle. It looks like the naming rights are a PR stunt to create some goodwill by a once proud comedic legend. You can thank me later for figuring it out...
  10. "“It wasn't our best team score of the season for sure, but it was our ultimate goal to beat Siena for the second year in a row and that's what we accomplished,” said Head Coach Colleen Cashman-McSween." So it doesn't take a UA team's best day to beat Siena? Hmmmm.
  11. FYI: UA opened as a 6.5 point favorite in this game, and they are now 10 point favorites (that means the betting public is putting more money on them than Duquesne.)
  12. Article in the TU about it: http://www.timesunion.com/tuplus-sports/article/New-offices-a-boost-for-UAlbany-football-6528167.php#photo-8687603 Was a part of a $1.4 million project...
  13. You have to think that the University at Maryland has to be getting thrown around as a possibility.
  14. Pretty convenient that the winning bidder bought out the entire neighborhood adjacent to NANO at above-market rates right before the project was announced.
  15. And looking at the offense (which is averaging 25.7 ppg), we need to both remember and appreciate that it is scary young! In terms of all-purpose yards we have (Player/Class/All-Purpose YPG): 1) Croskey/RFr./99.7 2) Alston/True Fr./58.0 3) Ibitokun-Hanks/True Fr./57.7 4) Gontarek/True So./49.0 5) Roberson/True Fr./45.3 6) Harris/RSo./25.3 7) Manzo-Lewis/True So./21.3 8) Crook/RSo./15.3 9) Merritt/RSr./14.0 (Defense) 10) Neverdon/True So./9.7 11) Cox/RFr./7.3 (Defense) 12) Clark/RJr./6.3 (Defense) 13) Lawrence/RSr./4.7 14) Sussman/True Fr./4.7 15) Crockett/RFr./3.5 16) Cooper/RSr./0.3 (Defense) Upperclassmen on the offensive side of the ball have only contributed 14 yards all season for a team that is averaging 421.0 All-Purpose YPG!....while being led by a sophomore quarterback....those statistics give me crazy trust in the future!
  16. I'm encouraged by where this program is headed. Gattuso and his staff are a perfect fit for the program and new CAA talent is showing its abilities. Yes, the defense needs to start getting more stops, but I have confidence that the defensive front four will be a priority come recruiting time. Looking at the results: 1) I was going to be very surprised if we stayed within 30 of Buffalo. It was UA's first game against an 85 scholarship team (let's not forget how much progress has been made in the last fiver years), and Buffalo hired one hell of a coach by giving D3's University of Wisconsin Whitewater coach a try...he will be moving on in 2-3 years. 2) UA has already proven that there is some distance between them and the bottom of the CAA by easily handling URI at home in the monsoon. Let's not forget that only two years ago URI came to Albany and beat UA. 3) UA hung in against one of the top offenses in FCS causing six turnovers against an offense led by the former starting quarterback (and current senior) at Georgia Tech. I am still waiting for UA to win one of the games the pundits and the "spread" say they are going to lose, but it could happen against Villanova at home in four weeks...I think a nice win streak is coming.
  17. ? I think its important to point out when UA is mentioned in a national document. Seriously, yo! As long as it is not because of a scandal I want every "name check" UA can get!
  18. Doesn't matter, a veteran of a few decades should stay within bounds... Obviously compliance is the first goal, but if you have to get punished I would much rather see it be for being too active as opposed to not being active enough.
  19. Didn't the play Bruno Mars? I hope to listen to their show at the next game. Last year, however, I would get halfway through the Skyfall theme song and then make my way to the stadium ledge.
  20. With the heavy rains moving me out of the upper deck at half-time I did not hear the marching band. That said, here is a carryover complaint from the last couple of years!: Do not have a marching band at a football game play Adele songs. One objective a band must have is to engage and incite the crowd, and playing slow James Bond theme music isn't going to do it.
  21. Looks like the potential for another great year is there. UA goes to Maryland and beats the Terrapins 2-1. At this point, you can't even call it an upset.
  22. It is likely tough luck for Nicastro regarding the extra year. The following article is one of the easier to follow descriptions of redshirting I could find, and it has many similarities to Nicastro's situation: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1587386-michigan-football-can-jake-ryan-apply-for-a-medical-redshirt
  23. Stinks about Nicastro, although some of the true frosh look pretty athletic. With Ngachie apparently off the roster maybe we can see what his high school replacement (DaSharnte Thompson) can do. Also, as an FYI, UA opened as a 15 point favorite in this game.
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