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  1. That stinks I loved his height... :/ I think it stinks because now I don't have to continue to insist that he be referred to as "Denali" instead of "McKinley".
  2. I wasn't filtering out players based upon why they left; I was trying to capture all those that did. I didn't think he was arrested. I think he didn't want to put the time in over the summer to get better.
  3. Recruitment Years: 2003-04: Todd Martin: Troy (Sun Belt) Jamal Hughes: MIA 2004-05: Joe Dyson: MIA 2005-06: Kiel Graham: U-W Parkside 2006-07: Reid Anderson: Case Western Michael Knight: Seattle University Mike Yocum: Philadelphia University Carl Ross: California Baptist University Lance James (Walk-On): Aiken Technical College to Cleveland St. 2007-08: Albert Turley: Football in Louisiana Robert Moores: Emporia State University Josh Martin: Barton County CC to University of Bridgeport 2008-09 Anthony Raffa: Coastal Carolina Logan Aronhalt: University of Maryland Jake Lindfors: Minnesota State Moorhead Louis Barazza: Injuries end career? 2009-10: Gavin Glanton: Arkansas Fort Smith Ralph Watts: University of District of Columbia Derek Tartt: LeMoyne College Fran Urli: Injuries end career? 2010-11: Theo Hatcher: Wayland Baptist Russell Moore: Southern New Orleans 2011-12: Chris Page: Nova Southeastern University Gerardo Suero: Failed attempt at NBA. Tanner Gibson: Bellarmine 2012-13: Scott Bruxvoort (Walk-On): Quincy (IL) University 2013-14: Lamin Fulton: UW- Green Bay Levan Shengalia: Georgetown College Anders Haas: Barry University Anthony Odunsi: Houston Baptist Stephan Jiggets: Farleigh Dickinson 2014-15: Wheeler Baker: TBD Most of the recent departures are updated, but the power conferences are definitely not looting us for talent.
  4. I was thinking about this earlier, and the only example I could think of was Logan Aronhalt going to Maryland, but that was for his last year while he got his Master's degree.
  5. A lot of repeat content (naturally), but even so, that story never gets old! Love the exposure.
  6. Yeah, no, the senility is on my end. As DP has so graciously pointed out it is indeed Twyman and not McKay. I think my brain like to rearrange letters so I somehow came up with McKay in my head...but whatever!
  7. Doesn't post number 27 state that McKay is also leaving the program?...
  8. It could still happen; it's only the first week of April.
  9. I didn't go to as many games as most of the diehard fans, but Baker definitely showed athleticism and a good jump-shot (most of the time.) Sorry to see him go, but maybe some of the AE Championship Game coverage can pull in a good replacement.
  10. The faceoff situation got so bad that the rather large UA contingent gave a mock cheer very late in the game when UAlbany won what was likely their first faceoff of the second half... Which was likely against Syracuse's third team face-off specialist.
  11. Didn't Bob say earlier that work would prohibit him from attending? He did, but that doesn't stop this Danes fan from hoping for the best!
  12. Face-offs 13-2 Cuse. Shots 21-18 UA, but about 5 on one man-up that didn't result in a goal. Good UA crowd, but no Bob sightings...
  13. IMO this is getting ridiculous with people not being able to go as a 'statement'. . It's not only ridiculous, it's Binging pathetic. It's total garbage. The man just wants to attend some basketball games (the three most important college basketball games of the year, at that), and he gets caught right in the middle of a political agenda...that's why I so naively suggested he should just pay his own way.
  14. Good point... Cuomo has been known to hold a grudge or two during his term.
  15. He can always go out-of-pocket and keep the politics out of it.
  16. Considering the address issue, I think this link should be removed...ASAP. UA'08 also needs to edit his post. I edited it, but not like it's going to stop people from viewing it on the the big apple buckets site. Shame on them for not completely taking it out even though it's public record. Good luck getting direct interviews from Brown now! It's not just about the address. Like another said, just because it's public (the contract) doesn't mean we should be reading it... It is what it is, another website posted it and people are going to look. I just personally chose not to although obviously I do know what they paid him last year. I don't feel I need to know the nitty gritty details or the man's working conditions. Not the end of the world... UA's FOIL officer should be severely chastised for not using better redaction methods, but having that information available to the public is one of the conditions of employment in a public sector job. My personal take is that it is not up to us to determine what other people "should" or "should not" be reading, but by saying that we possibly open a censorship/First Amendment argument, and I don't think we have a forum for that!
  17. You build your entire offense around your 6'2" stud and your 6'9" center, and then your center leaves, and you have to rethink everything. Still, women's hoops gets 15 scholarships (2 more than men's basketball)...no more operating with nine players. Priority #1: Get some outside shooters!
  18. No sour grapes here...they did UA proud. Get a sharpshooter, keep your coach, and BREAK THROUGH one of these years!...I can't handle more of this one-and-done heartbreak.
  19. How many team fouls this half, announcers?
  20. Keep your cool, Tate...you have four fouls...
  21. I trust her with any muscle-memory, instinctual play; it is when the brain gets overly involved that I squirm a bit. Still, agreed that the last shot felt good!
  22. Royals: I love your competitiveness but not your shot selection.
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