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  1. If he isn't he sure as hell should be. This program isn't interesting, successful, or notable enough to attract the casual fan. This program needs every ClickClack it can get. Guys that sit through poor play and crappy weather every year (except one) to support the program. Guys that give money to the department and that stuff their faces with horrible concession food. Guys that go on message boards with opinions, trying to create any semblance of interest they can from a waning fanbase. The ClickClacks are the only ones left. Lose them and you have nothing and nobody....and a pretty $ienaty legacy when you go job hunting yourself when your contract runs out. He shouldn't only be heartbroken. He should be standing at the Western Avenue entrance with his lips puckered, waiting to kiss the ass of anyone dedicated and foolish enough to spend their valued time and money on a product that he helped kill.
  2. Singelais reports that Joe Casale is moving on: https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Troy-s-Joe-Casale-transferring-out-of-UAlbany-16708723.php?IPID=Times-Union-HP-CP-Latest-News
  3. Has football apathy reached its zenith or has football support reached its nadir? This inquiring mind wants to know…but it still doesn't give a $iena about this game.
  4. Score a TD. Miss the extra point. Give up a long kickoff return. Play 1: TFL. Play 2: First down. Play 3: First down. Play 4: Touchdown. That's a world class response at home.
  5. Everyone needs to seriously chill out, especially when it comes to judging Gold Old GG. If you selectively apply just 87 points to all six of the games, this team is undefeated with wins against a sub .500 FBS team and the gold standard of FCS, and is ranked high in the polls with a clear path to the FCS playoffs. 87 points! That's it. You can score that in just one basketball game. People need to remember that it isn't about winning football games. It is about how well you can rationalize the losses.
  6. The homerism with the absurd amount of "we"s by the one is kind of second rate.
  7. I'm not blaming Albany. First game of the season against the best program at the level and they can't get a feed to work/
  8. All yellow: We know they are leaving. Yellow with red: We are awaiting confirmation of their choice. No highlighting: Confirmed to stay. This should be current; let me know if anything is missed....and there is no replacing Eli/Ilya!
  9. Let's see: Take the initiative and set up an e-mail address in 5 minutes or endure a months-long bureaucratic CF by requesting it through the university. I applaud the choice.
  10. When's the last time you saw Albany re-stock with only D1 talent? 🤣😂🤣
  11. The only consolation? Not paying for the second month of FloSports to watch this lifeless offense.
  12. Remember back when the team was losing close games and we were told to accept the losses as a sign of better things to come? I'm sensing a similar narrative.
  13. Great article on Oliver: https://www.wivb.com/news/local-news/buffalo/ace-recruiter-oliver-is-ready-for-that-first-head-job/ Yes, please!
  14. Speculation per the HoopDirts website: Albany: Sounds like top 3 (in order) – Desmond Oliver (assistant coach Tennessee), Kyle Neptune (assistant coach Villanova), and Dwayne Killings (associate head coach Marquette). Siena’s Antoni Wyche lurking in the next group with other potential candidates Tobin Anderson (head coach St. Thomas Aquinas), and Gerry McNamara further down the list.
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