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  1. Yeah, my post wasn't written as clearly as it could have been. I meant to say that I checked the roster and he was already removed. The "FFS, Dev!" part, however, is still spot on.
  2. Inconceivable! …or… 96, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. (I couldn't choose between the two film references.)
  3. You know that there is a thing called a monthly plan, right? And that football will only be played in a few months out of the year? I payed $12.50; the price of a movie.
  4. Nope…but based upon history and watching the current product: -For the women, a finish lower than predicted; a handful of wins against the dregs of the league; fans left disappointed from the continued drop from the Coach Abe days of yore. -For the men, 7-8 wins, mostly because the conference has some real bottom feeders; some fans clamoring for a lifetime contract for WB because more wins at the end of the schedule resulting from playing more of the bad teams gives them the impression that the program is improving, and he "can't recruit without a demonstrated commitment from the athletic department"; other fans left unimpressed and looking for new direction; general public remaining disinterested. 2 losses today….I'll check in later! 😉
  5. I don't think the outcomes are that much in doubt either.
  6. I didn't know where to put this, and I wasn't sure it wasn't posted somewhere already (no returns on searched items), but St. Francis decided to formally cancel all of the Fall 2020 sports seasons that were re-scheduled for Spring 2021. https://sfuathletics.com/news/2021/1/7/inside-athletics-university-announces-decision-on-fall-sports-competition.aspx I'm still waiting on some updates for the UA soccer teams, so announcements like this make me jittery. Some of their talent has to be available, and their QB is looking to jump to BCS: https://247sports.com/Article/Jason-Brown-transfer-portal-Saint-Francis-football-Virginia-Tech-Arkansas-State-159058337/ Pre-Undercuffler this would have been a great opportunity to convince him to play this spring with a former conference opponent.
  7. The St. Joseph's coach is sitting in his office, looking at his team's schedule….he sees that he is 0-8 with only A10 conference games remaining….he thinks for a second, picks up the phone and dials a number in Upstate New York and says "Hey, Will, do you have a second?".
  8. "First to 50" can only work when you also keep the opponent's score low.
  9. Opening night tonight....I didn't see any other recruits previously announced, but the following seem to have committed: Kayla Cooper: 6'0" F (MD) Channa Hayes: 5'8" F (MD) Logan Thayne: 6'1" F (NY) (mentioned above)
  10. Crud. I should have read more clearly but in my defense, my eyes haven't completely adjusted to the light since I have emerged from my hole.
  11. I'll temporarily come out of my hibernation to offer one avenue: His telephone number is 518-442-BLOB. No joke!
  12. I was going to post something to this effect about the success of other NY football programs but a severe case of UA football apathy won out...again. UBuff hires Lance Leipold in 2015 after amazing D3 success. 2015: 5-7, 2016: 2-10, 2017: 6-6. 2018 (4th season): 9-1. Syracuse hires Dino Babers in 2016 after a short stint both in the FCS and the MAC; he improves each time from Year 1 to Year 2. 2016: 4-8, 2017: 4-8 2018 (3rd season): 8-2 with a high national ranking. Maybe the Clackster and Ilko are right, and GG just needs more time to get his system implemented! (TIC) And don't even get me going on SBU sitting at 7-3 with a UA player at the helm!?!?!?!!?
  13. Louisville has fired football coach Bobby Petrino two days after the Cardinals lost their seventh game in a row to fall to 2-8. Athletic director Vince Tyra announced the move Sunday, saying he "did not have the confidence" that Petrino could turn things around next season and that the change "needs to start happening now." "We want to thank Bobby for guiding our football program to some of the better seasons we have had historically at UofL during his two separate tenures here," Tyra said in a statement. "However, at this time we feel the program needs different leadership and we owe it to our student-athletes and fans to get this turned around." I know it is "apples and oranges", but 2 wins and seven losses in a row gets the coach fired. When SBU filets UA next week it will eerily be the same situation. Noticeable differences: Louisville has money, GG to his credit never had a scandal, Petrino actually had some success, and Louisville has an AD that isn't sitting in the shadows not addressing a known issue, etc...
  14. You know, you never want that pressure of actually being expected to win a freaking game!!!!
  15. So the worst thing is to go into a game favored? Tell that to Alabama. I would prefer being favored by 20 in every game. What a schmuck.
  16. Donate a nickel and earmark it for the football program. That way you get to score a passive aggressive dig to GG and the board member gets closer to ponying up a cool million. Win, win.
  17. Being able to throw the ball is not necessary. Requirements include being willing to kick and to play defense.
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