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  1. Betting lines: UA women a 1.5 goal underdog. UA men a 2.5 goal favorite, and the over/under is the largest in the first round at 27.5.
  2. That quickly devolved from a game they shouldn't have won to a game they shouldn't have lost. Hero ball indeed. Good effort; now make a run in a secondary, tertiary, or quaternary post season tournament to close out the season.
  3. No Cremo... not executing on offense for long stretches... some homer officiating calls... And a tied game at halftime? That works... Get it done.
  4. Good karma: Hagerty High School just took 3rd place in the national high school cheer championships on ESPN2 before the game.
  5. Have fun and safe travels. I hope your return ride is done with a wide grin on your face!
  6. So if a championship in the first season = C- I hate to see the grade for a "fan" who doesn't even show up for a home championship game Awww, come one, Bob...I was tongue-in-cheek backhandedly admitting I might have been too tough on Coach Mac. Regarding my attendance, I was going to redo my schedule as I hadn't previously missed a championship home game for basketball. This year I have missed more games than in Coach Abe's entire tenure. Watching them switch to up-tempo and throw the ball away so much was too difficult to watch at times after watching years of a more disciplined system. Championship game was 19 assists and 10 turnovers...that might have been the most well executed game they have had all season...I won't count the UMass Lowell game where they just outclassed their opponent. I might warm to Coach Mac when she recruits her own players that play her style but the transition this year was difficult, despite the final result.
  7. I missed the game but followed the first half on the commute and got to watch the second half on-line. Congratulations to the UA women; six in a row is incredible. I now feel more comfortable raising Coach Mac's season grade to a C minus!
  8. Grace Claxton went to the "Last Chance" meet the next day and got her time low enough for NCAA Nationals...that's news, right?
  9. A few statistics that jump off the page for me when I look at the season: Home Record: 11-1 Away Record: 4-10 1-3 in OT games Assists per game: 15.15 apg overall. 18.27 in wins and 10.91 in losses. 18.17 at home and 12.57 away. Turnovers per game: 20.12 topg overall. 19.60 in wins and 20.82 in losses. 19.42 at home and 20.71 away. A/TO ratio: 0.75 overall. 0.93 in wins and 0.52 in losses. 0.94 at home and 0.61 away.
  10. Post-recruitment story about some of the Pennsylvania kids: http://citizensvoice.com/sports/albany-football-coach-byham-sees-value-in-wvc-players-1.2156831
  11. Judgment (evaluation) should happen in real-time. Personnel decisions based on those judgments should happen much less frequently.
  12. I originally dropped in to the thread, said I had the coach at a "D+", and then went away without posting any rationale. With that said, I have never said we have the wrong coach...I will wait for a few years before making up my mind on that. Still, I am not very encouraged by the early returns. Maybe I will do a cost benefit analysis at some point, but that would only be to defend my argument, and there's only so much energy I want to spend ruminating on this program...
  13. And with tonight's win I am thinking of upgrading Coach Mac's first-year grade from a D+ to a C-. Still, with 24 more TOs tonight, I might keep her at a D+.
  14. lol. I think there is an NCAA bylaw that automatically downgrades you to "Preferred Walk-On" if you are serving time for armed robbery.
  15. You're just on a forum where most of us (probably vast vast majority) have season tickets lol. You should try the UA Athletics FB page or something... That's true. Not a big deal, can dontate them back to the alumni association. Check those PMs!
  16. Also, Samari Springs, CB Son of Shawn Springs, formerly of the Redskins (Can I say that name or is it a social faux pas?) https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/recruiting-insider/wp/2017/01/23/briar-woods-twins-samari-skyler-springs-commit-to-different-sides-of-the-football/?utm_term=.31afc31d999a
  17. THIS...over, and over, and over. Short of signing some BCS transfer stud (which I highly doubt is going to happen), this year I would personally take a shake-up of the coaching staff over a new quarterback recruit.
  18. Fun for you but terrible for the rest of us. Glad that powerhouse isn't on our schedule. We ain't ready lol. That team would put up 80 on us. Almost as many points as the UVM and UMBC teams would put up against that defense. Oh, wait...wrong thread.
  19. Penn State Defensive Tackle!!!!!! http://lancasteronline.com/sports/football/pennstate/penn-state-dt-antoine-white-transferring-to-albany/article_7453bc5e-dc53-11e6-8101-0f8356fdae8c.html 2 years of eligibility!
  20. He may have gotten a sixth year of eligibility after the ACL but I assumed he was graduating. Same situation as Nic Ketter and Jack Forster. That's part of the challenge of redshirting freshmen - if they also get a medical redshirt later in their career, then you're asking them to play a sixth year and that's a lot to ask. That said, I assume that none of those three are returning but they could have all gotten a sixth year - don't know. As I understand it sixth years usually only occur when there are two injury-related redshirts...not when there is a medical redshirt and a developmental redshirt. If you redshirt freshman year for development you get four years of eligibility; if you get hurt it is tough luck...unless it is a particularly lengthy injury.
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