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  1. Second half: Delaware starts the 3rd quarter with a drive of 8:12; ends with FG. UA "drive" #1: rush for 3, rush for 3, pick 6 (3 plays). UA "drive" #2: rush for -9 (failed reverse and well-scouted as the only offensive variant play UA runs), rush for 12, sack, punt (4 plays). Delaware 3 and out. UA "drive" #3: rush for 3, rush for 2, sack and lost fumble (3 plays). Delaware field goal. UA "drive" #4: rush for 2, incomplete, incomplete, punt (4 plays). Delaware missed field goal. UA "drive" #5: Completion and fumble (1 play). Delaware 3 and out. UA "drive" #6: Safety (1 play). Delaware runs out clock. That is just about as bad as it can get.
  2. Come on. That's rough. He had some tough runs throughout the year. One fumble doesn't make a career. Man... People are angry... Passion! This team stays on this path and people won't even care enough to complain. Crossroads!
  3. The senior Wierbinski got beaten like a rented mule on that play.
  4. I assumed at the time Brunson was recruited that this was going to be one of those college basketball situations where you want to land a top recruit so you hire one of the recruit's connections in an "advisor" role or something. Now, however, near the end of his redshirt freshman season you have a quarterback recruit that doesn't play AND a completely inept offense run by an underqualified individual. And Gattuso is staking his livelihood on this!?!?!?!
  5. Couldn't agree more. Fire the oc tonight... Guy is an oc with training wheels on. Start there... Get the kids reps. Sit sussman immediately and not look at him again until training camp. This school is too cheap to fire anyone, but I think the O.C. should be fired this week. This team is in need of a shake-up and GG isn't going anywhere. Sorry, buddy.
  6. I'm Bartles. He's Jaymes. And we thank you for your support.
  7. I didn't want to start the Delaware thread but UAlbany football's Twitter account just show a grayed out (translucent, anyhow) picture of the new red, white, and blue helmets the team will be wearing for military appreciation day.
  8. Tickets are now on sale through the UA website. $8 gets you a lower reserved or a chariback! (And no sympathy to UNH who set everyone up for the corner but didn't think to have one player go get the ball.)
  9. But because the run gets so heavily defended isn't he passing into single coverage most of the time? And don't the receivers run comparatively less complicated routes?
  10. All good questions. Also important to note is that he has a 43.3% completion rate 18 games into his college career, in a conservative offensive gameplan designed to minimize turnovers (very low risk passing.)
  11. Yes, sir, congratulations. I hope to hear about them on this forum in 18 years.
  12. I spent the second half wondering why UA didn't just direct-snap to Ibi and Rodgers and replace Sussman with an additional blocker.
  13. From a conversation I had with Gattuso at halftime. Me: Can I see a reverse? GG: Ehhhh, maybe. Me: How about a double reverse. GG: No way. Me: A screen pass? GG: No. Me: A bootleg? GG:No. Me: A naked bootleg? GG: No. Me: A slant? GG: No. Me: A flea flicker? A jump pass? The Statue of Liberty? GG: No. No. And no. Me: What about a sack? How about a blocked field goal? Or a faked field goal? GG: No across the board. Me: Well, then, what can I get? GG: You'll get vanilla and like it... and don't forget to donate. Me: Uhhhh, sure thing coach?
  14. Miss one long pass downfield then take a knee Gattuso....(psychic prediction)
  15. VANILLA!!!! Hope you don't like any flavor in your ice cream!
  16. FIFY GG has (mostly) compiled a very impressive staff, and because he sees all the players every practice Sussman very well may be the best option right now. For me, though, this staff has always been a little too conservative (stubborn even) for my tastes. Sussman is definitely tough, but as we all have seen, he has accuracy issues. GG thinks he will grow into the position, and that he has a high ceiling, but he needs to consider that he also has a very low floor. A 45% completion rate should only go up over time, but it is still way too low seven games into the second year, and only a little better than his 40% completion rate in 10 games last year. Are we hoping he gets to 50% and that will justify the staff's faith in him or is it time to stop the losing streak and try something different? I vote for change...but I usually do!
  17. It's a great night to be at The Casey to watch some soccer...
  18. And with that and the weather clearing...Haggy OUT! We are just about ready to smash em in the mouth, where are you going? Turns out the weather still sucks as much as the UA offense. So, how did the smashmouth football turn out?
  19. What sucks even more is that we are still stuck with an OC that happened to be his HS head coach.
  20. Agreed...fingers crossed...although I still think UA is too conservative their offensive play-calling in general.
  21. Guys...that is his first series...as a 19 year old. Relax. The kid was a top player in one of the best football producing States in the country. The coaching staff did him ZERO favors on that series. My comment about his first throw was in jest, although it didn't show his arm strength. With that said, he can go 0 for 30 and I won't care, because GG finally stopped being stubborn in the face of a losing situation.
  22. Has this season degraded to the point where the only cheers I can make are for the punter....again??? I'll breathe, and step away, but the rain doesn't make that possible.
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