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  1. I can't believe I am saying this but the season can still be salvaged. Its been an awful year I will admit with losses to Bryant and Duquesne...just a disgrace. The absolute ass beating they took from Robert Morris should have bruised their pride. If we could play defense Central would of been a win and the season would look much different!!!!!!!6-5 would be something to build on for next year. As I have said way too many times already, our offensive line has been offensive and the culprit going back to last years game against Bryant. They need to recruit the hell out of Jr Colleges for some horses and bring up these younger guys who are just simply bigger. How mean/nasty are they is still to be determined. An o lineman's best asset is his mean streak, then comes speed and size. what I lacked in brains, brawn, and speed(the list is endless) I made up for in being a nasty son of a bitch for 60 minutes! This years line is the only line in recent memory that seems soft. We used to get penalties(not condoning it) by our offensive line for unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary roughness. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 4 yards a carry and 1.8!!!! The skill players are there. If Leathly can stop turning the ball over he will be a great qb going forward. Yes we are young but we should be playing better. I am not going to hang the OC just yet(although he should keep with the option and spread the field) as he ran the exact same offense in 2007 2008 with great results. The offensive line was the difference. With these backs and a good line we should be getting 4 yards a carry. They simply are not coming off the ball and we need to be bigger. Defense has been dreadful after a great start at Maine. They need their swagger back. Pass D is the worst and it seems we can no longer stop the run. Other then that they are great. They get killed with the big play. They also are young but have potential.
  2. Every team plays a "klunker game" in the course of a season. New Hampshire got beat by Rhode Island, Michigan struggled with UMASS, etc. Was last Saturday a klunker? I hope so but I cant be sure. The Defense never looked better then it did on opening day. Dilella played better against Maine and had moments against SFA but the offense is prone to fumbling or throwing a horrible pick that costs us an opportunity or its returned for points or sets up a short field for points. Against DU our D looked awful until the 4th, no pass rush and their rb got 100yards, I wont mention the coverage by our dbs. If we can get by Yale and be 2-2 It will be what we all thought we would be after 4 games (with wins against Yale and DU, not Maine and SFA). But thats the end of the excuses. DU will lose 2 conference games this year as will everyone with the possible exception of RMC. 8-3 looks better then 6-5.
  3. Someone posted that our O line is a major problem, and I couldnt agree more. I have been saying it for 2 years. There was a time when the entire opposing defense was in the box trying to stop Dave McCarty and we would hand it off to him and our line would get him 6 yards a carry. The O Coordinator wasn't Sean Payton then and he is not awful now. He ran # 10 most of the first half because he knows our secondary is awful against the pass(and so does the rest of the NEC) and was trying to control the clock. If we could sustain our run blocks(need to be bigger up front) then we would be fine. Execution of the game plan is the big difference. Lets ask ourselves if we are nasty enough in the trenches and it appears to be a no as of the last two ball games. This does look to be a rebuilding year...it smells of a 6-5 year. St Francis will be better then Yale and RMC looks to be the best of the NEC this year. Duquesne didnt impress me, even though we stunk the joint out it was 21-14 (due to turnovers)at the half. RMC beats DU going away. The qb we have now underthrows or overthrows everyone. He got sacked once or twice so he had decent pass protection and had open rec's. Danefan, being a former qb, correct me If I am wrong, so maybe a platoon system going forward is the answer. We are more dangerous on O when we have a running qb. I like Danefan's plan, get #10 behind C with Wilson or Romain in the game. Use a wishbone package or wildcat in the middle of a drive...it will confuse the hell out of a D. BTW, Booker, the TE is an outstanding athlete, lets get him some touches. And, we shouldn't save the flea flicker/reverse pass for OOC games, use it!!! #2 has played well this year and will be the best rec on the field in the future. The rest would play well if the qb got the ball to them.
  4. Does anyone have any insight to Duquesne? I know they pass and have decent rec's. I think they will be slow as compared to SFA. This is a game where we need to control the clock with the run and apply lots of pressure to their qb.
  5. Does anyone know the seriousness of #10's knee? Two weeks is not enough time if the knee has been damaged substantially. Sounds like a mild sprain, which will still slow him down. As I posted on another board, I really liked the rbs that are behind him. The O lineman was in a boot? That can't be gtood. His replacement is a former starter. I hope that is it.
  6. SFA 27 UA 13 BTW where is the f@#kin newspaper coverage???? The kid from The Troy Record does a good job covering Albany. They have several write ups in the Texas newspapers but not a effin thing from the Times $ienaless here in Albany.
  7. I agree with you Dane 96, they are a throwing team. I dont care if its a 15 yard out or a bomb. Thats why we need to pressure their qb and control the clock on offense. Georgia Southern was the same way last year. A high flying pass happy team, and I am aware that SFA is a far superior team to GSU. Long sustained drives shorten the game and their offensive possessions. They are going to score no doubt, we just need to keep it to 2 or 3 scores. Once upon a time, with less talent we beat a pretty good passing qb named Flacco who now works on Sundays.
  8. I also read on their board that they have some injuries on the D line. Teams improve the most from what I have been told between week 1 and week 2. They got beat up by A&M last weekend so they will be pissed. If we can get out of the first qtr without getting lit up we greatly improve our chances. If we can manage to frustrate them, they could lose some composure, panic and begin to press.Remember its still early for them as well and they didn't accomplish much last week. So they could still have some rust on them.
  9. People get a grip, we arent playing The University of Texas. They are beatable, its FCS not NFL. Do they have better skill players then we do? Yes. In typical UA fashion, we need to run the ball successfully, NO TURNOVERS and play great D again. We will not shut them out. The problem is is that their coach likes to run up the score. They beat a DII or a DIII team 92-0 a few years ago. That should be motivation enough. They are cocky so hopefully they are looking past UA to UNI.
  10. A little update on Maine and Coach's thoughts on SFA. This is a tall order Sat night. They will be "heavy" up front on their D-line so our big uglies better have it strapped on. If we can move the ball I think SFA could get gassed out before we do. This is one of those times, if played correctly, an O line may be better suited by being more athletic then huge. SFA is not huge up front(again think UMASS) but they will be bigger then we are on Offense. We shall see. It also seems they have great team speed on Defense as well.
  11. Everyone is picking Maine but they dont seem like they are that big of a deal. Maine IMHO is beatable. That team in Texas is a different story.
  12. They do a live broadcast according to Maine's game notes. Looking at the game notes I think we match up very well physically with them. They arent huge up front like UMASS was last year and they run the ball. Lets see who has the faster skill players. http://goblackbears.com/sports/m-footbl/2010-11/10_FB-Notes_Albany.pdf
  13. Where is all the chatter? No comments on Dilella winning the starting job. No predictions? Where are you Dane96 and Danefan???
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