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  1. Where is that one guy here that defended this loser and told us to just be patient...H something. I've been asking for Gattuso to be fired for 5 years...it was clear a long time ago he is in way over his head. I was insensed that they extended him for the full 5 years instead of a 2 or 3 year agreement after how much he sucked in his first contract. Let me guess...CAA is very tough, give Gattuso a break, he just needs more time. Finally this season has proven what he's always been...he's not a winner. One more year of this...I'm sure, this school doesn't buy out coaches unless his final year isn't guaranteed.
  2. 0-7....Gattuso trying all he can to get his ass fired even with one year left on contract.
  3. Lmao...haha...down 10 to Maine at the half. Fold this $iena program.
  4. I have no expectations for this year...DK needs time to put in his system and get this team playing together. Just gonna watch the games and enjoy being in SEFCU again regardless of results. Looking for steady development of the program and faster paced play.
  5. You ask why...and while that's all good and well...may I submit to you...why NOT? Losing is Gattuso's style...it's on brand, it's what he does. Everyone involved, fans, coaches and players are probably just begging for this all to end.
  6. Coach Brown has moved on...maybe we all should as well...or not...whateves! He and his family are no longer public figures.
  7. Agreed...the right play was take the knee especially with this special teams. FG at that distance was not an option. I'm not gonna kill them for taking the shot...not like much else was cooking after the first drive. I was annoyed at the play call at end of game ...fade route over and over and over trying to hit a home run and of course they didn't...and that last throw was absolute abysmal into triple or quadruple coverage to end the game. That had zero chance. Hard to tell if Cuff has regressed this significantly or he has no one to throw to....he has been objectively brutal...the int in the 4th quarter I believe where he launched it into the chest of the lineman that he didn't see somehow was brutal giving nova a very short field. The defense has been solid all year, this offense is a disaster and special teams just as bad. Gattuso won't be replaced even if they go winless so one more year of this.
  8. I was there for the whole thing...as others noted, it was a slow start...but as the game went on, they got more comfortable and less methodical. Just played ball. - Perry is a nice player, I think will be an important piece this year. Definitely a big wing or a stretch four, can work inside and out. - Doles had a nice game, will probably be the starter at 5 - Newman is pretty athletic and big and will probably back up Doles, if he can give us 5 or 6 pts and 5 or 6rb would be nice. Was pretty quiet most of the game but a little bit at the end. - Hutch confidence seems back...was splashing 3's, it was nice to see for a kid that hung in there. Should definitely be in the play in group - Shaffer I though was pretty quiet but scored a bucket or two before twisting his right ankle. - Drumgoold was quiet, hit a shot close to the end of the game but otherwise didn't make much of an impression - Champion did a lot of thing well, steady, senior leader, hit a few 3's...solid defense, moved the ball, definitely someone who will be in the top 10 and part of rotation - Fizulich I found was very good, I'm not sure where he plays but tough on the ball defense, quick, jitter bug type player that will be under the skin of opposing guards, pretty shifty. - Cerruti has a nice stroke, probably will start at 2 guard at least to start the year as they will need some shooting. Definitely a D1 player - Ketner big bodied, had a few nice moves down low but will probably need a little bit of time to adjust - Horton had quite the battle with Little...should start the year as starting PG but Little gave him fits. - Little...this is a guy who's going to be a star in the AE. Beautiful pace to his game, long, strong and quick, made some really nice passes, head up, I felt good about him running a team. Wasn't out of control but did force a few 3's late as he hit a few earlier and was probably feeling himself. He and Neely are the future along with the big kid we just signed. Very impressed by him, kid is a baller. Was giving Horton all he could handle. - Neely same thing...this kid is a steal for us. Thick and strong, very athletic, doesn't look like a freshman at all and may be a 4 year starter here if she sticks around. Pretty much can operate at all 3 levels, can take smaller guards into the post, can shoot the 3, can pull up from mid-range. Strong on defense. - Reddish probably our most athletic kid...very long and can jump out of the gym. At one point went up for the rebound and head was above the rim...lol...but he's a project. Overall as they settled in the game had a nice pace to it...started out very very slow. Team is bigger and more athletic than last year for sure. - I'd start Horton, Cerruti, Nealy, Perry and Doles with the bench being Little, Fizulich, Champion, Hutch and Newman. To bad didn't get to see Amica today.
  9. I mean he's gotta be delusional...right? How else can you explain it...at least just stick to game coverage but to go out of his way to praise this so called coach who's getting his ass kicked week in and week out for 7 out of the 8 years? Fans aren't stupid! We know a pile of $iena when we see it.
  10. Wyland is an absolute joke...the man seriously keeps singing the praises of Gattuso and that they played well. SMH...I can't...this dude is biggest hack I've ever seen.
  11. LMAO...this team absolutely can't get out of it's own way...Cuff horrendous...brutal throws, non worse than that last one on 4th down. WR wasn't even close to open.
  12. 😂 Looking at 0-6...one winning season and this is what Rodger says...unreal.
  13. I'm going to basketball scrimmage but will avoid this debacle like the plague that it is...
  14. Will be at scrimmage but will avoid the football game like the plague ...
  15. Yep ...I mostly watch for how they are gonna screw up now. Ask D...on that bad snap on the punt i was like watch ..this is going over his head ..lol...
  16. And that half-witt Roger Wyland doesn't think Gattuso needs to be on the hotseat. Amazing cognitive dissonance.
  17. Wheels completely off the program not just game ..folded like a deck of lawn chairs...fumbles, bad snaps, couldn't recover an inside kick. Maybe I should watch the first half because I turned it on in the second after mowing the lawn. Don't see any difference...trash!
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