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  1. Same, update came through today and works. I like it on first blush...will update my review from 1 star.
  2. Well they are wrong unless they want to release it only to iPhones...that's fine but don't put out a product on google app store, have it crash repeatedly for at least a few of us and then claim it works...not yelling at you just saying that "they" are clueless as usual. The deleted my previous review...seems like this outfit has really thin skin. All the review said was 1-star, "App doesn't appear to work, feels like another under baked Mark Benson special" What's wrong with that?
  3. Bro...give me a break with this here. Release an app that doesn't work on 50% of the phones if not more and it's me complaining? It's like someone gives you a bike, it has no handlebars and no wheels, one pedal is missing...so basically a pile of $iena and I'm supposed to what...hope on it and ride it and thank them? Maybe if I ran a scrap metal yard...
  4. Crashes upon install...have tried everything...doesn't run at all.
  5. Naturally! It's close but I'd probably favor Baylor.
  6. Season ticket holder 3 tickets since 2006...donated money specifically to men's basketball just like last week...zip...nice!
  7. Agreed ..it's a different time ..well over 1000 kids are in portal. But let's face it, DK has his hands full.
  8. If this is confirmed than Albany today is a far worse and less talented as a team then they were at end of this season and that team was a loser...lol. Let's face it, the two recruits announced so far are role players, lost Healy for sure + Rizzuto and Kelley at minimum right now. The talent drop-off right now is pretty steep. Lost of ships left to fill but next season is looking rough at this moment in time subject to change depending on who else commits.
  9. Time to raise another one... How it started... How it's going... See you chumps next March...
  10. Why...which part of the above is not true? D96 is right...feels like people are sitting on pins and needles waiting for DK to fail so some here can say see...Benson shouldn't have made a change. I'm on the record saying the program was going nowhere and even if DK loses for years and gets canned my opinion that change was needed won't change. The above will be denies but it's true, there is a subset of fans biding their time to pounce. And yeah...DK with his first two commitments is giving those folks some ammo. As for me...until proven otherwise I'm all in on this coach because he's the only
  11. If you are gonna hold a guy 3 weeks on the job who's trying to rebuild a roster to the same standards as the guy 20 year on the job...that's pretty harsh. Especially as the previous staff lost a ton of kids every year to transfer and had more than their shares of Sasha French, Reece Brooks, Phillip Flory, Conhrain, Conway, Lands, Martin-Garcia, Trey Green and Richard Peters who beg the question ...umm...who saw them as D1 kids? What about Haas or Barraza both of whom had cinder blocks for shoes...so let's not pretend like this is the first time that a D2 kid has been offered...and yet no
  12. This...if in 2 years or 20 years (if he's here) this is the level of recruiting it's gonna be a problem. His first priority needs to be to shure up a roster that is understandably slammed with transfers. So yeah...he's gonna be held to a different standard 3 weeks into the job. He also doesn't have the baggage of losing seasons and 1/3 the roster transferring every year...at least not yet so people usually will give a new coach a bit more rope. The first two recruits aren't home runs on paper...that much is clear. The reaction has been muted because let's face it, everyone is trying to fi
  13. Played only 14mpg...career per 40 is 12/11 and 2blks per game. Maybe he can give us something down low. I actually don't mind this signing for one year. Looks fairly athletic and can finish around the rim. Not sure why he played only 14mpg. Advanced analytics show that he is a good rebounder and can protect rim. DK said need to rebound to run...which is true. Horrendous ft shooter..won't be able to leave him out there in a close game.
  14. One time Dane DeSousa transferring again...this time away from Rider.
  15. 1-3 will do that do you...no need to run up the losing record any further. Not surprised...
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