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  1. Two thoughts... 1) Money to good to pass up at ND 2) Everyone running out the door considering what has transpired with HC... Time will tell which it is.
  2. This level of torching is something to behold...I'm not sure I've ever seen anything in sports this strongly worded. Dang...
  3. Ya'll can complain all you want but I'm just glad they are getting a much needed upgrade to facilities... don't @me!!!!
  4. For as much crap as we all give Benson, most of it deserved, good for him for delivering this and with private funding. Impressive.
  5. https://twitter.com/sar_juice/status/1523799117042012160?t=SKw0bzm1yQQ2fjxNBTL5Rg&s=19
  6. I'm with you, on paper this was really underwhelming in terms of what they hauled in. I've been around long enough to let it play out but I expected more...got a few small fringe guards and a kid that was supposed to be a walkon, handed out another 'ship to a guy who was a walkon. Better hope Amica is healthy, Beagle is as advertised and kids like Little and Neely and Redish take a big step up in year 2.
  7. Always amused by this type of commentary...nary a concern in years past. Here is a quick walk down memory lane for those who don't understand that this IS the nature of D1 hoops now...kids leave. Here are some recent early departures. 2020 - Healy, DeSousa, French, Doherty 2019 - Flory, Brooks 2018 - Cremo, Nichols, Conway, Cochrain 2017 - Grayson, Lands, Martin-Garcia 2016 - Andrews, Peters, On and on and on...
  8. I'm emotional...!!!! This 100x
  9. TUC...MVP Healthcare bought naming rights.
  10. It's true, courtesy of D96...great find. LOTS and LOTS of information here including designs etc. UAlbany P-1101 Rehabilitate SEFCU Arena - Bldg. 105 :: Plans :: Dataflow Online Planroom (nyplanroom.com)
  11. Nevermind...I see it now on his profile...I didn't know what Arcadia was.
  12. And that is perfectly fine and OK, this is an individual choice. I will be cutting all my financial commitment to the school. Even though I am moving, my plan was to continue the same dollar donation to the athletic department (+ Giving day donation) even giving up my season tickets. The extension of Gattuso made me strongly question if I should do this...the last few weeks has put a nail in that coffin. I detest the "leadership" of Mark Benson and his complete mismanagement of the athletic department to such a degree that it's forced me to make a decision I never thought I would. My donations have always been earmarked for football/basketball or just basketball as those are the sports I really care about. People can chose to do what they see fit with their money. I will reconsider my position when Benson is relieved of his duties. Football won't see a cent until that loser walks out holding a cardboard box. I'm not a big doner, I'm at a point in my life where I can start to step up those donations but not in this environment. I'm sure it won't put a dent in their budget but there are others like me. Mark Benson is losing some of the most ardent supporters of UA Athletics and if that doesn't scare the $iena out of him...we'll he's as stupid as we all think he is.
  13. Yep...and what possibly could have happened in a hype circle and doesn't get reported for 3 months? This story is madness where no one looks good. Few love UA hoops as much as I do...but with my move South and mismanagement of the entire department I will be severing financial ties until Benson is replaced. This bizarre incident makes that a lot easier to do and step away to that degree. Can someone advise me who best to contact to voice my frustrations with Benson and how this has been handled?
  14. None of this makes sense...hype circle contact lead to a 5 game suspension? Did he touch his *ick? What is going on? Lol...
  15. Yeah ...no one takes that penalty for accidental contact...sorry...what a horrible look for the school, the President and everyone else all the way down the line.
  16. I just want to know what the allegations were (if there is anything more than what was already made public) and what process the University took to investigate to reach the conclusion they did. Most of all I want to be assured that it was not done in the Athletic Dept but higher up the chain, that the investigation was thorough, faire and equitable to all involved and that no part of the allegation was not investigated.
  17. Interesting wording "even the DK supporters asked"...goes right back to what Eli said earlier, call it a conspiracy theory all you want. Your angle is clear here...the only question is; if we do get the transparency here if the Brown supporters and people who never wanted Brown gone will continue to dig and dig and dig to undermine DK because the think they are getting to Benson that way. As if DK is responsible for 10 years of Bensons disastrous leadership. And I do mean continue, it started from day one and calls into question if these folks like you are UA supporters or Browns personal fan club to the detriment of the program. The only litmus test if a coach should continue at UA should be 1) is he running a clean program and kids doing well in school 2) is he winning. Regardless if he is your BFF or not...if either one of these is missing, the school should make a change. That was done with the MBB program. Regardless of all the personality issues, there was a ton of losing and program got stale which gave Benson an opening to settle other scores. It's strange how many people chose to overlook the on court performance and were in favor of status quo as the program faltered all because of personal friendships. Just so we are absolutely crystal clear, it is my opinion that the personal relationship of some "insiders" here is with the old coach and his entire extended family has warped their views of the MBB program. I'm sure if the guy went winless for 5 years you'd still keep him and thus regardless of how well DK does it will always grate on you. There is a subset of people here, so called "insiders" who are praying for DK to fail because they think they are getting to Benson that way instead of cheering the program on. You know how I know this...take for instance your comments, Brown's dad on twitter and others...when the going was rough early on in the season and they couldn't buy a win, there was a certain level of gloating about "grass isn't always greener", Browns dad on twitter spouting off. After some wins started coming and they won at BC...crickets! Make of that what you will but don't lecture people here like you're just pulling for the program and want what's best for it. I've bit my tongue for a while on this but the hypocrisy is astounding and no one should believe it for a minute. As for me, I will continue to ask for transparency because I think IF a legitimate investigation took place and IF DK was cleared, the school owes him, the fans, recruits etc. an explanation as like it or not his reputation has been tarnished. IF they continue to hide everything about what transpired and do not offer any transparency into what happened, what the investigation uncovered and why they reached the decision they did, it will leave a black cloud over the program. Furthermore, I detest what Benson has done with this program, there should be a separate investigation into his handling of this. I want to say again unequivocally. IF DK hit a kid with with any malice and it was not purely accidental, he needs to be replaced as much as I like him. I'm a fan of the program and not any one individual, striking, pushing a kid etc. with intent is never OK. Few people know the situation around another allegation on Bensons watch that led to a dismissal of an assistant coach. No transparency was demanded then...even if it was a sham. That got quietly swept under the rug...even if I think it was BS. Where were the demands for transparency with the old coaching regime? I mean, shine a light on all of it...right? Ahh...that's right because that coming to light would have painted the old HC, fair or not in a negative ligh...so we didn't get any calls for transparency.
  18. Change needs to be made there with more urgency than needed to be made in the MBB program but Gattuso has a vid of Benson with a goat that he threatened to post to "Goats gone wild"...so he gets to stay! Dude is a stone-cold loser and Benson just keeps handing him 1mill contracts.
  19. Here is the link to the store D96 referenced Embattled UAlbany basketball coach to keep his job next season | WNYT.com
  20. Congrats...5 more and you'll catch up to me. Let's do it again next year!
  21. I think they will issue PR and call it a day...no one is going to do a celebratory press conference. This whole thing was/is ugly...they will want to move on as quick as they can.
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