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  1. Is there skiing and Great Danes sports in Florida...if not...why move there? Just my 2 cents...
  2. The recruiting has kind been wild...kids we'd never sniff before. Let's see how they do on the court but on paper this is dope.
  3. Those is us who knew this was bubbling under the surface immediately questioned the hiring of Tibbs. It was bad optics than and even worse now. Hopefully not a mistake that connects us to the horrendous situation and why some of us also bristled at DK brining up Lamb in his intro press conference.
  4. Eli moves to Florida and abdicates all of his responsibilities...#floridaman
  5. WOW...quite the signing and interest...
  6. I hope he picks up a other 4/5 big...if even one of those 4 is injured could really hurt with so little depth upfront and Hutch is a pretty small 4.
  7. Was injured at Pitt but another one that looks on tape pretty good...good athlete.
  8. Tape on this kid looks good...love that he's a 4 year kid or at least hs kid and will be on the team to bridge into future when a lot of the kids are set to graduate.
  9. Same, update came through today and works. I like it on first blush...will update my review from 1 star.
  10. Well they are wrong unless they want to release it only to iPhones...that's fine but don't put out a product on google app store, have it crash repeatedly for at least a few of us and then claim it works...not yelling at you just saying that "they" are clueless as usual. The deleted my previous review...seems like this outfit has really thin skin. All the review said was 1-star, "App doesn't appear to work, feels like another under baked Mark Benson special" What's wrong with that?
  11. Bro...give me a break with this here. Release an app that doesn't work on 50% of the phones if not more and it's me complaining? It's like someone gives you a bike, it has no handlebars and no wheels, one pedal is missing...so basically a pile of $iena and I'm supposed to what...hope on it and ride it and thank them? Maybe if I ran a scrap metal yard...
  12. Yeah it's straight wild in there...
  13. Crashes upon install...have tried everything...doesn't run at all.
  14. Naturally! It's close but I'd probably favor Baylor.
  15. Season ticket holder 3 tickets since 2006...donated money specifically to men's basketball just like last week...zip...nice!
  16. Agreed ..it's a different time ..well over 1000 kids are in portal. But let's face it, DK has his hands full.
  17. If this is confirmed than Albany today is a far worse and less talented as a team then they were at end of this season and that team was a loser...lol. Let's face it, the two recruits announced so far are role players, lost Healy for sure + Rizzuto and Kelley at minimum right now. The talent drop-off right now is pretty steep. Lost of ships left to fill but next season is looking rough at this moment in time subject to change depending on who else commits.
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