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  1. This conversation needs to start with game at SEFCU! With the first game of the series starting with SEFCU. I won't be in attendance for any Siena game that doesn't have a return to SEFCU. Siena fans can go kick rocks or get someone else into the TUC to fill up to 10k or 11k. 


    If Benson folds he needs to be replaced for caving into an institution that is in no position to  dictate terms as UA dwarfs them. One is a large State school and the other is a small liberal arts college...ACT LIKE IT.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Dane96 said:

    Looks like we just got a commitment from Aaron Reddish. Top 400 recruit, top 76 sf.  3 star player.  Little bro of Atlanta Hawks star Cam Reddish. 

    6’7 small forward. 

    The recruiting has kind been wild...kids we'd never sniff before. Let's see how they do on the court but on paper this is dope.

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  3. 4 hours ago, godanesgo99 said:

    There are now multiple reports of it growing significantly bigger with additional members of the basketball team, and members of the UVM Hockey team and other athletes. Allegations of multiple gang rapes, heavy partying, and a culture of bad things. Its gonna blow up big.The Lt. Governor of Vermont tweeted about it yesterday. 

    I'm hoping our new assistant coach had nothing to do with it and no trouble flows our way in the aftermath. 

    As always, its innocent until proven guilty for all parties involved, but the sheer number of new complaints and accusations is troubling to say the least.

    Those is us who knew this was bubbling under the surface immediately questioned the hiring of Tibbs. It was bad optics than and even worse now. Hopefully not a mistake that connects us to the horrendous situation and why some of us also bristled at DK brining up Lamb in his intro press conference.

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  4. On 4/22/2021 at 2:05 PM, Dane96 said:

    We have offered at least two bigs for 2022, both freshman.

    For this year, we should be in a good spot if the team remains as is, plus whatever Coach DK adds with the remaining scholarships (forget what we have left).  The current team, if everyone who has entered the portal (and has not signed elsewhere yet) stays:

    PG: Jamel Horton (2 yrs), Will Amica (technically 5 years?!  don't know how the RS would work considering they all got their years back for last year); JoJo Anderson (1 yr)

    SG:Chuck Champion (1 yr); Ny'Mire Little (5 years...if he Redshirts); 

    Wing/SF: Sam Schafer (3 yrs); Dre Perry (1 yr); Gerald Drumgoole (3 years); Matt Cerutti (1 yr)

    PF: Kellon Taylor (1 yr)Trey Hutcheson (3 yrs)

    C Jarvis Doles (2 yrs); Paul Newman (1 yr)

    By my count, that would give us 1 more scholarship if all the above stay...and it WOULD NOT surprise me if Coach DK keeps that scholarship open for the 2022 cycle or a late midyear transfer (so he can offer a 2022 early).  

    Literally almost NO ONE on that list could be fit into a specific position per se, and I have zero idea what kind of offense Coach DK wants to run and who fits that style.  Interesting to me is that Horton actually had almost a 3 to 1 A/T ratio, a number that I did not expect.  On paper, except for Schafer, Hutch, and Cerutti, this team is very long and athletic.  I actually think Schafer is a sneaky kind of player that could breakout.  

    Amica will definitely need to start getting time to see what we have there.

    IMHO, this is a team that has a lot of guys who can do multiple things, and this will give Coach DK some good lineup flexibility.   I can see all type of lineups employed


    I hope he picks up a other 4/5 big...if even one of those 4 is injured could really hurt with so little depth upfront and Hutch is a pretty small 4. 

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  5. 7 hours ago, Dane96 said:

    Just received a commitment from 2021 G, Nymire Little.  Tough, athletic  guard from the Philly area, 6’4.  Loyola and Stony Brook may have been in the mix. (I’m not a huge believer in Verbal Commits database offerings, inaccurate a lot). 


    Tape on this kid looks good...love that he's a 4 year kid or at least hs kid and will be on the team to bridge into future when a lot of the kids are set to graduate. 

  6. 3 hours ago, cwdickens said:

    I mention your concern on Instagram...."They" replied that the app works....I have not tried the app on my phone...

    Well they are wrong unless they want to release it only to iPhones...that's fine but don't put out a product on google app store, have it crash repeatedly for at least a few of us and then claim it works...not yelling at you just saying that "they" are clueless as usual. 




    The deleted my previous review...seems like this outfit has really thin skin. All the review said was 1-star, "App doesn't appear to work, feels like another under baked Mark Benson special"

    What's wrong with that?




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  7. 2 hours ago, BestDaneSinceHamlet said:

    Just logged in. Pretty cool. 

    I realize they aren’t perfect but at least they are trying.  Sometimes I think some of you would win a million dollars and then complain that you had to go to the bank.  

    Bro...give me a break with this here. Release an app that doesn't work on 50% of the phones if not more and it's me complaining? It's like someone gives you a bike, it has no handlebars and no wheels, one pedal is missing...so basically a pile of $iena and I'm supposed to what...hope on it and ride it and thank them? Maybe if I ran a scrap metal yard...

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  8. 19 hours ago, Dane Pound said:

    Well over 25% of all college basketball players are now in the transfer portal. I wonder if the NCAA should just starting assuming everyone is transferring and create a "staying portal for those guys who elect to stay at the same school."

    Yeah it's straight wild in there...

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