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  1. Hey fellas... we'll always have last season. Looks like the real UAlbany is back.
  2. They have usually paid way more and can go higher. But CB making 400+ certainly closed the gap very significantly and in fact paid more. Siena is not in a good financial spot and Covid threatens schools like them immensely.
  3. I know a guy from down that way that's pretty decent.
  4. This is not a hot take ..it's reality. If you treat the regular season like it's a scrimmage for 2 weekend in March what do you expect?
  5. And need I remind anyone, we've beaten the $iena out of them for a decade, the days of them dictating terms to an institution by orders of magnitude larger than them, with a far better overall athletic department etc. ended like 15 years ago! Albany needs to know its place and conversely, Siena needs to know their place.
  6. The fact that you think playing at the TUC is about fans is pretty laughable man...LOL
  7. Their KenPom ranking was bottom half of D1 at 187 bottom half of all D1 and beat up on a $iena-stain of a conference losing to 218, 265, 249 and 250 and out in the first round of MAAC tourney to 182. Not sure how "back" they are and they just lost their best or second best player and remains to be seen if Pickett stays. That program is a shell of the program when Fran was there, horrible coaching for a decade, hired a guy who took off in 1 year and now coach barely does two and is interviewing two times for the worst job in the A10. They will be back at the RACC by close of deca
  8. I strongly disagree, always being the road team is a competitive disadvantage, familiarity of court etc. Not to mention they should have to play in the tighter confines of the SEFCU and our fans on top of them. Especially if DK can fill the stands with students etc.
  9. You know how you start losing a fan base? Take even one step back from what Coach Brown demanded. He needs to understand that.
  10. Interview... https://1045theteam.com/ualbanys-dwayne-killings-first-interview-on-1045-the-team-audio/
  11. In the absence of any concrete information on my part I'll defer to your interpretation/opinion. As I said...that to me was really the biggest blunder of that press conference. We'll see if it's a start of something with respect to how the program will be run or something transient.
  12. I don't see his hire as any referendum on the lawsuit and accusations...Tibbs was apparently in the 3rd or 4th chair at UVM. I think DK saw a guy he felt could help him recruit and hired him. Doubtful that a guy that far down the leadership rung had any input as to how UVM handled the investigation or lack of one. But again, this hire is on DK. If scumbag human beings start showing up around the program we'll have our answer. I'll even go as far as to say that I personally would have stayed away from anyone even remotely associated with that situation but I'm not the HC.
  13. Equally as cringe to even name the player in the press conference. That was his one I think fairly bad moment. I'm not sure if he's aware but if he is, that was a poor thought to articulate or verbalize. Just say nothing...
  14. Agreed ..at the time he took over a mess of a program and build a strong foundation here for many years. Regardless of how or why it ended, that deserve respect.
  15. Maybe bob you should listen to it before adding nothing as usual...never said you did Bob, not once. Unclench cheeks.
  16. That's fair...I didn't take it that way but perhaps I misread his intentions.
  17. Search the ae forum and burlington newspapers...I want to be careful and not post stuff that under investigation and all accused deserve a full and through investigation but stuff that's being talked about is ugly and far worse than Bing situation.
  18. Why is this relevant or some type of demerit? I didn't get the sense that he was saying like it was gonna be something new or some great leap for program that only he's capable of bringing here. Clearly history shows that's not true. Maybe I heard it wrong...I'm a little conflicted on Tibbs...and hated the fact that Lambs name was even brought up considering what's going on there. That to me was cringe.
  19. He said his father was HC at Siena, I almost swear I heard that right.
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