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  1. Maybe JC knows this guys is NOT like him...so pretty good human being. No?
  2. Only stumble was bringing up Anthony Lamb in this presser. I'm not sure if he's aware or not but there are VERY SERIOUS allegations made not only against Anthony Lamb but also about UVM program. The kind that make Bing's issues from years a go a walk in the park. That was a blunder but one I can excuse with maybe he's not up to speed.
  3. That was a home run as far as pressers go but we'll see what the result is on the recruiting trail and then on the court in the fall. I'm more excited about the direction of this program than I've been in about a half a decade or more...is that wrong?
  4. DK acknowledges the contribution of Will Brown and that he's done some amazing things with this program. It's his job to take it from here and to new heights. Smooth! Man, I hope this guy can coach X and O's pretty sure his recruiting etc. will be fine.
  5. Man this is smashing it out of the park right now for me...wow
  6. Another https://twitter.com/VerbalCommits/status/1372363446134714373?s=19
  7. Lol...we can't touch this kid...look at his offers lol.
  8. They had me at masters degree from University of Phoenix... SOLD!
  9. Imagine having this low an opinion of the fans of the program and yet spending all day posting here...LOL
  10. In 2020 - 4 kids transferred out in 2019 - 2 kids transferred out in 2018 - 4 kids left, granted 2 were grad transfers in 2017 - 4 kids transferred out on and on and on, roster stability has never been a thing at UA. Every year, almost half the team leaves, resulting in the following year half the team having to pick up a new offense etc. My hope is with the new coaching staff there is some roster stability and not half or more of the recruiting class being misses. Recruiting has been BAD for a while and one of the reasons so many kids leave.
  11. Doles, Horton and Taylor all enter portal...according to VC.
  12. At least as excited (or pretend) as you were for the last 3 straight losing seasons and a half-a-decade of cannon fodder not in the first round of the NCAA's but the first round of the AE tourney...or not, whatever.
  13. The bolded part is very true, very little objectivity here at times where close personal relationships prevent any accountability for losing season after losing season...hopefully the new guy is given a chance or even half the leash the old staff got. I didn't like it on first blush but have been reading and watched a few of his mic'd up videos. He's growing on me, or at least the chance of the program making the turn in the right direction.
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