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  1. I don't think anyone is saying life time contract.
  2. What could have been if David and Joe didn't leave. That team was poised to be special. That really seemed to derail the program and it's been 3 painful years since. This team I felt had nice talent but glaring weakness at PG and one really good Big. Healy and Hutch took huge steps backwards and could never get going.
  3. Benson was billed a program builder, he's done little to improve the lot of this athletic department. Half the AE has new arenas and we play in a dump.
  4. Ultimately if he's here long enough he will be judged on his decision. The move to extend Gattuso has paid off in the short term. Having said that...we need to be competitive with top of the AE and if we are being fair we aren't and haven't been for a while. Point is Brown fair or not has given Benson an opening. But count me as concerned, the guy has some bad hires and can't do simple things like put in a bag policy. In fact I'd fire him before Brown. I'm of the opinion that Benson is fairly well insulated from criticism and I'm not sure why. The guy is kind of a complete zero.
  5. This is the scary part...his track record is bad hiring coaches. One of the most significant issues is lack of support for things like summer school etc. If you go down this road, how will you improve the program other than coach? That has to be asked...program is definitely at a crossroads.
  6. I am of the opinion that Benson has shown his hand full tilt...all that is left is confirmation.
  7. Dempsey is expired...ford has years I believe. Both of those situations are better then Albany with our arena. Hard to argue against the notion that the programs best years are behind them with this staff. It's not one rough year but 3 in a row. A lot of programs have passed us by.
  8. Keep an eye out for Bing...stays in NY, Dempsey contract is over..much better facilities. They don't really give a $iena about winning.
  9. Unfortunately tough to win giving up 80...it just is. Season over and now we wait to see what the future of the program is. Interesting times.
  10. Rizzuto missing that ft is huge...feels like this guy has missed every important ft in his career.
  11. Hartford too locked in on O, shooting from the field up to 58%. Albany playing well on offense but it may not matter if they can't slow Hawks down even a little.
  12. I don't see winning a game you aren't playing in well as heart. For me playing hard or with hart is an eyeball thing. Are they fighting through not playing well is the effort there? I think obviously it is...they are just getting out-executed by Hartford on offense vs our D. Need to lock in on D...have to!
  13. Hartford gonna hang 40+ on them on 60% shooting this half. Albany playing well on offense but can't stop Hatford at all.
  14. I'm not sure I agree with this but the reality is they haven't been able to string two good games together all season...I'm not entirely surprised by this so far.
  15. No defense today...Hawks shooting 55% from the field. Even with a huge foul discrepancy in our favor down all game.
  16. Rizzuto getting a brutal whistle lol...he can't do anything without being called for a foul.
  17. No feelings hurt, just wasn't sure if that was your intent or simply unaware. Seeing now that it was intentional...carry on. You do you!
  18. Let's face it...no idea which team will show up or if this program still knows how to get out of the first round. They are 5-3 in the last 8 games and split with UVM, UNH and played UMBC (earlier in the year) close both times. NJIT isn't very good, if there is any hope for this program they have to find a way to get out of the first round.
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