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  1. Watched my first live game...got through first half and turned it off. There is no future here ..same old tired result. Program dying a slow death... unwatchable!
  2. Wow this is shocking and sad news ..he was such a big part of the ualbany program ...RIP coach.
  3. Nice bounce back effort today .. frustrating that sometimes they look like today and sometimes like the 1st half yesterday. I guess just keep working at it and see what happens. Getting Healy healthy and hanging 3s would really help.
  4. I gotta admit, this stuff used to bother me when it first started with CK. I've done a good deal of soul searching on why and arrived at the conclusion of why should it? These are Americans, exercising their free will and God given right to take a stand. I may not agree with the nuances of the argument or exactly be aligned on the issue (not to say I think there are no problems) but I live and let live on this whole issue. The conversation needs to be had as there is wide division here. That's just me...I'm done (I think)...
  5. I support kneeling...doesn't bother me. But this here is a bull$iena response. How this is allowed to stand is absolutely rediculos. This is the level of discourse we as a country are reduced to from the leftists like this dope here. Love and tolerance of the far left is overwhelming. Can you feel it? You should be ashamed of yourself but you won't be. And before you pontificate about not being a leftist...I don't believe you, you sound every bit as rabid as the far left always is.
  6. Some of the failure of this programs falls on lack of institutional support. Program is so cheap that they won't pay for summer school so when other schools like SBU are working out all summer...we don't. There are other examples like this from facilities to other resources.
  7. This is a program that has been a in trouble for a while. Over the last few years I've been very vocal in my disappointment. Now I can't even work up the anger to light myself on fire here. Let's face it, the cold hard truth is that this program is dead or near dead. A program pretending to be Div 1 for whatever reason. A few years ago it started going sideways and now plowing new depth of emberassing. I'm not calling out the kids who are trying nor am I gonna go in on them. From AD down this program is a failure though....remains to be seen if the train can be put back on the tracks.
  8. Watching this game, it's pretty clear that Kelley is the most naturally gifted player we have. He needs to be the focus going forward as a slasher.
  9. Something lost in communication there...no big deal. It happens...
  10. What...lol. No one suggested anything of the sort...at all. Sorry if I've overstepped somewhere....
  11. I'm out of the loop but what's the status on Amica...this kid was highly thought of. I believe injured but any timeline?
  12. Changes very little for me...but this beats losing 10th in a row. Awful 25+ minutes of basketball out of both programs...Albany made one more play at the end. Vermont clearly for the first time in 4 years is not sure what it is...not just because of this result but NJIT and UML losses.
  13. They were very bad...they had their best half of basketball all season besides the last minute or so. Let's see if that's an anomaly or a start of something. This is what you do if you want to shut the critics up. Good for them...It's a start but long way to go.
  14. We suck so bad that even a usually crappy player like Powell is scoring for them...
  15. Honestly hard to see where a win will come from...it's that bad IMO.
  16. 36% from the field that half...I'm gonna have to go back and look if we've ever had a worse offensive team. They have no flow, no one can get open... They can't score, they can't defend, losing the boards battle again.
  17. A week plus off and they look WORSE than before the week off....
  18. In an ocean of $ienaty teams...this one may be our worst yet. Honestly they may not win more than 2 games one each against the likes of Bing or Maine...maybe.
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