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  1. Honestly hard to see where a win will come from...it's that bad IMO.
  2. 36% from the field that half...I'm gonna have to go back and look if we've ever had a worse offensive team. They have no flow, no one can get open... They can't score, they can't defend, losing the boards battle again.
  3. A week plus off and they look WORSE than before the week off....
  4. In an ocean of $ienaty teams...this one may be our worst yet. Honestly they may not win more than 2 games one each against the likes of Bing or Maine...maybe.
  5. You want us to come to terms with not being competitive with the top half of the America East? That's your position? No! We are 0-3 by a combined 5 possession...not everything is lost yet. Could have been 3-0. We'll see how the next few weeks go.
  6. Just re-checked...my bad...not sure how I missed getting to championship game in 2017. Larger point still stands...it's been 3 seasons. The year before that we lost in the first round to one of the worst teams in D1, 324 ranked Hartford to end our bid.
  7. That's why I was careful to say the ultimate decision will not be made on this message board...there is an AD in place whos JOB it is to evaluate the state of the program and make the decision he feels is in the best interest of the program and by extension fans. However, we as fans have eyes, ears and opinions, many of us are paying customers (not this season unless you donated). I wonder what % of fans would say they are pleased with the current state of the program. I understand that people are trying, no one is just mailing it in as far as I can tell but the results simply aren't the
  8. People know I love KenPom...he has an uncanny ability to predict games. Right now he predicts Albany will open season at 0-13...now I don't think that will happen as there is some talent here but oh boy...if that's even close to 0-13 by that point in the season that would be an unmitigated disaster. No one deserves even close to a life-time contract. Let's face it, we haven't been a competitive program since 2018 and haven't been out of the first round in the AE tourney since 2015. That's not good enough, self reflection as a program as to what we are doing is warranted at this juncture
  9. They've arrived alright .....at the preverbial basketball graveyard that is UA woman's hoops. We are a shell of the program that we were under Coach Abe.
  10. Uvm is 15pt favorite according to kenpom...needless to say it will take a miracle to win at a place we haven't won for years. Hopefully program won't be embarrassed...
  11. Kenpom projections have dropped to 7-13 and the analysis is brutal...now ranked 298 in the country. 313 ranked offense Effective field goal % ranked 269 2pt fg% 41% good for 301 in the country Zero defensive presence down low almost no blocks Pace of play is 315 ranked...meaning cross the half court and pass it around. This team is in trouble ..3 games is not a lot to go off but it's not nothing and some troubling trends emerging. Looking at the business end of a 0-5 start or worse if they can't figure out SBU. YIKES 😬 There is some talent here... hort
  12. The scoring droughts are not new and something that is systemic for many years now.
  13. Lulka was a tough watch in this one...this poor kid is a borderline d1 player...as is hanks. Good kids, they try hard but if we are being objective, it's a complete zero again inside. Healy is strictly a shooter who really can't do anything else. He can't defend, can't rebound (even for a guard) can't dribble...he needs to put up 10 3s a game off screens that's it. Nice role player with a defined role.
  14. I suspect that the season progresses this excuse will fall away and we'll see what's left.
  15. Another disappointing effort. Three games in and very unclear where a win will actually come from. This program is in a bad spot not sure how this will go the rest of the way but that was discouraging again.Niagara is not a good team and we're previously winless on the road.
  16. Unfortunately many of the same struggles still exist ...I hope I'm wrong but pretty discouraged after the first two. In short spurts they look ok but start to look at the entire game and it's mediocre. Can't shoot ...can't score. Kenpom doesn't lie...beaten on the boards again. Maybe I'll be wrong but I've seen enough of UA basketball to trust my eyes/boxscore... Where will a win come from first...maybe Niagara on Tuesday otherwise maybe SBU because you know Vermont is a foregone conclusion. Haven't won there forever.
  17. Here's the first one I've seen...Doesn't sound good hopefully we can beat these expectations might I add very low expectation https://cbbcentral.com/2020/10/12/2020-21-32x32-america-east-conference-preview/
  18. Seems appropriate to post here that the fundraising campaign has hit it's goal of 150million dollars raised ahead of schedule according to alumni communication recurved today in my email.
  19. There weren't many takers interestingly enough...look how long it took.
  20. I got a feeling it will be conference only schedule starting after Christmas and only season ticket holders will be permitted with people being spread around the arena.
  21. I'm going to take the contrarian view after reading the article. Nothing from my reading of it seems completely over the top, even the 2% set aside for financial aid to low income students. P5 schools are making huge bank of these kids, schools are making huge profits. If there was EVER a time to help minority communities to better themselves this is that time. Education clearly plays a huge role in how successful one will be...otherwise, why are we pontificating about people lifting themselves up by the bootstraps? How much do these mega programs need, people forget that these are colleges th
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