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  1. I'm going to be careful how I respond here, had he parted with Will Brown after Brown went to the finals, your point would have some teeth behind it. I'm aware of the speculation that Will was gone even if he went dancing this year, and had that happened obviously that would NOT have been justified and the outrage would be far more severed IMO. The reality for what it's worth is we don't know what he would have done with CB had he won or went deep into the post season. I know you feel that you do but unless you have it on tape or email it's still conjecture. The reality is Benson made the move
  2. As others have pointed out, I'm not sure it's ENTIRELY personal even if maybe most of it was. We have to acknowledge that we've lost quite a bit the last 3 years, once out of the quarterfinals in 5 years. It's not like Benson let CB go after 4 20 wins seasons and 2 NCAA trips. It's been a slog and a struggle, product wasn't great which gave Benson an opening to do what he wanted to do.
  3. I can tell you this is NOT my position. I love UA hoops and whomever the hire is will have my full support and patience. I just know what I know about the man doing the hiring.
  4. Dartmouth and St. Bona for sure...the rest is conjecture at best.
  5. It's unclear how true this is with the exception of the St. Bonna situation. I've been here a long time, know a lot and have seen heard a lot and it's unclear if he's ever had a solid offer on the table. Maybe Dartmouth where he went through the interview process.
  6. McElroy sold the arena rights...Benson let that lapse and has done nothing with it for how many years now? That was at least a few hundred K and nothing...
  7. I screamed about this for years...get as MANY people to show up even if you have to entice them to in order to pack the arena, those fans will then turn into lifelong fans and you can within reason try to bleed them for some money. Listen, D1 programs take money to run. What he did was put up barriers all over the place to people casually showing up instead of building the fanbase first. Predictably, attendance under his leadership tanked. This is how stupid he is...say 400 cars showed up, assuming the 1000 fans that came at least some car pooled, that's $6000 bucks, maybe as some walked
  8. The dude charged for parking...a mile away in the freezing cold. This man is a complete imbecile...lol...you want to talk about attendance? BWAHAHA
  9. If there was ever a FOIL to file...this is the one! LOL
  10. It's rather simple...in the prior contract Brown went back to back to back...Bensons hands were tied and he was still relatively new trying to not ruffle many feathers. He didn't have the same reservations this time around and Brown didn't force his hand by having 3 straight losing seasons. Had he not renewed Brown, MB would have been run out on a rail...
  11. He's done close to nothing...he deserves no credit for most of that stuff. Oh he'll claim credit but those close to the school knows he doesn't deserve it.
  12. This needs to be the way, people need to realize that the stability that we had with Brown doesn't exist at this level of basketball. The goal should be a 5 year run and hopefully a few NCAA trips out of it. Mediocrity isn't the way...
  13. My thing is this..if you let go of Will Brown and don't go make a splash hire with a high ranking BCS assistant or similar but bring in a Siena Assistant Coach...you done effed up and should be fired on the spot. That can NOT be the move! LOL Obviously this is just all conjecture, there is no hint in what direction MB is looking but still.
  14. Allegedly, and if that's true...who does he report to that would even allow him to make this coaching change having 1.5 feet out the door.
  15. I couldn't agree more with most of this. If people think UA is in good hands with Benson at the helm, they are blind and very mistaken. I have GRAVE concerns about his leadership. UA is in a bit of trouble here with him at the helm. Judging by his OWN performance, it's hard to see how exactly what justifies him keeping his own job. Someone throw out something he's accomplished at UA. If we are going to be critical of Brown and 3 losing season in a row, let's be fair and call Benson out as well. What has he done, the athletic department by any objective measure is the same or worse than when he
  16. no indication that Benson is looking that way, just Gottlieb, a national guy pimping a local coach who also happens to coach local.
  17. I understand but that release came before the word got out on Brown. No one cares about interim tags especially on a guy from the coaching staff of a guy you just fired.
  18. Honestly can't believe Bing isn't on the phone with Brown yet. That's a dead program with excellent facilities. Brown would win and maybe even win big there, probably at our expense.
  19. I'm expecting very very heavy roster turnover here...
  20. Agreed...that is the rotten part. I seriously question if Brown went dancing this year if Mark Benson would bring him back. I've heard no...and that is troubling on a number of level. Meaning, no matter what Brown did he would not be back. Listen, we can debate in light of the results if Will should have stayed but this dogged pathological need stemming YEARS of Benson trying to run him off results be damned really calls into question the character of one Mark Benson. I know of what I speak!
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